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Makebelieve Airbrush Bronzer

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Brand: Vaseline / Type: Bronzer / Subcategory: Brush / What it does: Bronzes / Type: Self Tan

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    1 Review
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      14.11.2008 17:13
      Very helpful



      Turn that pale skin into a lovely golden glow, without patches or streaks!

      When I go out, I see girls with beautiful golden tans which make them look healthy and makes them feel confident. I long for a golden coloured glow to my legs and my body to make me look sun-kissed and healthy. I tend to wear short skirts a lot so I've nearly always got my legs out, and my pale white legs just don't look as nice as sun-kissed ones.

      I will not use sun-beds to achieve a tan as I think these are far too dangerous. Using a sun-bed can damage the skin and make it look older, but most importantly, they can increase your risk of getting skin cancer.

      Some spray tans, leave a streaky colour and can leave patches, not to mention making you look orange and very fake. This is something I don't want to look like. I have seen a lot of girls around who obviously don't mind in the slightest bit, that their skin looks orange and stupid, but I personally hate the way it looks. It looks cheap and messy!

      I don't want streaky legs, I don't want orange hands or feet and I don't want a patchy, cheap looking tan. What I want is a natural looking, golden tan which will make me feel and look better.

      ***SO WHY THIS PRODUCT?***
      I have tired many of these gradual self tans and sprays but all I got was orange, patchy looking skin. I was in boots looking for fake bake self tan, but I had also read reviews in magazines about makebelieve bronzer. Boots didn't have the fake bake range but they did have the makebelieve range and at £30 a can I though it must be pretty good so decided to give it a go.

      I also bought some correction wipes for £7.00, which enables you to get your hands clean and enables you to erase/wipe off any areas which have gone wrong (hopefully this won't happen)!
      I personally also prefer sprays to lotions as I think it enables you to get a better even coverage all over, rather than a lotion or mousse.

      This product comes in a golden looking box, with a picture of a bronzed lady on the front. In the box is the spray can (200ml)
      Your true radiance will shine through, with this Self-Tan Airbrush Bronzer. Whether pale or dark skinned, it will help to enhance your natural tone, while conditioning and refining your skin. Quick to absorb, a long lasting golden glow develops within 2-4 hours, leaving you looking great and feeling fantastic.

      An exotic blend of Rainforest, Hempseed, Jojoba Oils, and Shea Butter, known for their moisturising and skin softening properties, combine with leading skincare ingredients to infuse hydration, tone and elasticity. Enriched with an active tanning ingredient, derived from sugar beets, your skin will look and feel renewed, smooth and glowing.
      (£30.00 - 200ml)

      ***DIRECTIONS FOR USE (On the can)***
      Although you may think it's just like spray painting something (as my boyfriend said when I asked him to spray me all over with it), its not.

      Spend a little time preparing yourself by cleaning and exfoliating your skin, paying particular attention to your knees and elbows. Shake the bronzer to activate its ingredients, then spray on your body in smooth, sweeping motions, 8-10 inches from the skin smoothing it on with your hand and shaking the can regularly during use.

      Your make-believe colour will develop within 2-4 hours of you applying it, and will last as long as your natural tan. Use daily until you have achieved your desired depth of tan, then reapply once or twice a week as necessary to top up your tan. After application, wash your hands thoroughly, and for best results don't bathe or swim for at least 3 hours.

      Patch test for allergic reactions before use. Excess spray could discolour fabric or carpets.

      ***DIRECTIONS FOR USE (My way)***
      Using a body brush, dry brush your body for about 5 minutes, to get rid of dry/dead skin cells. Pay particular attention to the elbows, knee's and other dry rough patches of skin. (You will achieve a better looking tan if you have exfoliated every day 1 week in advance!)

      Once in the shower/bath use a body scrub all over and again pay particular attention to rough patches such as knee's and elbows. Simply wash off and pat your skin dry (pat skin dry to lock in moisture).
      Once dry, shake the can and holding it about 8 - 10 inches away from the body simply spray in sweeping motions and smooth it on using a self tan mitt (so you don't end up with orange hands.) Tan mitt prices start at 99p and are available from Boots and Superdrug in the self tanning section.

      The smell isn't over-powering but does smell a bit like biscuits, once the spray has dried. It's a smell I can cope with and its definitely not over-powering unlike some sprays which can leave you with a headache or feeling quite sick.
      You can see the spray go on slightly which is handy as you can see where you have sprayed and how much you have sprayed on the area.

      I sprayed this on and gave it plenty of time to dry, then went to bed. The result the next morning? I had a nice colour all over and it did look like a nice golden colour. It didn't turn my skin orange and it didn't leave my tan looking streaky or patchy. It looked very natural and even my boyfriend commented on how natural it looked. One application was enough for me, as I'm very pale anyway and I didn't want to go over the top. I topped up my tan by re-spraying every 2 - 3 days and every-time I was in the shower I used an exfoliating bar to keep my tan looking natural.

      SELF TAN LOTION - Whether pale or dark skinned, it will help to enhance your natural tone, while conditioning and refining your skin. Quick to absorb, a long lasting and even golden glow develops within 2-4 hours, leaving you looking great and feeling fantastic.
      (£30.00 - 200ml)

      SELF TAN EXTENDER - Maintain your radiant tan for longer, with this silky, smooth Tan Extender. Combining leading edge skincare with just a hint of of active tanning ingredients, your skin will feel moisturised and and conditioned, whilst helping to promote a longer lasting healthy glow.
      (£25.00 - 200ml)

      Make Believe Tan Extender was tested against 3 others on How To Look Good Naked and Make Believe came out 1st scoring 75 points out of a possible 100. This product was compared against Olay Everyday Sunshine, Estee Lauder Gold and Naturally Radiant Moisturiser and Johnson & Johnson Holiday Skin.

      NIGHT TIME FACIAL SELF TAN MOISTURISER - Wake up to healthy, glowing skin. Combining leading edge facial skincare with advanced tanning ingredients, this night time facial self tan moisturiser will help to give you a natural golden radiance, developing slowly over a number of applications.
      (£25.00 - 75ml)

      QUICK FIX CLEANSING WIPES - Tan where you want it, not where you don't, Makebelieve Quick Fixing Cleansing Wipes are designed to totally cleanse the hands and remove any access immediately after applying your make believe tan.
      (£7.00 - 10 wipes per pack)

      These products are available from boots and www.johnandginger,co.uk. Prices may vary., I got this spray can from boots for £30.00.

      Was it worth spending £30 on this, rather than £10 - £20 on a different self tanning brand? I would definitely use this again, in fact once my previous can has run-out I'll be buying another can, so I can keep this tan topped up and looking perfect.

      Although it's quite pricey, I can see why as it doesn't leave streaks or leave your skin glowing orange. It's a very natural colour, unlike some other self tan sprays/lotions, which can look patchy, streaky, un-even and a very bad and unattractive fake look. Considering how well this product does the job, I think its well worth £30.

      As I've used this product and have been so impressed by the results, I would definitely use other items in this range.


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