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Garnier Ambre Solaire Moisturising Protection Spray SPF 15

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Brand: Garnier / Type: Sun Spray / Subcategory: Moisturiser / UV Protection Factor: SPF 15 / What it does: Nourishes, Moisturizes, Protects / Contents/Size: 200ml

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    1 Review
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      25.09.2013 13:43
      Very helpful



      An excellent sun protection spray from the Garnier Ambre Solaire brand.

      I am very fortunate in that my husband and myself are able to travel around throughout the course of the year, and we enjoy taking trips abroad, as well as within the UK. It is because of our frequent holiday-taking that I tend to stock up on various sun protection and sun care items throughout the year, often taking advantage of any 'multi-buy' deals and promotional offers that I see available. It was a couple of months ago now that I noticed my local branch of Boots had some excellent offers available within their excellent range of sun care items. I pondered the various offers available at the time, eventually deciding to purchase a few items from the "Garnier Ambre Solaire" range. This review outlines my experiences of using their "12 hour Moisturisation Protection Spray SPF15."

      The product is packaged in a spray bottle made of robust white plastic, and this is 200ml in size. I paid in the region of £6 - £7 for the product from Boots, which I believe was a 'Half Price' deal. Looking at the Boots website at www.boots.com, I can see that the product has been temporarily removed from the site, but I know it is still being sold in my local branch of Boots. The normal price for the product in Boots is £13.49 for the 200ml bottle. Other stockists include Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) and some supermarkets such as Asda (www.asda.com) where the current price for the product is only £5, which is excellent value in my opinion. (Info correct as @ September 2013).

      The packaging has been well designed, I think, as there are several points to note within this review; firstly, the nozzle at the top of the bottle is extremely well-made, and even though the bottle has been dropped a few times, with one occasion involving a tiled floor, the orange-coloured nozzle remains free from damage. Additionally, I find the nozzle is easy to push, so I have no difficulty in dispensing the Protection Spray contents from within; this point is particularly noticeable by me, as I have health problems which affect the strength in my hands so any difficulties with such items are usually instantly noticeable. A third and final point to note about the product's helpful design concerns the little 'indents' at the bottle's sides; these allow a steady and easy grip to be maintained throughout the time the product is being used, and as it is the sort of product that is often used when hands are hot and sweaty or indeed, covered in Sun Protection Spray, I find this design is extremely convenient and useful.

      The Ambre Solaire Moisturisation Protection Spray makes several claims on its packaging;

      * 12 Hour Moisturisation
      * Non-Greasy
      * Water Resistant
      * Dermatologically Tested

      To answer some of these claims, I can confirm that yes, I have indeed found that the Moisturisation Protection Spray's formula has a non-greasy feel to it and in fact I really like the spray's texture. I find that the product looks like a very thin cream when it is sprayed from the bottle; it is white in colour and has a fairly glossy appearance, but is not as thick or heavy as your average sun tan lotion. Instead, the spray is very thin, so it is easily spread over the skin's surface to apply. Whilst the product sinks into the skin, there is a sort of 'lotion-like' residue left behind on the skin. This is indeed without greasiness or tackiness, and is more to do with the product's texture being rather more thicker than it looks! I do really like the pleasant texture of the product on my skin as it is considerably 'lighter' than many other, similar sun tan protection products that I have used this year, many of which felt 'heavy' on my skin, leaving my skin feeling rather oily, 'slicked' and somewhat smothered. So, in terms of this claim, I feel the product is completely justified.

      I should probably point out at this stage that there is a very noticeable aroma evident whilst the spray is being smoothened over the skin, but I find this to be rather nice, and although it does have that familiar, 'tell-tale' suntan lotion sort of smell, I don't find it to be overly chemical or too 'false'. Instead, the aroma feels rather more like a sort of generic body cream. I do find that the scent is extremely noticeable as the Spray's white residue absorbs fully into my skin, but this never feels intrusive or over-bearing, with it just 'resting' on the skin instead. A short time afterwards, the aroma can really only be detected if I lift my arm to my nose to seek the scent out.

