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Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Dry Face Mist Light

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Brand: Garnier / Type: Face Mist / Subcategory: Bronzer / Bronzer / Suitable for: Face / What it does: Bronzes,

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    1 Review
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      04.07.2013 12:24
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      A definite keeper

      Although many might view it as a way of cheating a sun tan, I do quite like a regular spray of tan to my face as I find it creates a glow without having to damage my skin in the sun. As such, when we went on our recent holiday, I took a couple of bottles of spray tan away with me. As a big lover of hats, I often find that my face is shaded from the sun during the day, therefore as my body gets browner my face stays pale and this issue is only heightened by the fact that I like to wear makeup on my skin on a daily basis thus preventing the suns rays from penetrating through to my face. This meaning that a facial tanning spray is quite simply a necessity purchase. Although I have tried a number of fake tanners over the years, a particular favourite being the individual wipes that can be discarded after one use, I did really want to take a bottle of tanner away with me. Having naturally quite fair skin I do tend to shy away from any dark tanning products as I think they will just look to orange on my skin, therefore when I saw this Garnier dry face mist in fair to light I bought a canister to try out.

      This product is packaged in a 75ml canister which is very compact in size measuring in at 155mm high and 35mm in diameter. The fact that it is a spray also means that the canister is incredibly light and I therefore had no worries about it increasing my already limited baggage allowance. The bottle is rather aptly tan in colour and features the "Garnier Ambre Solaire" logo on the front of the bottle together with a couple of sentences of information telling us that this is a light glow no streaks bronzer which provides a dry face mist. This product includes an apricot extract which is used to moisturise the skin together with "naturally derived self-tanning ingredients" and this is illustrated with a single drop containing an orange apricot on the front of the bottle.

      The canister is topped with a translucent plastic cap which houses the spray nozzle and this can be removed simply by pulling off. The spray applicator nozzle matches the body of the can and features a textured push down button to ensure that the product can be gripped firmly throughout use and this is a handy feature in my opinion. Having a sniff at the nozzle of my canister, the contents smell slightly fruity which I attribute to the apricot ingredient and I can also smell the almost chemical smell which although hard to describe is a fragrance I have smelt in most fake tanning products. Pushing down the button on first use I find that the button is easy to push down and produces an even spray of translucent mist.

      To use this product, Garnier recommend that the skin is exfoliated before application. As I generally exfoliate my facial skin each night when washing, I prefer to apply the tan straight after in order that it has the night to develop on my skin. Once exfoliated, Garnier recommend that the canister is shaken before being sprayed onto the face at a distance of about 40cm and moved from the left to the right side of the face for a spray time of approximately 3 seconds. In my experience, I like to scrape the hair off my face before spraying it liberally onto my face and over my neck for about 4 seconds and then, rather than allowing the mist to dry naturally, I prefer to gently rub any remaining damp areas over my face with my hands to ensure that I have an even coating. As stated on the bottle, the mist does dry incredibly quickly, and this means that within seconds my skin feels dry and I am able to allow my hair to fall over my face again without the worry of it being coated in tanner.

      Although Garnier state that this product provides a sun kissed glow in three hours, I truly can never notice the difference in my skin unless I apply it before bed and wake up to see the results the following morning. Whilst this spray is on my skin, I can smell the scent of this product quite strongly on my skin and it is something that my husband also notices when I have it on. It is not a particularly unpleasant smell, the apricot extract definitely helping to ease the smell of chemicals, however it is still very noticeable. Although this is a product for the face which does contain apricot extracts to help moisturise the skin, I do like to apply my usual nightly moisturiser over the top before bed and even this doesn't take the smell away.

      It is the results from this fake tanner that I love, as it seems to give me a natural glow which looks healthy and not at all unnatural or orange. My face simply looks like it has had a couple of days of sun which is great when I want to make sure it is the same colour as the rest of my body. These results probably last on my skin for around three days before my face begins to go back to its usual pasty look at which point I simply apply another blast of tanner. It is important to note that this is a product which can be used regularly to get the depth of colour desired, and when on holiday I found that by applying it to my face every other day the colour of my face seemed to keep up with the rest of my body. Another factor that I love about this product is that it seems to last for a good amount of time considering that it is such a small canister, and with use every other day my bottle still sounds like it has plenty of fluid inside.

      I purchased a canister of this fake tan from my local Superdrug store a couple of weeks ago and paid around £7 for it. However, it is currently for sale in Boots for just £5.66 which I consider a very competitive price, especially considering some of the more expensive products on the market which probably do the same job.

      I would and do recommend this product to anyone who, like me, has a naturally pasty face and just wants an instant glow without lying out in the sun for a couple of days. Therefore this products scores an excellent five stars from me.

      I hope this review has been of some help and thanks for reading! x


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    • Product Details

      Face MiSt / For fair to normal skin / Self-tan with natural extract of apricot & Vitamin E / Dries instantly / No need to rub in / Light, natural-looking tan / The ultra fine mist dries instantly and gives uniform coverage so there is no need to rub in / A light, streak-free and natural-looking tan will develop in 3 hours / Directions for use: 1 / Shake can before use / 2 / Tie hair away from face and close eyes / 3 / Keeping eyes closed, hold the can about 30cm from the face and spray for up to 3 seconds whilst moving can from left to right / Tips: For an even more natural-looking tan, exfoliate before use / Use once for a light, natural-looking tan and repeat the next day if a deeper tan is desired / Use a cotton bud to wipe spray from the eyebrows /

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