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Fake Bake Bronzer Instant Tan Lotion

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3 Reviews

Brand: Fake Bake / Type: Bronzer / Subcategory: Lotion / Tan / What it does: Tans, Bronzes, / Gender: Ladies Sun and Tan

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    3 Reviews
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      10.07.2012 21:38
      Very helpful



      Best instant tan I have ever used

      I have been hearing about Fake Bake tanning creams, lotions and potions for years now and had been meaning to give the brand a try. I like to tan now and again and I'm always on the lookout for that product that will give me the flawless fake tan that we all believe exists thanks to the likes of Cheryl Cole flaunting it in our faces. So, when the name of the brand cropped up in an episode of The Only Way Is Essex (don't let that put you off!), I was reminded to look up the Fake Bake brand and give it a try.

      The little blurb on the official Facebook Fake Bake page says Fake Bake is the UK's leading sunless tanning brand which is renowned for producing high quality, innovative fake tanning products and services. There is a long list of awards for the product.

      There is a pretty big choice of products and hard to know which one to choose! I don't like to use the tanning products where the tan lasts up to a week, too often (don't get me wrong, I love the results my favourite brand gives me, but it wrecks havoc with my skin if I'm constantly tanning without breaks). So, I mostly just use an instant tan for nights out or special occasions. I had been using the Rimmel instant tan before trying this and was pretty happy with the results, but I decided to try the 'instant' tanner in the Fake Bake range. I bought my 125 ml tube of Instant Wash Off Tan for £3.99 plus free delivery from Fragrancemad.com which is a bargain as a tube of this usually costs around the £9 mark.

      The tube is a lovely girly hot pink colour and looks really pretty. I bought the 'light matt' shade as I wanted something subtle. The first time I used the tanning cream I was shocked by the colour! It looked really dark, and it was supposed to be the lightest shade! I went ahead with the application and figured I could easily wash it off if it was too dark or didn't look right. I applied the cream with a tanning mitt (how did we ever survive without tanning mitts!). I spread the cream/gel out and blended in with the tanning mitt and was pleased to get the more subtle colour I had been looking for. I did my legs and arms with the tanning cream and was over the moon with the results! I had such a lovely healthy glow. The colour was tan, but subtle. I really was delighted. And it smells lovely. Not the usual biscuit like scent you get from most fake tans. This put my poor Rimmel Sunshimmer instant tan to shame!

      When I wear this tan I'm always careful to not spill anything over myself, and I wouldn't even consider using it if there was a chance of rain. Some people believe an instant tan like this should stay put if a bit of water comes in contact with it, but I would say you are asking too much for an instant tanner. If you use the tanners that take a few hours to develop and gradually fade after a few days to a week then you would have no worries about spilling on it or getting caught in rain, but an instant tan has the benefit of no commitment. You get to have a beautiful tan for a night or a special occasion, and then you can just shower it off.

      I love this instant tan by Fake Bake. It gives you a beautiful, subtle, glowing colour with no commitment.

      Also, if you shop around and get the best deal it costs the same as budget tanners such as Rimmel Sunshimmer. A 125 ml tube gives me around 5 or 6 applications (and this is usually with me tanning legs, arms and chest area). So long lasting, if like myself, you were only using it for the occasional night out or special occasion.

      Highly recommended


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        05.10.2011 00:40
        Very helpful
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        Instant tan that you can just wash off!

        Fake Bake are a well known company whom make a lage range of different self-tanning products. These include lotions, mousse, spray and powder for the face. They have a large range of self tan's to suit every skin type from pale skin to darker skin. Some of their fake tan's will give a much darker looker, whilst other's will create a nice, subtle glow which won't look too fake if you are really pale/ Some of their tanning products are suitable for one night only, then you can wash them off. Other's are much longer lasting and will eventually wear off by itself. It also states that this product is transfer resistant.

        The fake tan come's in a bright pink tube which stands on it's lid. This particular fake tan comes in a light or medium, shade and it states on the front that this will give a matt finish,. Some of the other products give a shimmerry finish, but this isn't something that I wanted. On the back of the tube you will find a list of ingredients and how to apply the product. This is an instant fake tanning product which means you will see the results straight away, rather than having to wait a few hours for the tan to develop.

        I purchased this from Boots. It's only avaliable in the one size which is 125ml and it cost me £10.20. you can purchase it from their website. You can also see a list of Fake Bake products on their website, and you can also purchase items from there as well. I couldn't actually find this particular fake tan listed on the web-site though.

        It's important to exfoliate before applying fake tan and make sure you shave/wax your legs the night before. Exfoliating means the self tan will go on smoothly and look much better and shaving the night before, means it give's the pore's in your legs time to close, otherwise the self tan can seep into the pores and you legs may look a little spotty . . which is not a good look.

        They advise you to apply this product using a self tan mitt (this can also be purchased from boots for about £2-£3 each. You ca wash the self tan mitt as well, so you get more than one use from it.

        I applied some self tan to the mitt and then in circular motions applied it to my legs. When the tan comes out, it looks quite dark and I was surprised at how dark it was, I was also scared that it was going to make me too dark. As I started to apply the product to my legs and smooth the lotion over evenly, the colour got much lighter and gave my skin a nice colour/glow. I continued to do both legs and then stood back to see the results in the mirror.

