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Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Shimmering Protection Lotion SPF20

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Brand: Garnier / Type: Sun Lotion / UV Protection Factor: SPF 20 / What it does: Protects, Nourishes

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    3 Reviews
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      12.03.2013 21:05
      Very helpful



      A sun protection cream which adds a golden shimmer to the skin

      I have pale skin which is prone to burning so I have to be really careful with applying my sun protection cream so that I don't end up burnt to a crisp. I don't like the white lotions which make my pale skin look even paler so when I saw the Golden Protect Lotion by Garnier Ambre Solaire, I thought it sounded right up my street.

      What does the product do?
      The product is first and foremost a sun protection cream which has been designed to protect your skin from the sun. It contains a UV filter which protects the skin against harmful rays, both UVA and UVB, which could otherwise cause premature aging of the skin or even skin cancer. What makes the product different from the rest is that it contains a golden, pearl shimmer to illuminate the skin. It also nourishes and moisturises the skin, and the addition of Monoi Oil promises to give the skin a lovely tropical fragrance perfect for your holiday. The formula claims to be non greasy and easily absorbed into the skin.

      The product comes in three different sun protection factors. It has a low protection of SPF 10, a medium protection of SPF 20 and a high protection of SPF 30.

      Packaging and Price
      The product comes contained within a pale bronze and pearlescent plastic bottle which has some more information about the sun lotion on the front and back. It has a white and bronze flip top lid which is easy to open and close even when your hands are slippery. The product will cost you around £7 for a 250ml bottle although you may find it on offer for cheaper. It can be bought from shops such as Boots and Superdrug, large supermarkets and also from a range of online websites.

      Application and Performance
      The product has a slightly golden beige colour to it which I was overjoyed with because as I said, I don't need any white lotions making me look even paler. It has the consistency that you would expect from a product of this type. The smell of the product is completely delicious and it has a really summery fragrance. I really like it and it stays on the skin for hours. When you apply it to the skin, you see that it has a really shimmery finish, especially in the sun. It also adds a touch of colour to your skin which is always welcome in my case.

      It doesn't have a greasy finish as promised and it doesn't give you that sticky unclean feeling that some creams do. It is almost instantly absorbed by the skin which makes the job of applying the cream easier and less time consuming. If you don't like shimmer, then you would hate this. Even though I love shimmering things, I don't really like this on my upper body and definitely not for my face. I love it on my legs though. The product is very moisturising and it makes your skin feel comfortable and hydrated straight away.

      I chose SPF 20 as I have pale skin and I need to start off on a higher protection factor when my skin hasn't seen the sun in a while! The shimmer does help you to see exactly where you have applied the cream so that you don't miss out any patches and get burnt. I was out in the sun for a long time whilst wearing this on a number of days and I didn't burn. I reapplied the product lots of times throughout the day but that was because I am slightly neurotic about applying cream, rather than feeling like I needed to. It still allowed to tan and so I didn't get a little bit of colour by the end of the holiday. The product didn't get irritated by the product and it didn't cause me any discomfort. My skin felt really moisturised by bedtime, despite having been out in the sun and it looked nourished and in a good condition.

      All in all, this product protected my skin well in the sunshine and prevented me from burning while allowing me to tan at the same time. It has a delicious aroma that is truly tropical and it adds a golden and shimmering finish to the skin. It will be too shimmery for some but it looks lovely on the legs and does live up to all of its promises. My advice would be to test a little on the back of your hand to see if you like the finish before purchasing as it won't be to everyone's liking.


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      05.10.2012 11:38
      Very helpful



      For skin that shimmers with protection

      A few weeks ago, encouraged by the fact that we had a holiday to look forward to, my husband decided in his wisdom to buy us some spare sun cream. Not that we needed any in particular, but just because he had seen the Garnier Golden Protect on offer in our local supermarket and wanted to try it out. A few weeks later, and after a hot and sunny week in glorious Madrid, we have emptied the contents of this sun cream and I am therefore keen to review it.

      ~~Packaging and Product~~

      This sun cream comes in a standard sized Garnier bottle the difference being that it is a gold bottle as oppose to being the standard white. The bottle is illustrated with a smattering of text on a gold label including the Garnier logo and a banner to indicate which SPF the bottle contains. The bottle is topped with a gold flip top lid which I always find a handy feature given that it is very easy to open even with sticky or wet fingers.

