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Juice Beauty SPF30 Mineral Light Moisturizer

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Brand: Juice Beauty / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / UV Protection Factor: SPF 30 / What it does: Moisturizes, Protects

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    1 Review
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      13.05.2009 00:55
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      An Organic tinted moisturiser to radiate the skin

      Juice Beauty SPF 30 Mineral Light Moisturizer

      Whilst I was on my adventure in Las Vegas I was attracted to the Sephora Cosmetic Shops that seemed to be in abundance on the Strip. Sephora got a lot of dollars out of me on Clinque but I also dabbled into the occasional new product. One of my new ventures was into the Juice Beauty range and I bought for the first time a tinted and organic moisturiser with SPF factor.

      **Who are Juice Beauty?**

      Juice Beauty are a company that sell organic makeup/beauty products. These include treatments, exfoliants and peels, organic moisturisers, SPF Sun Protection and organic lip care products. The company was founded by two women from California keen to pioneer healthy lifestyle with the use of organic products. Juice Beauty uses freshly-squeezed organic juice concentrates as a base instead of water.

      **What is so special and organic- Juice Beauty's blurb**

      Their products are made with organic ingredients that don't have insecticides etc in them and they believe this allows for safer products for us consumers and make the environment more sustainable. Juice beauty say that by using organic fruit in products it helps us get essential nutrients to help keep our skin health and radiant. This allows a richness of potent antioxidants, essential vitamins, vital phytonutrients and powerful hydroxy acids. So apparently these antioxidants will help prevent the signs of again and bring back the radiance! Their products are also pH balanced and so suitable for sensitive skin.

      **My Juice Beauty organic tinted moisturiser**

      My bottle of this stuff is actually and glass bottle like the picture to the right in the adverts for Juice Beauty Mineral Light Moisturier Spf 30 and not the one above that is in a plastic tube type bottle. Anyway the bottle is 60ml and came in a nice boxed package. It has a plastic pop off top and a white lid with nozzle. The packaging and labelling is simple and in yellow it highlights that the product moisturisers and protects. It also clearly tells you about it being a 30 spf as well as being a tinted mosituriser. There are some simple instructions on the bottle but no ingredients listed which are on the box instead.

      **What is in it?**

      In the tinted mosituriser you get the bonus of t being an spf 30 and it is also tinted so that it can be used before putting makeup on or instead of a foundation for summer days. It is chemical free and has organic white grape and pomegranate juices as well as vitamin antioxidants and essential nutrients.

      **Using it and my opinion**

      I don't know what I expected from this product as I don't normally buy tinted moisturisers or apply moisturiers under my foundation. I also had bought organic products before but generally just bought sensitive skin and allergy free products.

      I have tried this on its own and before putting foundation on. I find when you squirt the product out onto you hand to apply it seems to look like it is a little oily in texture where it appears that there is juice or oil separate from the moisturiser. It has a lightly scented smell though nothing to remind me of juice. It reminded me more of sun cream which I guess links into it being tinted. I applied it using my finger tips and although it looked oily it didn't feel like that and once rubbed in dried up quickly. It also looked quite shiny and radiant which was good and to be honest so it did do what it said on the bottle. The product reminded me of a cross between a foundation and a bronzer once applied.

      The problem is I like to wear foundation and did not feel this was a suitable alternative to go without as it didn't really tint my skin that much to change the colour but instead made it shinier. I also tried it under foundation and it made the foundation not stick on top of this as a base. I think it is better on its own as a tinted moisturiser and I haven't realty used the product that much. Having retested it to review I am thinking I might give it another go on its own as a tinted moisturiser.

      I think I was lured into buying this product by the sales assistant and got caught up in the blurb of it being organic and using juices that I didn't notice the price I was paying and really bought a product I haven't really used.

      **Would I recommend it**

      I would say yes if: You are keen on trying alternative products that use fruit rather than water or you want to try organic products. Or you have flawless skin and only need a tint! Or in the summer months to get the SPF and a little bit of colour

      I would say no: If you want to put it on top of foundation or don't want to spend too much money on a skin care product.

      ** Price and where to buy**

      Well I bought it state side and it cost me about 30 dollars which at the time was £15 so it wasn't cheap (actually forgot I paid so much!). I still have a pretty full bottle so do feel I wasted my money a wee bit but the sales assistant in sephora was very good at their job!

      If you go onto http://www.juicebeauty.com you can find out about all their products and way of thinking to see if their range is for you. Certain lines are stocked in the UK online (feel unique etc) but I am honestly unsure about department stores as like I say I got this in the USA. It is £18-£21 on Fragrance X or Strawberry Net too which is more than what I paid but that reflects the pound not fairing so well agaisnt the dollar any more! (naughty uncle sam!!)


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