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Hawaiian Tropic Maximum Sensitive Sun Lotion

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4 Reviews

Brand: Hawaiian Tropic / Type: Sun Lotion

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    4 Reviews
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      19.04.2013 19:57
      Very helpful



      Would recommend

      I bought this suntan lotion last year when i went away on holiday with friends, as a recommendation from family, and i am so pleased they told me about this. It smells amazing, the scent of coconut is very prominent and lasts ages, i had people stopping me in the street telling me how lovely i smelt and asked what moisturiser i was wearing, and they were shocked to find out the smell was actually from my suntan lotion.

      It goes onto the skin very well. It blends in great and does not leave those awful white patches. It makes your skin quite smooth without leaving an oily residue which sand sticks to. I also have very sensitive skin and have to be careful which products i used, but i have had no reaction from this lotion.
      As i previously mentioned the the staying power of the smell is incredible and lotion lasts the recommended length, i mean i reapplied at the recommended intervals and i never got burnt just got a nice golden brown colour. I was in and out of the sea and pools too so i would say its water resistancy is very good.

      It is one of the more expensive suntan lotions but last year i bought it when it was on offer, and i noticed it is £3.00 in Asda rather than its usual retail price of £12.99, so i have bought another one and put it away for this years holidays. So i would say it is good value for money for the price i paid for it.


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      26.06.2010 16:32
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great product from Hawaiian Tropic for us sensitive types

      When I buy sun protection for my kids I really research the options available, scrutinise ingredients, and buy the best I can, but when it comes to me, I buy what ever I can find on offer really, and this was bo exception.

      Hawaiian Tropic Maximum Sunsensitive Lotion was on offer a while ago at B&M for £2.99 for a 200ml bottle, and I'd totally forgot I had bought it until the recent sunny weather.

      The Hawaiian Tropic bottles are very distinctive, with the palm trees and the company logo, which remind me there are sunnier lands and I really begin to think it's time I booked a holiday.

      Its easy to use since the bottle comes with a handy pump spray dispenser. The lotion itself is summer in a bottle, all coconutty and delicious smelling. It's easy to apply, just the right consistency, sinks right in and leaves a tantalising smell on your skin. There is a slight residue on your skin, but no more so than any other sun screen I have used before.

      It has an SPF on 20, which means you can expose your skin to the sun 20 times longer before burning than wearing no sun protection at all. Since I'm no longer a sun worshipper this is adequate protection for me as I like to pop in and out of the sun rather then sit out and bake. It offers UVA and UVB protection and is also recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV sunscreen.

      This protection factor is fine for the UK, but would recommend higher for holidays abroad, and for children.

      What I find great about this lotion is that it is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (will not blockpores - helpful if you suffer from prickly heat), as I have sensitive skin, this is ideal, it has not irritated my skin at all and I've used it on my face with no break outs.

      Another plus point is that it is waterproof so can be used around the pool area, but to ensure safe tanning it is recommended to apply after towel drying.

      I've seen this for sale in Superdrug for £11.97, so I would definitely shop around to get a bit of a bargain as I did.

      I've used this recently and not burned, found it easy to use, smells great, and is marvellous for sensitive skin, an amazing product for an amazing price.

      Give it a go!


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        14.07.2009 01:02
        Very helpful



        A great high protection sun lotion that smells divine.

        I have Loved Hawaiian Tropic since being young and always insisted on using it, as soon as I smelt the predominately coconut fragrance, I was sold.
        For me, theres just something about the smell of coconut, Im instantly whisked away to a tropical island with swaying palm trees and the suns rays dancing on the crystal blue sea, with a handsome hunk applying sun lotion to my back.... well I can dream can't I? More likely I would get hit on the head by a coconut falling from a tree, but that doesn't give the same image does it?

        A little about Hawaiian Tropic-
        Ron Rice founded the company in July 1969.
        1974, the first truckload left the factory.
        120,000 gallons of oil stored in tanks for use.
        Pioneered the use of"Aloe Vera Gel"-natures greatest healer.

        They were the first U.S suncare company to-

        Promote natural ingredients to moisturise.
        Use coconut and banana fragrance in lotions and oils.
        To develop higher SPF than 15 in US.
        Develop childrens market- Baby Face Sunblock.
        Introduce sunblocks with no chemical sunscreens.
        To sell SPF 30 and higher in South America, Canada and Mexico.
        Be approved by the Canadian Cancer Society.
        To use designer fragrance.
        Incorporate herbal aromatherapy in suncare.
        Uses over 125 product formulations.
        Over 400 different types of ingredients.

        Products available-

        Hawaiian Tropic have an extensive range now, with sun lotions, sun oils, aftersun, body butters, fake tan and tan accelerators, body shimmer,lipcare...
        I am reviewing MAXimum sensitive factor 30.
        This range has factor 20 ,30, 40 and 50.
        Its specifically for delicate and sensitive skin, especially with it having the high protection factor.

        It comes in a 200ml orange plastic bottle with a flip top lid.
        UVA and UVB protection are both covered and its water resistant up to 80 minutes(Ive never seen a time stated before).
        Dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and photostable(which means it doesn't change even when subjected to light)
        This particular MAXimum range are recommended by The International Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective UV sunscreen.

