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Hawaiian Tropic Carrot Sun Gel

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2 Reviews

Brand: Hawaiin Tropic / Type: Tanning / Subcategory: Tanning Gel

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    2 Reviews
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      01.12.2009 14:44
      Very helpful



      great sun protection for certain skin types

      I started using Hawaiian Tropic Carrot Sun Gel Factor 4 on holiday a few years ago. I had gone to Florida with my family and was using a high factor boots own brand lotion and still got burnt. My dad who has darker skin and tans easily let me try some of his Hawaiian Tropic Sun Gel. Seeing as it was only a Factor 4 I didn't see how it was going to stop me burning but it worked. I think it may have been because it just suited my skin type and instead it made me tan nicely.
      The Sun Gel contains Aloe Vera and Carrot extracts and is an orange coloured gel. It doesn't really smell of anything, but I would be careful not to get it on your clothes as it may stain. It dries quickly into the skin and lasts quite a long time before you need to re-apply it, although it is not water-proof.
      I always have trouble finding the Sun Gel to buy as it is not sold in any high street places and have to buy it online. I have been buying it from ebay but have noticed that amazon stock it too!
      I would only recommend this product for people who tan well,already have a base tan or have naturally darker skin - definitely not for children as the protection isn't hight enough.


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      26.04.2008 15:46
      Very helpful



      Gel from Hawaiian tropic

      Hawaiian Tropic carrot sun gel spf 4

      Having recently been on my jollies, and being a bit of a fan of the lotions and potions which accompany pool side living, this is one of the products I decided to try this year.

      ~~What is it?~~

      The sun gel promises to be an advanced formula which offers protection against UVB rays. It contains Aloe Vera and Carrot extracts and is pH neutral. It also has a sunscreen of SPF 4, so whilst not a high factor, it does offer some protection but only for those with dark skin or a good base tan.

      ~~product and Packaging~~

      The product itself is orange (the carrot?) and comes in a clear plastic bottle with a screw on/off lid. I open the lid to get the gel out and in order to do so have to give the bottle a bit of a squeeze.; the gel itself is quite thick. The product has a slightly floral smell which does quite surprise me because with this make of sun protection I always imagine the smell to be more tropical and anyway, I thought this would have a definite carrot aroma! So, not the normal or expected smell but definitely pleasant and not at all over powering.

      The gel itself is orange but thankfully when I apply it to my skin, it goes on clear, and although I did have a moment of doubt, and imagined my skin was going to be streaky orange, this proved not to be the case. As promised on the blurb, the gel is easily absorbed into the skin, and sometimes it felt as though it was a little too easily absorbed- there was not very much moisturising going on. One good thing was that there was no sticky residue and very little for the sand to stick to!

      ~~Using it~~

      Because it has a low protection factor, this should be used only on skin which already has a base tan, and is not suitable for children. As with all sun products it should be applied liberally 20 minutes before going into the sun (presumably for maximum absorption) and then frequently throughout the day, especially after swimming.

      ~~Price and Availability~~

      Widely available, this cost me £2.49, although looking around prices do vary greatly

      ~~Made by...~~

      Hawaiian Tropic

      The website, www.hawaiiantropic.com has lots of information about their products and staying safe in the sun


      I had never tried this before, and having used it this time, would definitely consider buying it again. The product is easy to apply, and is absorbed almost immediately, so there is no stickiness. Although it has a low protection factor, I didn't burn and felt that it did offer protection to my skin, and although it didn't feel overly moisturising, my skin didn't dry out.

      For anyone with a base tan and requiring low protection, I would recommend this

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x


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    • Product Details

      SPF 4 with a blend of coconut oil and light reflecting pigments to give your skin a soft shimmer & enhance the appearance of a natural tan /

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