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Olay Total Effects Touch of Sunshine

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13 Reviews

Brand: Olay / Type: Sun Care

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    13 Reviews
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      12.03.2012 11:31
      Very helpful



      Great moisturiser with a slight tanning effect. Expensive, but look out for supermarket offers

      I don't tan easily and my cheeks tend to have a rosy appearance, especially when I am hot or have been out in the sun. I bought this Olay moisturiser because it promised to give a sun kissed effect to my skin. I thought the price of £17.99 rather expensive but saw an offer at Tesco's for 'buy-one-get-one -half price before Christmas and decided to give it a trial. My intention was to give the other box to my neighbour for a Christmas present.
      My face needs regular moisturising because I have dry patches either side of my nose. As a moisturiser this product works well without leaving a sticky residue on the surface of my skin. Over the period of a week it was nice to see that my rosy cheeks had a slight tan. I also had a white area under my chin cause from reading during the summer in the garden with my head down preventing the sun from getting to my neck. This area is now nicely blended without that 'false' tan look. You have to be careful to wash your hands well after use as this moisturiser can stain the skin. Another problem that can occur is if you are over enthusiastic in your application you can end up with suntanned crow's feet. The pump action ensures that every drop is used rather than leaving a little at the bottom of the bottle.
      This moisturiser claims to do lots of things including reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. I haven't noticed any other effects other than a great moisturiser and a slight facial tan.
      I'm afraid I didn't give my neighbour the other box of moisturiser that I bought half price for her Christmas present. She ended up with chocolates and I still use this moisturiser on a daily basis, especially throughout the winter. The slight sun kissed effect means that I don't need to use foundation and it reduces the rosy effect slightly on my cheeks. I do look out for offers at Boots or Superdrug because this moisturiser is rather expensive.


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      17.02.2012 10:28



      I have been using this for around 4 months now and notice NO difference. My skin is still dry and has no "glow". I have nothing good to say about this at all.


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      27.11.2010 20:19
      1 Comment



      Does what it says on the very affordable packet.

      I have a naturally very light skin which in winter turns a deathly shade of pale - with this moisturiser, my skin loses it's 'mortuary slab' look and takes on a healthy, albeit faint, glow.
      It looks completely natural and simply leaves you looking a tad more alive! Only think to remember when using it, is to wash your hands afterwards...I forgot and ended up with 'sunkissed' fingertips!

      The moisturiser itself is very light and easily absorbed....I use it every other day at the moment, mainly because I have another moituriser that I was also using before I got this one.
      I love the fact that it has the sun filter - my skin dries out quickly and the sun only aggravates this.

      The pump action dispenser gives out just the right amount of product which is surprising as I usually find that type of container expels far more than needed.

      Exaclty what it's supposed to do, and I quote:

      * Visibly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles
      * Noticeably smoothes skin texture
      * Transforms skin dullness to a radiant healthy-looking glow
      * Reduces the appearance of pores
      * Diminishes the appearance of blotches and age spots
      * Intensively hydrates dry skin
      * Visibly evens skin tone
      * Skin Compatibility dermatalogically tested
      * pH Neutral
      * Non Comedogenic

      The product is available from ebay and amazon...I got mine from amazon for just over a tenner.


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        07.07.2010 14:48
        Very helpful



        A Decent Olay Product

        There are two very different sides of having a mom who is as much of a cosmetic junkie as you are. On the bad side she steals your make-up and then pretends she doesnt know where it is and the good side which is when she gives me about half of everything she gets in gift sets. Luckily this particular item falls into the second catagory and my mom gave me a 15ml tube (that she recieved in a set) to use a few weeks ago because as she put it "Your hungover and look like s*it now put your face on!" I know! Lovely right?! Ive used a few Olay items in the past and found them to be very hit and miss which I reckon it because they arent designed for younger skin but I decided to use this one anyway as Ive been looking for a tinted moisturiser that actually works for ages now!

        Price: Around £13 For A 100ml Bottle
        Stockists: Amazon, Boots, Superdrug
        For: Fighting The 7 Signs Of Aging Whilst Helping To Build Up A Gradual Tan & Also Contains SPF15.

        I have a totally different looking packaging than the one on the image but I think mine is actually a sample version Im not sure it can actually be bought in 15ml tubes - Ive never seen it anyway. To use I just squeeze a really tiny amount of of the tube and rub all over my face and neck I can only assume that is correct as there are no insructions on this tube except to wash your hands afterwards which is basically just common sense. The cream is white in colour and quite thick so you dont need to much for full face coverage and make sure you rub it in as otherwise it will streak!! Application is simply enough I tend to apply it when I have taken all my make-up off before bed - well I used to!! Also it sinks in very quickly and gives your face a matte finish rather than shiny/greasy.

        Now this is marketed as a gradual face tan which is exactly what I was using it for in the first place but I started to notice that my face did change colour immedaitly after application but that was all gone by the morning. So Ive started using this in the mornings when its hot and I dont want to wear to much make-up as a instant tan/tinted moisturiser as I think that is what this is really I used it for a good few days with no build up of colour at all so if you planning on buying this I recommend using it as an instant tan for your face rather than expecting a gradual build up as it will never happen. The colour does actually look very even, not orange at all and in my experience has never streaked. The coverage is never going to be as brilliant as a proper foundation but it is pretty good for when you want to look more natural and not caked on.

        I dont think Im really the best person to comment on the anti-aging promises of this as I am only 19 but I havent got any wrinkles yet so something must be doing the trick. My mom is also nearly 40 and she gets ID'd in shops for cigarettes/alcohol so it definately works for her!