        After extensive research I have come to the conclusion they like to keep some secrets about their formulations, this is what I have discovered-
        A Coconut scent with Exotic Flora, Fruit, Banana, Mango and Papaya.
        Vitamins A ,C, ,E.
        Hawaiian Tropic Mix.
        They produce active skincare with botanical blends that are deeply moisturising and help stop ageing of the skin.
        It doesn't state if it is suitable for vegetarians to use.

        The lotion smells divine, the strongest scent is coconut quickly followed by banana and I can definitely detect mango and possibly the papaya, its such a fruity fragrance.
        The lotion is white and fairly thick which is good, you don't find yourself racing to put the bottle down to give you enough time to rub it in before it slips off your skin on to the floor.
        On application to your skin, the fragrance does alter fairly quickly and loses alot of its fruity depth which is disappointing as I remember it retained it in years gone by.

        The lotion is absorbed quickly and leaves a lovely sheen to your skin and I have always been more than happy with its protection whilst in the sun.
        I find it a lovely sun lotion, but it obviously wouldn't be appreciated by anyone who doesn't like the fragrance of coconut.
        The waterproof aspect, -I always reapply frequently anyway, why risk getting burnt for the sake of sloshing a little more lotion on your skin?
        So I can't give you an honest opinion there.

        Overall, I have Loved and trusted this lotion for more years than I care to remember and will do for a good few years more.

        Availability and price-

        Its available on line from £7.50
        In Boots- Usually £9.95 but with 1/3 off at the moment.
        In Wilkos- From £7.49.
        In quality save- £3.99.
        Guess where I buy it from?

        Im going to take 1 star off because the fragrance fades slightly and I dont want it to.

        Thanks for reading my review.


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          12.11.2008 13:28
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A certified excellent quality non-greasy sun spray

          :: Introduction ::

          When I've run out of my usual Nivea Sun Moisturising Sun Spray I took with me to Mauritius, I went to the supermarket with the intention to buy the same product again. However imported goods cost so much here that when I saw the price nearing the £10 mark I started looking for a cheaper or local brand instead which I hoped was just as good in quality. Hawaiian Tropic, a worldwide sun care brand from the US, promised to do just that.

          :: The packaging ::

          As most Hawaiian Tropic products, the sun spray comes in a tall and flat 200ml orange bottle with a spray nozzle. The shape of the bottle fits nicely in the hand and any bag where space is limited.

          :: Apperance and application ::

          I've always preferred sun sprays as opposed to lotions because of their easiness of application without the tomato sauce bottle effect. The pump of this bottle is quite stiff though so be careful with it and always hold it close to the area where to want to spray, otherwise you'd think it's a squirt gun.

          What I really like about this sun spray is that it isn't greasy at all. I somehow don't like swimming in sweaty grease while tanning. Just goes to prove that a sun spray or lotion doesn't have to be greasy to be waterproof.

          A small amount goes a long way of the white, lightly coconut-perfumed and matte cream that sinks in very quickly and leaves a moisturized, velvety sheen and feel on the skin. To cover the face, do not spray it directly onto the face, use a blob from your palm instead. Avoid the eyes, it stings and irritates the eyes.

          :: What is says it does ::

          * Broadspectrum, photostable
          * Waterproof
          * UVA / UVB protection
          * Hypoallergenic

          :: What it really does ::

          * Broadspectrum, photostable 5 / 5

          I already had a light to medium tan when I started using Hawaiian tropic. Having said that in the past month there wasn't a day that we got a clear sky being the end of winter and springtime until now. For a week or so the sun's been very hot and tanning was restricted to after 3 o'clock the heat and rays being in full swing. My skin darkened intensively in the course of a few days while using Hawaiian tropic and not once did I have a sunburn. I had some reddening on the shoulders which then turned brown the next day.

          * Waterproof 4 / 5

          Unlike other waterproof sun sprays which stay on the skin forming an oily layer that's impermeable to water, Hawaiian Tropic Sun Spray is partly absorbed (it's recommended to apply 20 mins before sun exposure) to give you full protection inside and outside. It's recommended to reapply it after swimming or towelling though I noticed that I relatively needed to spray less than I would have done with the greasier sprays of Nivea and the like.

          * UVA / UVB protection 5 / 5

          The UVA rays are the ones that do not cause sunburn but penetrate the deeply and cause DNA damage and premature aging to the skin. It's a reassurance that this bottle comes with the maximum four-star UVA certificate.

          * Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic N/A

          I didn't have any reactions to the sun spray, however I do not have sensitive skin at the moment. It's smooth and gentle texture is very kind to the skin so those who suffer from acne or oily skin will find doesn't clog pores, cause blackheads or aggravate oily skin conditions.

          :: Conclusion ::

          If you're going or already on holiday abroad to escape some of the British winter I recommend buying this brand. It's just as good and even superior in quality to the European brands such as L'Oreal or Nivea but at half the price.

          :: Price / Where to Buy ::

          Approx. £4 - £5 / 200ml at Boots, other chemists and online. I bought mine for 249 rupees which is £4.68.

          Thanks for reading.

          ©powered by lillybee also posted on Ciao! UK


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          Suitable for delicate and sensitive skin types /

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