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He Shi Express Liquid Tan

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6 Reviews
  • A little goes a LONG way!
  • No scent
  • Might be a little too dark for certain skin colours
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    6 Reviews
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      09.04.2015 21:09
      Very helpful


      • "Paraben free"
      • "Quick drying"
      • "Moisturising "
      • "Nice guide colour"
      • "Easy to apply"
      • "A little goes a LONG way!"
      • "No scent"


      • "Might be a little too dark for certain skin colours"

      My new holy grail; quick drying, moisturising and a little goes a long way!

      Having tried the 'gradual tan' (which I loved), I thought I'd give this a go too!
      Standing in the shop, I remembered that I had tried this many years ago (10 years ago - yes I'm that old!), back then it had been in a square, transparent bottle and they'd suggested that it should be applied with cotton wool (aaah..those were the days!)
      I bought this in Superdrug, 150ml for £19.99. I can't tell you how apt the title is..it's literally water! You need to be careful when using it, and I learnt that the hard way :')

      There is a colour guide and it suggests a 'caramel colour', I applied this last night and woke up to a huge difference! Compared to the 'gradual tan', this definitely is 'express', and that's one reason I like the 'He-Shi' products; they are very true to their claims. When you put it on, it's not one that attaches to moles, dry skin or blemishes (as with St. Tropez or Fake Bake), and although it's still evident that you have colour on, the guide colour is much 'softer and caramel-ly' rather than being a stark 'brown-green'. I applied this with a buffing brush on my face and I was surprised that a few drops covered my face. I remember this from my last experience, it's going to last a lifetime! No scent, smooth and economical application.
      It claims to not be patchy when you're applying it because it has a colour guide, and this is very true. I am very pleased with it, and with it being a liquid tan, it is extremely moisturising. I didn't need to put a moisturiser on top and therefore it'd be good for combination and oily skin. The ingredients are really really good (no alcohol and minimal fragrance).
      For those with dry skin, I'd suggest using a light moisturiser and waiting at least 2 hours to let it sink into your skin. The moisturiser might dilute the tan and the tan might not adhere effectively to your skin, causing patchiness. It suggests that a tanning mitt should be used, but I would not recommend that, because the mitt absorbs quite a lot of product.
      All in all, I love this tan! It's just so so good!


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      28.06.2013 20:26
      Very helpful



      One of the best self tans around

      I have tried several self tan brands in the past with various success to try and give me a bit of a glow over the summer as I hate having very pale skin all the time. I have never been particularly good at using self tan and not ending up looking like a streaky mess and had almost given up on finding something that worked for me until I found the He Shi range. Since then I have never looked back and am now able to have a great natural tan whenever I want.

      The He Shi brand was started in 2004 by mother and daughter team Hilary and Shelley McMurray who recognised a gap in the beauty market for an instant self tan, with little odour that would also provide a 'Quick & Easy' application for the end user. As a result, He-Shi Express Liquid Tan was born and the brand has since become an award winning collection and one of the most popular tans throughout the UK & Ireland.

      He-Shi states that its tanning products are different from other tanning products as the formula tans the skin on contact, making it easier than ever to avoid streaking. It is also odourless, quick drying and 100% alcohol and paraben free

      The express liquid tan comes in a small brown 150ml bottle with the he Shi logo written on it in a light yellow. It has a screw on top which when removed reveals the small dispenser at the top of the bottle.

      The self tan can be used on both the body and the face. I always place a towel around me when I use it as the product is very liquid and so you do have to be careful when getting it our of the bottle that you don't tip too much out and it runs everywhere. However if you are patient and use a little at a time it is fine.

      When applying I usually exfoliate my skin first but you are advised not to moisturise. I then apply the tan using the He She mitt which helps you to distribute the product evenly over your body. I tip a small amount of the product on the mitt and then rub it over my body usually concentrating on my legs first. As it has a guide colour you can straight away see where you have put the tan so there is not any chance of missing any bits.