      In terms of the product's claim that its formula is Water Resistant, I confess that I have not put this to the test as I didn't use this particular product during my last trip to Spain where I swam in the swimming pool and the sea. I can confirm, however, that any time I HAVE used Ambre Solaire's range of Sun Protection products abroad, they have always performed faultlessly in this regard, so I have no reason to doubt whether the Sun Protection Spray's claim is justified.

      The Product also boasts "12 Hour Moisturisation" and I have to confess that this claim didn't particularly sway my purchasing decision and I think I would have bought it regardless. Personally, I always ensure my skin is fully moisturised, particularly as it is already prone to dryness and the odd outbreak of eczema. When I have been out in the sun, I always ensure I use a good quality After Sun product to ensure my skin is hydrated and moisturised, so this claim from the product is neither here nor there for me personally. For the benefit of other consumers, however, I can confirm that I did find that the Ambre Solaire SPF 15 Moisturisation Spray left my skin considerably 'untouched' in terms of it inflicting any further dryness on my troublesome skin. I did feel that the Spray was fairly moisturising in its formula, but couldn't say whether the effect lasted for a full 12 hours, truth be told. This claim did ring true for me, but I couldn't say that it was a particular selling point for me personally, and I did certainly find that my skin still required full moisturisation from a separate product after being out in the sun all day. What I DID find beneficial was the fact that the Spray didn't add to the problem of dryness, nor did it cause any other side-effect to my hyper-sensitive skin. Taking these results into consideration, I do feel that the product's claim that it's formula has been "Dermatologically Tested" is completely justified, and I do feel that the product is suitable for those consumers who, like me, suffer with dry or sensitive skin.

      In terms of the product offering protection from the sun's harmful rays I can confirm that I have used it when holidaying within the UK this summer and it has never let me down, with the SPF 15 protection offering ample protection for my fair skin and protecting me completely, thanks to the Spray's "Advanced UVA UVB Protection." I have never burned, or become even remotely pink when this spray has been used during my last two holidays within the UK. I have one of these sprays left over from my bulk buy from Boots a while back, and I plan to take it with me when I travel to Spain next month, but I confess that it will be packed among other offerings from the range that contain a higher SPF than 15, as the rays from the hot Spanish sun are considerably hotter - and more powerful - than those experienced within the UK, of course. So, the usefulness of the SPF 15 spray will probably depend on our luck with the (hopefully) beautiful Spanish weather. My husband will definitely use the SPF 15 Spray during our forthcoming trip, however, as his skin is a bit darker than my own, which is near porcelain and burns easily. All of these points are observations on my part, rather than being criticisms, and I do have nothing negative to report about the effectiveness of the Ambre Solaire Protection Spray, finding it is a product I have found reliable in terms of offering my fair skin the protection it needs when enjoying the sun - so much so that I am happy to take my remaining spray abroad with me to a much hotter climate.

      In summary, I have nothing negative to report about the Ambre Solaire 12 Hour Moisturisation Protection Spray and would definitely repurchase it again in the future. I actually plan to take advantage of the product's discounted price in a local branch of Asda at the present time as the spray ticks every box for me and therefore comes with my full recommendation.


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    • Product Details

      Medium protection / SPF15 / Effective sun protection with the moisturising power of a milk with the lightness of a spray / Easy-to-apply, this ultra-moisturising spray feel fresh on the skin, is instantly absorbed and leave no white marks / Containing Mexoryl XL, an advanced patented filter for UVA and UVB rays, it protects against sun induced skin damage and premature ageing of the skin caused by sun exposure / It also contains a hydrating complex, Cactus Nutriflavones and Pure Vitamin E, to defend the skin by hydrating it and maintaining the moisture levels during sun exposure / Hydrated and protected, your skin is better defended against the sun /

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