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Make Believe Self Tan Lotion

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Brand: Make Believe / Type: Self Tanner / Subcategory: Lotion / What it does: Tans,

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    3 Reviews
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      14.03.2012 15:42



      Good investment piece

      One of my girlfriends recommended this product to me, she is a tanning pro, and wouldn't answer the door if she didn't look bronzed and beautiful! They say opposites attract, and I'm as pale and pasty as they come, my nan often asks if I'm feeling ok because I look grey!!

      I was worried being a novis that I would end up looking like a patchwork quilt, than like my perfect friend, but decided nothing ventured nothing gained. I bought the Makebelieve exfoliator as well to be sure, and used it a couple of nights before I finally decided to apply the tanning lotion. I bought a mit (recommend by my friend) and began applying it as the packaging suggested. The first thing I noticed was the lovely fruity smell, and after I had finished applying the lotion my skin felt so hydrated. I applied it before bed, and dreaded looking in the mirror the next morning, but I was so surprised with the even colour I had achieved. I only applied it sparingly, so I had a healthy sun kissed look that lasted about 4 days, but my friend tells me you can build it up each night to achieve the colour you want. I was so happy with the subtle look, and have used it quite a few times now. £30 is quite an investment, but I know its guaranteed, and I fully trust it.

      I have heard Makebelieve have launched a more cost effective line called 'Little White Lie' in purple ,white and gold bottles, I'd been keen to hear if anyone has tried any of those.


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      10.04.2010 10:14
      Very helpful



      I had to "Make Believe" I had a tan!!!

      I absolutely hated this product, I purchased the Make Believe Tan Lotion with instant Bronze sometime last year. First and most importantly the texture of this product made it difficult to rub in, which didn't make for a smooth even tan or easy application. After applying as best I could and leaving the tan on overnight. I found while showering the next day (like I do with all Self tans) that most of it was on the shower floor! ....With barely any left on me, I tried reapplying and extending the amount of time I "let it set". After a quick rinse....again most was left on the shower floor.

      The appearance of the overall product itself is not bad, it boasts a pump action dispenser and both the bottle and packaging are quite unique and appealing, (I think that's what attracted me in the first place...dam great marketing techniques!). The longevity of this product is unknown, as after many failed attempts for what seemed like a make believe tan, I ended up with randomised golden blotches duly filed under an epic tan fail!! I did however have a couple patches that withstood my futile scrubbing which existed for a little over four days (if that provides any indication of its longevity). Not getting the full use of this product I can't say how many applications one would get out of a 200ml bottle from experience, but my guess would be about 6 plus.

      The instant bronze does make it easy to see where the tan is going, and would make for a better application if it wasn't so thick in texture (and yes I did "shake well"), the colour itself is quite dark and you may have to endure a 12 hour plus period of looking like a mud monster, but once it washes off you can see a beautiful golden brown, that looks very natural, that I was able to tell from the patches. The smell is different, its not a self tan smell, it does smell like I would expect a rainforest to smell, minus the monkeys!!! Yes I am serious, it really does smell rainforest-y :D as says the packaging....which I find to be a fresh spin on self tans, however I did find it slightly annoying having a forest follow me around for the day, or maybe that was the frustration of pouring £30.00 down the drain....quite literally. Overall I would not recommend this product, it is highly overpriced, and ridiculously impossible to use!!

      If you are looking for a self tan that works and is a fraction of the cost try St Moriz Instant Self Tan just £2.99 and its absolutely brilliant for my full review of this product please see link below: http://members.dooyoo.co.uk/


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        30.01.2010 10:40
        Very helpful



        a natural looking tan!

        I put a product request in for this because when i first considered trying it, i searched for reviews and didn't come up with anything. I'd heard good things about the brand, so took a leap of faith.

        At £30 for 200ml, this isn't a budget product, but for somebody with fair skin like me you only have to use it once a week so it lasts well.

        This is a moisturising self tan lotion, and appying it is very much like putting on your usual body lotion . According to the blurb:

        "An exotic blend of Rainforest, Hempseed, Jojoba Oils and Shea Butter, known for their moisturising and skin softening properties, combine with leading skincare ingredients to infuse hydration, tone and elasticity." (What on earth is rainforest oil?!?!)

        It has a fruity tropical smell, but to be honest it does turn biscuity when it dries. However its not as overpoweringly biscuity as other brands.
        The lotion is white, with no guide colour, so it can be tricky to know where you've applied but as long as you are careful you shouldn't have any problems. Its easy to rub it, and dries in less than ten minutes (Though I still wait the recomended ten minutes before getting dressed to avoid rub off). Tan develops in 2-4 hours.


        Everyone has their own pre tanning ritual, but heres mine.

        -For a few days before tanning, I start exfoliating with an exfoliating glove, and applying body lotion religiously especially to dry areas to even out skin texture.
        -On the day I want to fake tan, I have a good soak in the bath and a scrub with my exfoliating gloves with plenty of shower gel.
        -I then wait half an hour after getting out the bath before applying the fake tan. This is because using fake tan on alkaline skin gives you that 'Just been tango-ed' look, and lots of soaps are alkaline, so half an hour allows your skin to return to normal.
        -Moisturise your dry spots (elbows, knees, feet)
        -I use latex gloves (purchased for wilkensons)Starting from your feet up, apply the fake tan in circular motions to avoid streaks. Lightly skim over your dry spots, as these areas absorb more product.
        -When you get to your face, either use a facial tanner (I use makebelieve night time facial tanner), or mix some of your fake tan with your usual moisturiser for a more natural look. be sure to blend it into the hairline and neck well.
        -Finally remove your gloves (or wash your hands well) and use a wedge shaped make up sponge to apply a little fake tan to the back of your hands. Don't forget to bend your fingers to get into the tell take knuckle creases!
        -Allow plenty of time to dry. I usually do my fake tan at night so I can just chuck a loose t-shirt on while it dries.

        And thats it! Regular exfoliating and moisturising will keep your tan tip top.

        The colour is great. I have VERY fair skin, and one application gives a natural golden brown. Makebelieve products enhance your natural skin tone, and this is what attracted me as I knew a darker, st.tropez wouldn't look real on me. The bottle says to reapply until you get you colour you desire, and then apply once a week to top up your tan, but I only need to apply it once and the colour is perfect.

        It fades out evenly, i never look patchy (although I can look a bit jaundiced if i leave it longer than a week).

        It comes in a tall white bottle with easy to use pump action.

        I LOVE this product. It has given me so much confidence (I do love pale skin too, but I've been run down recently and look less pale and interesting and more ill and uninteresting). I would recommend it to other super pale sisters looking for a bit more colour.

        **If you are unsure about spending £30, makebelieve do a 'discovery self tan kit' for £15 which contains small bottles of facial tanner, self tan lotion and gradual self tan (rated the best on gok's how to look good naked!), so you can try it out without investing so much money.


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