      I find that the tan glides over my body easily so it is quickly distributed and does not get streaky. It dries very quickly unlike other tan products so you can quickly get dressed afterwards or apply a second layer to deepen the tan. I really like this as most other self tanning products I have used have always left my skin ending up feeling really sticky afterwards.

      After drying the tan develops over a few hours. When you apply it there is not any self tan smell but it does develop a bit over time. However it is not too strong.

      The tan gives a lovely natural bronzed look within a few hours and I find that it looks even better the next day. I have always had an even tan and it does not look orange at all or too dark on my light skin tone. The tan normally last for up to a week if you moisturise and are careful not to rub it off your skin.

      The self tan is quite expensive at £20 for 150ml or £35 for 300ml. However as you only need a small amount for each application the bottle lasts a long time and makes it value for money.

      In summary I would definitely recommend this self tan - it is one of the best I have ever used and I would not change to another brand now.

      This review might also be posted on Ciao under my username Star20000


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      09.05.2013 16:58
      Very helpful



      I wouldn't repurchase.

      Today I am bringing you a review of the award winning fake tan He-Shi Quick + Easy Express Liquid tan. I won this in a beauty goodie bag from a forum I use regularly. When I opened my goodie bag and seen the tan I was really excited as I had read great reviews of this before and I use fake tan nearly everyday so it was the perfect gift.

      The fake tan retails at £20.00 so it is pretty pricey and probably not one I would pick up myself as my usual budget for tan is around £5.00. The tan can be used by both women and men and has won many awards.


      "Award Winning He-Shi Express Liquid Tan 150ml is a self tanning bronzer which tans instantly on contact with the skin, giving a lovely bronzed complexion with immediate results. He-Shi Express Liquid Tan is extremely quick drying due to its incredibly light liquid texture. With its 'see where it goes' formula you can be confident of not developing streaks or patches. "


      HOW TO USE:

      To use the fake tan He-Shi recommends that you do NOT moisturise before applying the tan which instantly makes it different to most tanning products on the market as it is always ALWAYS recommended to moisturise before tan application. You apply the tan to your clean, dry skin and massage it in with big sweeping movements. Once applied wait for 2 minutes and then you're able to get dressed.


      On first use of this tan I was not impressed, it wasn't good. First of all, the consistency of the fake tan is one of the worst I have ever come across, its very thin and looks like dark brown/orange water. It is incredibly messy and hard to work with. I also do not like the cap where the tan comes from, I just don't think its ideal when you consider the texture of the fake tan. The tan doesn't seem to dispense very well and ends up splashing all over the place no matter how careful I am with it.

      Applying this tan is a nightmare. You are advised to use a fake tan mitt which I always use anyway because I do not like stained hands but the fake tan always ends up rolling off the mitt because of how watery it is. It is really loose and runs all over the place so you have to be really careful. If you're using this tan I would advise applying it in a room with a hard floor/in the shower because if you get it onto your carpet it will take a lot of effort to remove it.

      Once you manage to get the tan onto your skin the process of building up the tan begins. I find the liquid is easy to work with, it spreads and glides evenly over my skin and a little goes a long way. The tan also doesn't have a strong scent when first applied but as time goes by, that horrible fake tan smell we all know and hate does make an appearance.

      Once I was finished, I wasn't impressed with the result, yes I was streak free and my tan was even all over but the main thing I look for in a tan, the colour, did not leave me happy. This tan was not golden or brown, it was orange, very obvious and fake. The tan looked appalling and I was shocked that such a well known award winning tan could be so popular and loved by so many.

      I left the tan to develop for 8 hours hoping the colour would improve, but there was no change. I got into a hot bath and used an exfoliator to help get rid of the disappointing colour. Luckily the tan removes quite well so I didn't have to walk around looking like somebody from the cast of The only way is Essex.

