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Garnier Ambre Solaire UV Sensitive Cream SPF50+

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5 Reviews

Brand: Garnier / Type: Sun Cream / Contents: 75ml / UV Protection Factor: SPF 50+ / What it does: Protects

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    5 Reviews
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      12.06.2013 23:52



      After years of miserary with extremely fair sun intolerant skin that would b beet root red even in cloudy conditions I've never found a products that works untill I used this range. If you have fair sun intolerant skin you need this product in your life ;) After two weeks or so of glorious hot sunshine I didn't burn once & even have a tan = miracles ;) .BEST PRODUCT EVER INVENTED LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT , means I can now do my summer job without worrying about getting burnt = heaven Well done & thank you ambre solaire


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      08.09.2010 16:06



      Hi, i would like to order this probuct, please tell me how to go a head.RegardsTish


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      06.08.2010 23:39
      Very helpful



      A great product!

      The best protection is given from this amber solaire sun cream!
      I recently took this Garnier UV sensitive very high factor cream with me to Egypt and I was very impressed!

      The bottle; ....
      I used a bottle a little different to the one shown in the image, the bottle I used has a nicer shape and a very tight lid.
      The lid doesn't easily come off and so I wasn't worried about keeping it in my hand bag. The bottle isn't too squeezable and so doesn't easily go everywhere like many other sun creams.

      I got this cream in a 200ml size, we used it every day generously for 11 days and I still came home with about half a bottle!
      The bottle is white with an orange lid and the Garnier amber Solaire logo clearly marked so it is easily found in stores.

      Quality; ....
      This cream is a very high 50+ SPF protection cream so it's great for kids and visits to very hot countries.
      On the front of the bottle, the cream is described as being 'protection milk' which is really what the cream looks like... thick milk! Although you'll be pleased to know it doesn't smell like thick milk!

      The cream, being thick, doesn't run everywhere and is easy to rub in. It lasts a long time and also has added effects!
      *Protects against premature skin ageing
      *long lasting hydration
      *water resistant
      *Fragrance free
      The cream is very water resistant, whilst in Egypt it's very hard to stand out in the sun without having to take a cool down dip in the pool! The cream certainly impressed me with its ability to stay on the skin even after a couple of hours in the water!

      Effects; ....
      When applying, the cream is very soft and as its fragrance free, it doesn't irritate the skin at all! When using it, I felt my skin wasn't drying out. Using this cream takes away the 'flaky skin' feel which you get from the sun and leaves you feeling smooth and protected.
      The cream is long lasting, even after swimming and is easy to apply.
      One bad point I would say is that the cream leaves unsightly white marks on clothing! My boyfriend wasn't pleased when he had to go swimming in shorts which had white patches on from the cream!
      It didn't stain however so didn't prove to be too much of a bother for us.

      Does it protect?
      Too much for me! We both used the sun cream for about a week in Egypt. Standing out in 42 degrees sun in the hottest time of the year in Egypt covered from head to toe in Garniers high factor cream left us as pale as we began! It sure does a good job at protecting!

      We weren't getting sun burnt at all! In fact, we bought a very low factor for the last few days and ended up getting very badly sun burnt as we wanted a tan to go home with!
      This cream is perfect for the kids! And perfect for using on sun burnt skin as it does a fantastic job of protecting your skin from sun damage.

      Smell; ....
      There isn't a bad smell from this cream, to me it just smells like creamy soap and leaves you with that typical 'sun cream' smell. If you are wanting a lovely fragranced cream this isn't the one, but it's not fragranced for the obvious reasons.
      The smell lasts all day and sticks to clothing, so if you really don't like the smell of 'sun cream' you'll need to cover the smell with body spray or wash clothing straight after wearing with sun cream.

      Bad points; ....
      The only bad point I would say about this cream is that it needs to be shaken before use every time! This is because the oil separates from the cream, and when you tip the bottle... oil comes pouring out!
      The cream contains so much oil for its water resistance and when shaken before use, its completely fine!
      Also the cream dries around the lid and doesn't look very pleasant so make sure you wipe off any dribbles!

      Price; ....
      I got this cream for Boots and it's quite expensive, as are most sun creams these days!
      Boots do a wide range of Ambre Solaire sun creams, starting with SPF factors from 10 (Low). There are spray, roll-ons and the squeezables.
      For a 75ml of this cream in a tube shown like the one in the picture, it is sold for £11.99 at Boots.

      For the 200ml which I have in a different bottle, it costs £12.99 and there is also some sold exactly the same but called 'kids' for the same price.
      They also have clear sprays for around £14.
      For an extra pound with the factor 50, you are getting and extra 125ml of cream, which is worth it. However the 75ml bottles are perfect for short stays as they are more like travel sizes.
      The cream is also available in supermarkets such as Asda and Tesco!

      Overall; ....
      Even though this cream is quite costly, it is worth it. It's perfect to be used on the face, for kids, and for very hot countries. It has the upmost protection and has certainly impressed me!
      Thank you for reading, I also post on Ciao


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      07.07.2010 01:42
      Very helpful



      Great if you want i really high protection against the sun, prevent age spots and sun irritation.

      I bought this when i was looking for a good sun block to protect my skin from the sun in summer quite a while ago. This product cost me around £10 (i got it buy one get one free in Boots so i got 2 for £10)which i thought was quite reasonable as most SPF 50 products are much more expensive. This product is supposed to protect skin against age spots and premature wrinkles, the tube says its for sun intolerant skin. I wouldn't say my skin is that sun intolerant but i bought this anyway because i thought the higher the protection the better, also i wanted a high factor so i didn't need to keep reapplying it throughout the day as i wanted a sun screen that i could wear on my face under my make-up.

