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Garnier Ambre Solaire Resisto Kids Lotion SPF50+

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Brand: Garnier / Type: Sun Lotion / UV Protection Factor: SPF 50+ / What it does: Protects / Suitable for: Children

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    2 Reviews
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      13.06.2013 14:38
      Very helpful
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      no sunburn for my little smurfs

      UVA and UVB protection
      Ambre solaire resisto has advanced protection from UVA and UVB, it claims to have patented Mexoplex photostable filtration system which gives advanced protection against UVA and UVB rays. (whatever that is?!?!)

      UVA and UVB are ultraviolet rays given off by the sun. UVA is long wave rays and penetrate deep into the skin causing skin aging, wrinkling and can damage skin cells and cause cancer. UVB is shortwave rays and are more likely to redden and burn skin.

      So its clear to see that a sun cream is needed to protect against both UVA and UVB rays. Ambre solaire resisto does this.

      About Ambre solaire resisto.
      This sun cream retails at £12.99 in boots, but is currently half price at £6.49. We found a bottle in the reduced section (bottle had been marked by something) reduced to £5, and then went though the till at £2.50 so it was a real bargain. Even so I wouldn't have hesitated to buy it full price though, £12.99 is a small price to pay to keep my children safe from the sun.
      We got the coloured version, which is blue so I can tell where the cream has been applied.
      We also chose to buy it in factor 50+, partly because that's the bottle which was reduced, but I would have chosen this factor anyway as my son is quite pale skinned with light hair, my daughter has darker hair and less fair skin but at 12 months I would have still chosen factor 50 for her.
      The sun cream is also waterproof, so I can let them play in the paddling pool and not have to worry too much about the water washing off the sun cream. It is also advised to reapply after swimming, and to reapply regularly through the day to provide full protection.

      Ease of use.
      I found the cream was easy to apply, the colour ensures I get cream on every part of my squirming child and can easily show my stubborn 4 year old where he has and hasn't got sun cream. The cream rubs in and then the colour fades as its absorbed, though I do find they tend to look a little ill and blue as the cream doesn't go completely.
      I found it easier to completely strip my children and apply, then dress them. This is because this sun cream DOES stain clothes. My daughter had a new pair of canvas shoes which are now stained blue around the ankle area.
      Once it soaked in they felt slightly greasy but not overly so, yet again this is a small price to pay for safety.

      Would I recommend??
      I would recommend as the colour is good to show where the cream is already. I would however also recommend you don't dress your child in white whilst using this sun cream. My children haven't been sunburnt since using it, but I do reapply regularly and keep out of the sun at peak times....so I think most sun creams would work.
      I give this 4/5 stars, it loses a star because although useful, the colour does stain and does at times make my children look part smurf.


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        15.06.2012 17:07
        Very helpful



        A good product with a silly RRP

        I've just come back from a very hot week in Lanzarote and I don't think I could have done without Garnier Ambre Solaire Resisto!

        **What is it?**

        Ambre Solaire is the range of sun screen products manufactured by Garnier. I always like to buy a brand name sun screen because I feel more confident in using it, also I have sensitive skin, so I don't like to take chances on ruining my holiday by coming out in hives!

        The Resisto range is specifically for children, it's available in factors 30 and 50+. I went for the 50+ as my daughter is only one and fair skinned.

        It's water resistant, and suitable for use on under ones (though of course, keeping them in the shade is the best thing to do in very sunny weather).

        **Price and Availability**

        It's easily available in the big four supermarkets, Boots, Superdrug and online. The price varies wildly - I saw it as much as £17, but I paid a very fair £7 for it on a 'better than half price' type deal back in February in Sainsbury's. I knew it was cheap so I bought two!


        It's very easy to use. It's a not too thick cream (think, runny yoghurt, especially in 30+ temperatures), but it's not particularly greasy, it leaves a sheen on the skin but it does sink in enough not to be irritating. It rubs on easily and has no discernible scent, other than a light moisturiser sort of smell, it smells very nice. My little girl was playing in the sand about half an hour after application (the bottle recommends you apply it 30 mins before going out in the sun), and she wasn't getting covered in sand, so it's good for beach play.

        It is water resistant, though we did use a UV swimsuit and hat, too, but after towel drying, I always apply another layer anyway.

        After a week of use we got through about a bottle, the rest will be used up here in the UK (you know..if we ever get some of that sun back), as I was very pleased with it, I used it in my daughter's hair and on her face (keeping away from her eyes) with no problems whatsoever. I even used it on my face, too, as I hate tanning my face, and it works very well.


        I do, but I do think £17 is scandalous. If you can get it under £10 a bottle I think that is fair because a little goes a long way, it's a very good product, and it works great. You don't want to take chances with your child's skin, so I was happy to use Ambre Solaire and the resisto range, and have also purchased other products by them on the strength of my use of this 50+ such as the regular adult sun screen and the sun protection stick.

        Overall I do recommend it, I'll award it 4/5 as if the RRP was £9 then everyone would buy it and it is a bit of a liberty pricing it so high. Overall it is a great product when you can get it at the right price.


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    • Product Details

      On the go' size / Benefits of Garnier Ambre Solaire Resisto Kids Very High Protection Lotion SPF 50+: Offers effective protection for children's delicate skin to protect against sun-induced skin damage / Patented Mexoplex photostable filtration system gives advanced protection / Advanced UVA & UVB protection / Formula conforms 100% to European recommendations for protection against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays / Very water resistant / Hypoallergenic / Tested under paediatric control /

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