      Would I buy this again? No chance. It isn't worth the money in my opinion, but I am glad to have tried it out.

      I hope my review was of help, a similar review by me may also be found on my Boots account BeautyAdoration or on my blog BeautyAdoration.wordpress.com


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      02.09.2010 12:30
      Very helpful



      A must for anyone loooking to get a natural self tan

      This is a must if this is your first time at home self tanning or if youre like me and used other products only to appear TANGOED the next day. They all claim to be easy to apply, cant go wrong, then you wake up the next morning orange and streaky, even after a shower. (even after scrubbing with baby wipes which means you end up orange and a bit red) This product is AMAZING, it is so easy, I have used it lots of times and cant recommend it enough. The best way I have found to use it is to apply over 2 days, just exfoliate, apply with the mitt thinly all over, and then apply the next day. For me this just means you can build up the areas that need more tan and prevents you getting too dark as I am quite pale skinned. I have stopped getting salon tans as I find this more natural and obviously less costly. This was recommended to me by a friend and I have passed the recomendation on to so many people, all my friends are using it now. I also find that it fades very gradually as well, unlike a lot of salon tans that I have found go patchy after a few days. DONT WASTE ANY TIME WITH OTHER PRODUCTS< THIS IS UNBEATABLE


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      10.08.2010 17:48
      Very helpful



      The best fake tan I have ever used!

      I was initially recommended He-Shi Fake Tan by sister. I had never heard of the brand at the time, but since my very first application, I have never looked back!

      Over the years I have tried virtually every type of self tanning available - gels, liquids, gradual moisturizers etc., some of which were great but lacked that overall easy application with excellent results. Since using He-Shi, my tanning life has become so much easier!

      The Express Liquid Tan does exactly what it says on the tin. The tan itself consists of a light and water-like liquid and must be applied with a tanning mitt. The bonus of this of course, is that you get no horrible orange stains on your hands - a rookie sign of fake tanning. The liquid goes on quick and easy - you simply rub it in to your skin. It dries extremely fast, with next to no typical fake tan odor and also has a guide color during application so you can see exactly what you're doing. The tan then develops over the next few hours, but I find that best results appear the next day if you're looking for a really deep tan result. However, I can't count how many times I've applied this in a dash before heading out on the town and have received multiple comments on my natural looking tan!

      One of the best things about this He-Shi tan is that, although you have to exfoliate before use, there is absolutely no need to moisturize! So you can just pop out of the shower and ten minutes later, you can be a bronzed beauty!

      All in all, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product, and have already done so to family and friends, who have all experienced the same results. It has become my go to product for tanning. I no longer go to the salon for all over fake tanning because I can receive the same results at home in a faster time (and without the sticky drying off time).

      These bottles go a long way with a little application - so on top of all that, it's definitely great value for money!


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      20.04.2010 00:15
      Very helpful



      The very best I have tried - and I have tried almost all!

      Well, it's April and after about 3 hours of sun we are all gleefully shedding our clothes and running out of the office in flip flops.

      Our course, our feet look very white in flip flops. They've been wrapped in socks for 8 months. Time for a solution...

      I love he-shi tan SO much, I actually requested this item for the dooyoo catalogue.

      Let me tell you all about it...

      ~ ~ ~

      Until recently, he-shi was only available in Ireland and online. It's now available in certain UK salons. See their website: www.he-shi.eu

      > can be used on both the body and the face
      > leaves a guide colour, so skin looks instantly tanned
      > gives a lovely bronzed complexion
      > looks like a natural tan
      > quick drying (YES - ALMOST INSTANT)
      > non-streaking (AS LONG AS YOU APPLY CAREFULLY)
      > easy to apply
      > suitable for all skin types
      > suitable for both sexes (my male best friend loves it, as it doesn't make his hairy legs sticky!!)

      At £20 for 150ml or £35 for 300ml it is a little more expensive than other brands, except for St Tropez and other premium fake tans.

