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Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids Rapido Non Stop Spray SPF30

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Brand: Garnier / Type: Sun Spray / UV Protection Factor: SPF 30 / What it does: Nourishes, Protects / Suitable for: Children

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    1 Review
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      09.07.2013 21:40
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      Application is just too difficult

      While shopping for sun cream for my children I came across this one from Garnier. It has a retail price of around £15 for a 150 ml spray bottle but is often on sale for around £10. I found this on Amazon for just £3 so stocked up on a few bottles in hope of summer. While Garnier are one of the most expensive brands on the market they do usually provide good quality in my experience. It is available is SPF 50 and SPF30 and promises to protect your child from harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays.

      The apparent advantage with this spray is that it is fast and easy to apply. It provides a continues spray so no matter what angle you need to tip it too, so the lotion will continue to dispense when applying to any area of the body. This sounded promising as with five children under five years old anything to speed up the process for my impatient toddlers is great. This last week with the lovely weather finally making its way to Scotland we have been using a lot of this, and I have been left disappointed. While it has kept my children protected the idea of fast application for us is not true.

      Actually it is useless. I tried to spray the lotion but nothing dispensed from the can. I thought maybe it was because this was the first time we had used it so I shook the can and tried pressing with two hands. Suddenly a whole lot of the sun cream began spraying out. As I made my way around my children's skin I found that the claim it could spray from any angle was untrue. It only sprayed when it was in an upright position, or with me using both hands to push down on the button. It really proved difficult trying to coat my children in sun cream and it is frustrating for parent and child alike.

      I gave up trying to spray it directly on to their body and instead sprayed it on to my hands to rub on to their skin. This worked better and I found it a lot easier than trying to spray it directly on to the skin. Also, I expected it to be a light spray that would cover but not cake the skin in the lotion. What we found is that no matter how much you press down on the spray a huge amount of lotion comes out. While I am all for protecting my children from the sun it really sprays too much out for a small child. The consistency is rather thin and watery so you have to be careful with it, but it absorbs into skin well and seems to keep them protected.

      As with all sun creams this is an off white colour so you can see where you have applied it and make sure your child is fully covered. This tends to disappear once it has absorbed into the skin which leaves me worrying they need more, but they do not look like a ghost walking around. As it is designed for children it is designed for sensitive skin. My girls suffer with eczema and this sun tan lotion was kind to their skin. There was no irritation at all and as it is fragrance free it is perfect for their sensitive skin. Their skin does not dry out after using this at all which is great.

      It promises to be water resistant which is a must for any sun cream we use. We live five minutes away from the beach, and so they often go in the water on warmer days. I am pleased to say it seems to live up to its promises, as even after days at the beach and playing in the paddling pool it has still stopped them from burning. I did reapply it often just in case, but it seems to have worked well.

      Another downside to this spray is how sticky it is. As I needed to rub it into the skin my hands became covered in it. It is very sticky for the first five minutes or so, and even my son commented on it. He asked me to wash it off him as it was too much, but after it began to soak into the skin this does go away. For this reason it is ok for applying in the house before leaving, but using it at the beach or in the garden proved tricky. My children had to sit still while it dried to stop grass, bugs and sand covering them, and believe me trying to get four toddlers to sit still while their sun cream dries at the beach is hard work.

      As you can probably tell I was not impressed with this at all. I purchased it on the promise it was easy to apply as I thought it would be perfect for my younger children. In fact this is one of the messiest sun tan lotions I have ever had to apply, and the spray can just does not work. I could have put it down to a dodgy can, but having purchased five bottles of it, and them all having the same problem it is safe to say it is a design issue. It works at keeping my children protected, even in the water, but the application process is too difficult. I will continue to use the cans we have, but I would not purchase again, especially as it has a retail of £16.


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    • Product Details

      All over high protection in just one continuous spray! / With the new mist technology, all you need to do is press and hold the spray button down to spray non-stop / No need to re-pump or re-click! / Advanced UVA & UVB filters for photostable protection / High protection in an ultra-fine mist, for even coverage / Quick & easy to apply: You can spray non-stop & at any angle / Water resistant / Hypoallergenic and perfume-free / Enriched with a hydrating complex, cactus nutriflavones & vitamin E, the spray helps to protect the natural moisture levels of the skin / Help protect your child's delicate skin against sun induced skin-damage /

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