      I was most impressed with the contents of the bottle having flipped open the lid. The cream within is a light beige colour and has a shimmery look to it as a result of the 'golden shimmer' within. Not only did the shimmer look exciting but the smell of this lotion is lovely and a refreshing change from the standard smell. Whilst it is difficult to describe I would say that it is a soft and sweet smell and smells ever so slightly fruity. It is definitely a smell that suits both a female or male wearer and one that stays on your skin all day long giving little bursts of scent.

      As with all Garnier sun protection, this cream comes in three protection levels those being low, medium and high which are SPF 10, 20 and 30 respectively. I have quite fair skin in the winter which tans easily in the summer and we therefore opted for a factor 20 bottle, however in very hot climates I will often buy a SPF 30 just to be on the safe side.

      ~~Garnier Claims~~

      Gamier claim that this sun protection is non greasy and absorbs easily into the skin. This cream is enriched with Monoi oil which leaves an 'irresistible' fragrance, which would explain the scent that I loved so much. Additionally, they claim that this cream protects skin from UVA and UVB rays, whilst nourishing and protecting it with a luminous pearl shimmer.

      ~~Price and Availability~~

      A quick look around reveals that this sun cream can be purchased from most supermarkets, cosmetics stores and online and you can expect to pay anywhere between £6 (feelunique.com) and £14.99 (Boots) per bottle. Although this does seem a bit of an investment, especially considering that a bottle does not stretch far when used between two or more people and a week for us on holiday, it is a reasonable price to pay in my opinion, given that it is typical of the price of many other sun creams around.


      The bottle recommends that you apply this sun cream to the skin before going out in the sun to allow the cream to sink in. The pearlescent glow of the cream means that you can see when you have missed larger areas as they should glitter when covered in cream. They say that this cream is water resistant but should be topped up after going in the water. They also advise that for protection the wearer should not go out in direct sunlight between the hottest parts of the day and should wear suitable protection i.e. a hat if sitting out in direct sunlight.


      I tested this cream to the max during our week in Spain being that we were out and about every morning exploring, back in the afternoon to laze by the pool and out again in the evening at which time the sun still felt very hot, especially in relation to our British weather. The cream rubs in well when applied and absorbs very quickly into my skin. After application my skin felt nourished and soft and had a lovely glittery look which made me 'glow' in the sun. It was the glittery look of this sun cream that most appealed to me as the shimmer made my skin look healthier in my opinion and also gave my skin a lovely tanned sheen by the end of the week. Although Garnier advise that the cream is regularly topped up, I must admit to being pretty bad at this on holiday and yet I found that the cream lasted well without coming off in the pool. Additionally the smell of this cream was the best quality in my opinion as it has a really holiday smell.

      My only criticism of this sun cream, and something that I didn't anticipate, was that I found it quite easy to miss small areas when applying the cream. Something that I didn't expect considering that the cream is glittery and so you can see it on your skin. I blame this on the fact that the cream is very absorbent and sinks quickly into the skin unlike other creams where you can see the white sheen on the skin for a few minutes before it absorbs.

      Overall however, this is a four star product from me and one that I would recommend. This cream definitely delivered on fragrance, nourishment and shimmer it just let me down a touch on protection being that it was quite easy to miss small areas.

      I hope this has been of some help and thanks for reading!


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        09.07.2012 01:55
        Very helpful



        Leaves a glowing effect and protects from the harmful UV rays

        During my holidays I spend many hours under the sun and especially during the first days, my skin needs high level of protection from the harmful UV rays. I am usually trying different brands of sunscreens to find what's best for my skin type and because I have a light form of photoallergy, I need to be extra careful when I am exposed to the direct sunlight. Also, I am spending my summer in Greece every year and the sun has high intensity during that time of the year.

        This year I bought the Golden Protect Shimmering Lotion from Garnier with SPF 20 for my first days at the beach. Garnier Golden Protect Shimmering Protection Lotion SPF20 is part of the Garnier Ambre Solaire product line and it comes in 3 protection levels:

        SPF 10 - low protection for tanned dark skin
        SPF 20 - offers medium protection and it is suitable for fair skin that tans easily
        SPF 30 - high protection for tanned fair skin

        I have fair skin and it tans easily after a few days so I selected the SPF 20 for my body.