      In my opinion, the benefits of he-shi are well worth the cost. I've managed to make a 300ml bottle last about year before!


      CONSISTENCY - he-shi is a liquid, rather than gel or cream. It looks rather like cold coffee without milk.

      SMELL - Like all fake tan, the product leaves a very slight smell - definitely not the worst out there though. Hardly noticeable.

      DRYING TIME - literally almost instant. It's dry to the touch after less than a minute.

      RUBBING-OFF - The guide colour will rub off onto clothes and bedsheets, but washes out even at just 30 degrees. The actual 'tan' itself only rubs off a little.

      INSTANT COLOUR - This is the only 'instant' tan I have found that actually DOES both tan straight away and dry quickly enough for you to get dressed and go out afterwards!

      I won't delve into how to apply fake tan in general - there are many websites about this and I don't want to bore the veterans ;-)

      MITT - I would suggest buying he-shi's own fake tan mitt, because the liquid is so thin and can seep through other mitts. You can't apply it with plastic gloves - it's the consistency of nail varnish remover!

      AMOUNT - You only need about the size of a 50p coin for around half of your thigh.

      GUIDE - You can see the tan as soon as it touches your skin, which is great because you can see the parts you have missed. The tan you end up with is a pretty similar colour to this.

      LAYERING - If you want a darker colour, you can apply straight after the first coat.

      FACE - Try moisturising first. It creates a barrier between your skin and the tan. Because the face is more porous than the body, the tan will look darker on your face - using moisturiser helps to dilute the colour. The same goes for hands, feet, elbows, knees and underarms!

      STREAKS - I have never had many streaks with he-shi, because you can see where you are putting it! If you notice a streak within the first hour, try rubbing the streak with either a wet finger or a tiny dab of moisturiser - this usally blends it away!

      If the tan's developed and you have a streak after showering, use an exfoliating glove to reduce the appearance of the streak.

      I have only ever found one fake tan that gives a very slightly better colour - Xen Tan. However, the fact that he-shi dries instantly and is so easy to use outweighs the very, very slight colour difference.

      As long as you don't overdo it (i.e. only use 2-3 times per week), he-shi gives a genuinely natural tan colour.

      Many people have commented on my he-shi tan and asked if I've been away - nobody has ever guessed it was fake tan. Hoorah!!

      I am very fair and I've used it both at my palest and also after a 2-week holiday. It looks great regardless of your original skin colour. If you are pale, you won't end up orange. If you are tanned, you won't end up looking crisped!

      As long as you exfoliate, moisturise and do all the things your are meant to do to keep your skin in tip top condition, he-shi fades without being patchy and lasts for about 3-4 showers/days.

      You can use a gradual tan in between applications to keep the tan looking even and prevent the 'tanned on Monday, pale on Thursday, tanned on Friday' curse!

      ~ ~ ~

      > Although fairly costly, a bottle lasts a very long time
      > It really does give a natural colour, regardless of your skintone
      > Instant tanning and quick drying - can use before a night out
      > Very easy to use, because you can see where you've applied it
      > Layerable - you can re-apply as soon as it's dry for a darker colour

      > It's a shame it doesn't have just a touch of olive, like Xen Tan, but there is only a very, very slight colour difference

      ~ ~ ~

      So, whether you're familiar with using fake tan or you're not, you should definitely consider he-shi if you're looking to safe-bake for the summer!


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  • Product Details

    Step 2 / Tanning He-Shi Express Liquid Tan is a self tanning bronzer which can be used on both the body and the face, it tans instantly on contact with the skin, giving a lovely bronzed complexion / He-Shi is quick drying, non-streaking and easy to apply with the He-Shi self tanning Mitt and is suitable for all skin types / He-Shi's tinted formula prevents streaks and patchiness, when applied with the He-Shi Tanning Mitt the quick drying solution gives a natural looking tan in minutes.

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