      *Sun Protection Rating*

      As mentioned, this sun block is SPF 50, and the bottle says it filers out UVA and UVB rays. I give this sun screen 5 out of 5 for sun protection. When wearing this i have never suffered any sun irritation what so ever, have not developed any sun spots and even not developed any freckles this year. So, in that respect he product really does it's job really well.

      *My Experience with the Product*

      I find that it works well under make-up, when i use it i use it in place of moisturiser (both would make me look too shiny). The product is quite runny so is easy to blend in and absorbs well, but i do like to leave it to sink in for about 5 minutes because it does look quite greasy. Also, it does make you look paler because of the white colour the cream is, but that's not too much of a problem, it fades after a while.

      I would love to wear this product everyday as it does provide good protection, however unfortunately when i wear it on my face it causes me to get breakouts, i can wear it for maybe 3-4 days but after that i start to get a couple of spots. I do have quite sensitive skin and i find it hard to find moisturisers that do not break me out, so this might not be the same for everyone. But, my friend did tell me that high SPF products block the pores, if this is true i guess its something i will have to suffer if i want to use a high SPF. For that reason i will give 5 stars, i don't think i will find a better one with the same protection for a better price, i will just have to wear it on the days i really need it to let my skin breathe.

      If you want to use it on the body it will be perfect, gives great protection, but i have found it is quite oily, sometimes the lotion can separate so the product comes out in white lumps and water, but this can be saved by shaking the tube. I like that the tube is smallish so i can carry it around for extra top-ups.


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      25.07.2009 12:47
      Very helpful



      Does the job it's supposed to do.

      Having sensitive skin, freckles and the red hair gene means that I get sunburn at the drop of a hat. I don't take chances when it comes to sun cream (though I do sometimes forget to put it on), so I always look for something which has a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 50, which is pretty much the highest you can get.

      Last year I'd gone with a tube of Banana Boat Sport Sun Cream, but this year found they'd put it in a bottle as a spray. I wanted something in a tube as I'm not keen on carrying a bottle around and I didn't want a spray. I wanted something that wasn't going to run all over the place.

      In a local chemist I found Garnier's Ambre Solaire UV Sensitive Ultra SPF 50+ sun cream and it ticked all the boxes. It's in a tube, is reasonably thick (but not too thick), has a very high SPF and is designed for sensitive skin. And, to top it off, it was much cheaper than the other sun protection creams on the shelves at a bargain price of £3.49. Had it have been an unknown brand, I may have thought it's protection would match it's price, e.g. cheap, but as it was a well known brand I knew it would do it's job.

      And I was right!

      Garnier's Ambre Solaire UV Sensitive Ultra SPF 50+ sun cream passed it's test for me when I went to see Take That's "The Circus" tour at Wembley Stadium. I had a standing ticket and, to be anywhere near the front, I needed to be there well before the gates opened. As it was a sunny summer's day in early July this meant standing (sometimes sitting) in the sun for a few hours, so I was relying on this sun cream to protect me.

      To be effective, you should always put sun cream on around half an hour before going out in the sun. As I was going to catch a train from Marylebone train station to Wembley Stadium station, I decided that would count for my half an hour out of the sun, so I plastered myself in the cream just before heading from the hotel to the train station.

      Upon rubbing in the cream I noticed my face looked particularly white (more so that with other sun creams I've used in the past), but it didn't take too long to sink in (thankfully) and it helped me see if I'd missed any patches! The sun cream seemed to rub into my arms and hands better than my face, so I guess it's a case of skin type as I've not got great skin on my face where as my arms fair better. I covered every bit of skin that I knew would be exposed to the sun (including my ears, as I know many people forget to put sun cream on theirs). The sun cream didn't have a strong smell (I've noticed you can smell some sun creams hours after you've rubbed it in), in fact you could barely smell it at all. So true to it's word, this sun cream is perfume-free.

      Waiting outside Wembley Stadium in the baking sun, I felt hot (who wouldn't!), but I didn't feel like I was burning. Sun cream should be reapplied regularly throughout the day, but at the exact moment I was about to get the tube out of my bag to reapply the sun cream, the gates were opened and we were allowed in to Wembley Stadium. While the stadium is open air, the sides were significantly high enough for me not to have to worry about the sun any more. However, as I was unable to see my own face without a mirror, I had to wait until I was back at the hotel to see if my face had gone a nice shade of deep pink or not.

      Back at the hotel, I checked my face (and ears) in the mirror and I hadn't burnt at all, not even a pinky shade. My arms were still as white as they always are (I'm never bothered about getting a tan, because I either burn, go pink or I stay white!).

      So Garnier's Ambre Solaire UV Sensitive Ultra SPF 50+ sun cream had done it's job!

      Would I buy this again? Definitely... I'll be looking out for this sun cream next year (even if you don't use up all your sun cream in one summer, you should always replace it the following year as it's effectiveness is weakened over time).

      Would I recommend this sun cream? Certainly! It stopped me getting sunburnt, so I'd imagine it would stop anyone getting sunburnt! It also contains vitamin E which helps protect skin from drying in the sun. It is also hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.

      Don't risk getting Sun burnt! Buy Garnier's Ambre Solaire UV Sensitive Ultra SPF 50+ sun cream! (Or if you prefer a lower factor, get a similar sun cream from the Ambre Solaire range).


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