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Fake Bake Luxurious Golden Bronze Self Tanning Mousse

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Brand: Fake Bake / Type: Self Tanner / Subcategory: Mousse / hypo-allergenic / What it does: Tans, Bronzes / Quality Standard: Organic

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    1 Review
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      10.06.2012 23:33
      Very helpful



      Dont waste money on tanners that go streaky! Use this!

      I'm Naturally very pale, I don't even tan in the sun.. which I don't recommend anyway.
      I love the tanned look, So a few years ago I turned to self tanning products. After trying many products.. Some good.. Some really bad, I now see myself as an experienced self tanner with a list of firm fave self tanning products.

      I often get asked which products I use and how I use them, so I've decided to review my favourites on DooYoo and hopefully help anyone out who is looking for a good self tan!

      I've picked Fake Bake Self tan Mousse to review first as its something I use all the time and it's the easiest to use. The bottle does seem quite small but a little really goes a long way! I use it a lot and bottle lasts me ages. Also its is available in some larger Boots stores so its great to collect your points!

      It Develops to lovely golden tan colour, not oompa loompa at all! 1 / 2 Applications is enough for me as I'm so pale, but if you want a darker colour apply once a day until you reach your target colour.
      Its also great to prolong an existing tan by applying once a week.

      It drys very quickly and only has a faint smell not like some others so its perfect to apply and leave on in the day ready for the evening!

      This is how I apply my Fake Bake Mousse :
      1) I have VERY dry skin, so I make sure to exfoliate really well before I apply fake tan. Concentrating on Elbows, Knees and ankles.
      2) I recommend using the Fake Bake Smoothie Oil first, I spray it all over and lightly rub it in. Clip Back your hair and if you need to apply some nail varnish to your nails. Bare Nails will soak up the tan and you will have orange brown finger nails. Urgh!
      3) Give the Mousse a really good shake, and apply to your hands, mitts or gloves. I always use a mitt. I find they buff the tan in at the same time and I never get streaks.
      4) Be careful when you squirt the tan out, it doubles in size when it hit's the mitt and little goes a long way. Firstly apply to your legs, apply using wiping movements, as if you are wiping down a kitchen worktop, do this quickly as the tan also drys quickly. Once the leg area is covered use circular movements to buff the tan in. You can see the colour even out.
      5) Without applying more tan to the mitt skim over your feet, ankles and knees. There will still be product on the mitt it just doesn't feel as wet as before. Nothing worse than orange ankles!
      6) Follow the same procedure on your front, back and arms. Maybe get your partner to do your back? Remember only skim over those hands!
      7) Apply a really small amount of mousse to the mitt, and apply in circular movements on the face. Even when the mitt feels dry just rub it over your face and it will still be tanning. This will ensure its even.
      8) Your done! Leave to dry for 10/15mins before you get dressed. Avoid wearing white. Also keep some wet wipes handy incase you touch yourself while dressing just wipe your palms after.
      9) You'll see the tan develop throughout the day. Shower off that evening. Or apply before you go to bed and wash off in the morning.

      Tips : Remove any trace of Deodrant before tanning as it might go green in your armpits!


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  • Product Details

    This is a 'must-have' for girls on the go / Many of Fake Bake's customers asked for a tanning product that would dry within seconds and could be applied and worn as daytime or maintenance wear / This product contains both DHA and Erythrulose, organic tanning agents and you will get an incredible dark tan if you use the self-tanning creme at night and the mousse for daytime tanning / Both of Fake Bake's self-tanners work great on the face / They are both as well as non-comedogenic / However, many of their customers prefer the mousse for the face and other areas as it dries within 60 seconds and does not show in the pores / When applying the mousse in the morning, make sure the skin is free from soap residue and oil / If there is too much oil on the skin, then the product will have too much 'slip' and will spread too thin leaving less of the tanning agents on the skin / Due to Fake Bake's committment to avoid harsh preservatives, please use within 10 months of purchase / Re-usuable gloves included

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