        The results were instant which was good, as you can see if the product looks good and if you have missed any bits! The product only took a short time to soak in, approximately 5 mins, maybe even less than that. I gave it a bit longer though, just in-case.

        ***THE RESULTS***
        My legs had a nice colour to them which wasn't too dark and didn't look too fake, as I have quite pale skin. There was maybe one or 2 bits on one leg which was a bit patchy but this was easily fixed by applying a little more fake If you want the tan to look a bit darker you can always apply some more, once the first layer has dried. This will make it look slightly darker.The colour looked great all night and didn't rub off onto any of my clothes which was really impressive. I was very pleased with the results.

        Removing the product is very easy as it just washes off with soap and water with no need to scrub.

        ***OVERALL OPINION***
        I have tried many fake tan products and this is the top one for me. The colour look subtle and natural and it didn't come off onto my clothes. If this didn't happen to look bad or make me look orange, the good thing is that the product is wash off so I could have easily washed it off before going out. I'm not sure I would go for the lighter shade as I don't think this would really show much as the medium is quite light one applied anyway. I would also be tempted to try other products in this range such as the spray tan for easier application. I thought this was a top tanning product at a reasonable price!

        (Review may also appear on ciao)


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          18.07.2011 21:38
          Very helpful



          A great fake tan


          The Price.

          The average price of this fake tan is £9.00 from most shops.
          The fake tan can easily be attained from online and also offline, but with offline this tan is usually in more expensive shops ( like Debenhams ect.. )

          I think when you consider that there ( apparently ) are a lot of famous people who use Fake Bake, the price is quite fair compared to brands like St Tropez ect..

          The Appearance.

          Fake Bake comes in a pink rectangle cardboard box which feels very cheap but looks very nice!

          On the front is the Fake Bake logo over a white pattern which kind of reminds me of loyalty for some reason! with other images of women in various poses.
          In the middle of the box is information on the tan which is wrote in black and white, how many ML, what shades, what exactly it is ect..

          On the very bottom of the box is more white patterns, with women in them once again doing various poses!
          The sides are the same as the front of the box.

          On the back is more writing, mainly just bragging about how great it is and how you should definitely buy it! This is wrote in 4 different languages.
          There is also ingredients and warnings, plus information on how to contact ect.

          Now onto the actual bottle, it is pretty much the same as the box except plastic and the main colour instead of pink is a lovely warm brown/bronze.
          On the back of it is useful information which gives you tips to achieve the best look when using this tan, plus a lot of repeated information which is on the box.

          In the box is a pair of blue gloves which you can use to apply the fake tan, a very nice little idea of them too do!
          There is also an information booklet giving you tips.

          The bottle stands on the lid, the lid is also plastic and the flip top type which is pretty much the same colour as the bottle but maybe a little bit darker.

          My Experience.

          As you know, I won a goodie bag ( yay! ) and this was also another thing which was received in it, its strange you know because they sent me a lot of products which I regularly use!

          This fake tan claims to give an instant golden bronze colour for all skin tones, its also meant to be quite good for covering irregular skin tones ( never come across an instant tan which has done this before. )
          The fake tan says it uses only the finest ingredients and because of this it doesn't clog up your pores or feel sticky, it gives a light feeling.
          If you have read my previous fake tan reviews you will know I use instant fake tan everyday due to it being easy to remove if any mistakes and I am just not a pro I guess with gradual tan!

          The tan is very easy to get out of the bottle, you simply open up the lid and squeeze.
          I noticed with this fake tan the colour is a lot more brown than the usual one I use, plus a lot more brown than other ones I have used, I thought this might be too dark for me even though it was only the Medium shade.

          I was wrong, the tan comes out beautifully and looks the most natural any tan has ever looked on me, no signs of orange, not even a hint of it, no signs of glitter/sparkle/shine in this, its just beautiful natural tan and my skin colour has never looked as natural as this fake tan makes it look.
          The tan also doesn't have a fake tan smell, it smells like a vanilla body lotion and it makes your skin smell delicious and good enough too lick! never come across a fake tan also with a vanilla hint too it, alot better than the usual fake tan smell.

          The tan blends on perfectly and gives a sunkissed look, it is indeed very golden and and looks as if I have just stepped of a plane with a natural tan ( I wish! )
          The only downfall of this fake tan is that it washes of with any contact of water ( so its quite hard to wash your hands/wash the dishes/and worst of all RAIN. )
          But this I guess is unavoidable.

          I will be using this fake tan until it runs out and hopefully if I get a job I can still buy this! I think its such a shame there doesn't permanently stay on my skin, because the colours absolutely lovely, so golden.
          A great product.


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        • Product Details

          Fake Bake Bronzer is a simple way to create an instant golden bronze for all skin tones, exceptionally good for covering irregular skin tones. This luxurious matt lotion uses only the finest naturally derived ingredients, providing a light, non-sticky coating to the skin which doesn't clog pores. Fake Bake Bronzer is the balanced PH to ensure the natural acid mantel of your skin is maintained whilst smooth silky natural silicones moisturise. The transfer resistant formula can be washed off with soap and water, leaving no colour. Pleasant vanilla scent. No Parabens.

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