        ~~ The product ~~

        Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Shimmering Protection Lotion Medium SPF20 is a protection lotion enriched with nourishing Moinoi Oil and a pearl shimmer that makes the skin look golden with a tanned tone. It contains anti-ageing ingredients and two very effective ingredients in sun protection: Mexoryl SX and titanium dioxide. After a quick research on sunscreens, I found out that according to the 2012 sunscreen safety guide of the Environmental Working Group, we should look for active ingredients like zinc oxide, Mexoryl SX, titanium dioxide and avobenzone when we are buying a sunscreen.

        ~~ Consistency ~~

        The consistency of the lotion is creamy and light. The colour is beige and the shimmering pearls are very well blended, almost not visible in the lotion (until you apply it on the skin). It's non-sticky and easily absorbed. I have used a lot of sunscreens and I prefer lotions comparing to the sprays.

        Unfortunately, some lotions are very thick and they leave white marks on application. This one doesn't leave any marks and the UV filters that it contains work underwater too, because of the water-resistant formulation.

        ~~ Packaging and Price ~~

        The sunscreen lotion comes in a traditional 200 ml bottle in dark beige/golden colour with orange and shiny gold details. The brand logo is placed on the front with the basic details of the sunscreen like the SPF and a brief list of the basic sun protection details. The ingredients are printed on the back side of the tube with some general advice on how to use the lotion to achieve the best possible protection.

        The tube is wide and thin, with the lid at the top. It's comfortable to hold and you must lift the lid and squeeze the plastic bottle for the lotion to come off. The flip top lid has a safety hinge to prevent the lotion leaking in the beach bag. Unlike most sun lotion packaging, the bottle of the sunscreen is non-transparent which makes it impossible to see how much product is left inside. Also, the downside of this bottle type is that you have to shake it and keep it upside-down for a while if it doesn't have a lot of product inside.

        Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Shimmering Protection Lotion (Medium SPF20) is currently on offer and it costs £7.49 at Boots and £6.60 at Tesco.

        ~~ My opinion ~~

        I am really pleased with this sun lotion. Even though it looks like a traditional sun protection product from Garnier, it has some special ingredients that have made it one of my favourite sunscreens for this year. First of all, my skin glows naturally from the shimmer and it looks radiant and beautiful. After application I feel hydrated and fresh with a silky sensation. Each application lasts for long enough, although it is recommended to re-apply every 2 hours. The scent is also very pleasant and it smells like summer holidays.

        ~~ Tanning Results ~~

        SPF20 gives me sufficient protection from the sun exposure and it doesn't trigger my photoallergy reactions. I used it for 6 days on the beach and my tanning was visible without any sunburn, except from some spots that I missed like my ears and my lower back.

        ~~ Disadvantages ~~

        - After a few applications on the same day, I noticed that the lotion had left stains on my black bikini. I probably applied the lotion quickly and it touched the fabric but I wouldn't like to see my bikini damaged so I went to the bathroom and cleaned it locally with soap and water. Fortunately I didn't see any permanent stains later.

        - It only lasted for my first 6 days at the beach. I usually re-apply many times during the day and my friends used it too because of the shimmery look, therefore I can't calculate exactly for how many applications it lasted. I am guessing around 12.

        Here are some facts that I found online about the ingredients of this sun lotion:
        The lotion has advanced UVA and UVB protection with photostability and protects against sun-induced skin damage and the premature ageing effects of the sun. The ingredient Monoi Oil that has been used in the sunscreen is from Tahiti. It originates from the fusion of Tiare Flower and Coprah Oil and is widely recognised to nourish the skin and leave a satin touch.

        ~~ Conclusion ~~

        I am very satisfied with the level of protection and the active ingredients that it contains based on the EWG safety guide, and of course the reduced price of this sunscreen is an extra advantage. Overall, I would recommend this lotion to women that want to be protected from the sun and look beautiful on the beach. Just remember to avoid contact with your swimsuit because it might leave stains.


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      • Product Details

        Medium protection / fair skin that tans easily / Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Shimmering Protection Lotion Medium SPF20 is enriched with nourishing Monoi oil and a luminous pearl shimmer / Enhances tan / Water resistant / No self tan / Advanced UVA & UVB protection with photostability / With the patented filtration system containing Mexoryl SX, Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect Shimmering Protection Lotion Medium SPF20 helps to protect against sun-induced skin damage and the premature ageing effects of the sun's harmful rays / Enriched with Monoi oil and a pearl shimmer, to enhance the look of your tan / This non-greasy lotion leaves an irresistible holiday fragrance for your skin / Your skin is protected, nourished and hydrated for a golden-looking tan / Formula conforms 100% to European recommendations for protection against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays /

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