        This would be a great product if it was marketed correctly I am going to continue using this until my tube runs out but Im undecided on whether to go out and buy more. If your looking for instant face tan then buy this but for a gradual build up...look elsewhere.

        Thanks For Reading

        x0 Salz 0x


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          27.04.2010 22:50
          Very helpful



          I'm sticking with this one :)

          I have very pale 'Nicola Roberts' type skin and it depresses me that every summer I am lucky if during the hottest week of the summer I develop even a hint of a tan. Unless I'm careful with the SPF I am more likely to turn lobster red.

          I've tried sunless face tanners before without much luck ('I've been tangoed' is the phrase that comes to mind) but I read several positive reviews about Olay Total Effects Touch of Sunshine and decided to try it for myself.

          Olay Total Effects Touch of Sunshine is a day moisturiser with a touch of sunless tanner and an SPF of 15. It promises a light sun kissed glow that builds up gradually.

          As well as the tanning aspect the Total Effects range also promises seven powerful anti-ageing effects to fight the signs of ageing;

          1 -Line minimization: Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
          2 -Nourishing Moisturisation: Intensively hydrates dry skin
          3 -Tone Enhancement: Balances colour and visibly evens skin tone
          4 -Gentle Exfoliation: Noticeably smoothes skin texture
          5 - Pore Refinement: Minimises the appearance of pores
          6 - Brightening: For radiant, healthy glow
          7 - Spot minimisation: Reduces appearance of blotches and age spots

          In Superdrug I was mildly irritated at how Olays' products all seemed to have fairly similar packaging and lots of products in each range, so I spent at least a minute in the Olay section before finding what I was looking for.

          The Touch of Sunshine (forgive me for not using the full title each time, I've no idea why these products have to be given such long names) moisturiser is packaged in a shiny black box with an instructions leaflet inside.

          The container looks nice, it's a solid tube shape and a pearlised cream colour with a yellow sunshine design on the label and a large clear cap which you can see the black pump dispenser through. It looks like quite a chunky tube and contains 50 ml of moisturiser.

          It cost £12.99 in Superdrug which I think may have been a special offer price though my receipt doesn't mention a discount.

          Applying is very simple. After washing your face you apply one pump of moisturiser to your finger and smooth evenly all over your face, taking special care near eyebrows and hairline, then apply another pump to the neck blending well at the base of your neck so you're not left with a telltale tide mark.

          The formulation of Touch of Sunshine is very smooth and quite thick. It's white in colour and smells a bit like sun cream but not strongly. The SPF15 is not really going to protect you in the sun but it's better than nothing, and a lot of make-up products have added SPF too so it all helps.


          A little goes a long way with this stuff, I'm usually quite liberal about applying moisturiser, but I'm careful with this, initially because I was scared of turning orange and then because I could see I was getting good results with a small amount. I did forget to apply it to my neck at first and then started to notice a definite colour difference between my face and neck so now I make sure to remember.

          The pump dispenser had a small piece of black plastic covering the opening that you remove and set aside each time when you use it, but inevitably I lost it so I am not too impressed with that feature. I don't usually like pump dispensers as you can't get to all of the product but after a bit of investigating I realised that the top would come off easily enough to allow me to get at the rest of the moisturiser when I need to.

          Touch of Sunshine is the 'driest' feeling moisturiser I've ever used, and I like that. It sinks straight into my skin leaving it feeling slightly velvety but not damp or greasy so I can apply make-up directly afterwards.

          I'm very pleased with this moisturiser/facial tanner as after only a few days of use I started to look healthier in the mornings with a more even skin tone, and after a few weeks my skin is looking better than it has in ages. I have found I don't actually need to use foundation as my skin is all one shade instead of white with patches of pink and I can finally go out in public without looking like a vampire!

          I couldn't honestly say I've noticed any difference to the faint lines on my face, but my pores do seem smaller and my skin tone looks more even, and a light tan makes me look younger too (in my opinion!)

          It's kind of hard to recommend a facial tanner as these things react differently on people, I recall reading reviews saying it didn't tan at all or tanned too much. I would recommend giving Touch of Sunshine a try though, especially if you can get hold of a sample somewhere. You can find it in most shops that stock skincare products.


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            13.09.2009 14:53
            Very helpful



            5 stars until I see my first wrinkle.

            I am only 27 but already have an obsession with not wanting to look old, I believe if I start looking after my skin now then maybe in the future it will be kind to me. I have always moisturised but a couple of years ago wanted to start using something a bit different to your average moisturiser, something anti-ageing.

            I have been using Olay Total Effects Touch of Sunshine for about a year now, I started using Olay because I wanted to use a reputable brand, I still want to call it Oil of Ulay though.

            I bought it from Boots, always like to buy things from there if possible to pick up Advantage points, and it cost £17.99. You get a 50ml bottle for this and although it is expensive the bottle lasts longer than you might think.

            I got the night product as I like to put it on before bed and let it soak in overnight. It is available as a day product but I always wear make up during the day so prefer to use on a night time.
            After cleansing your face and neck, you should apply evenly and gently onto these areas, waiting until it is dry to the touch before going to bed.

            The Touch of Sunshine part of the cream is an added extra, over time it will provide you with a light sun kissed glow. This will happen over time and is by no means a fake tan look, it just gives you a fresher glow. It really does work as well, I am very pale normally but this moisturiser does give you a sun kissed glow.

            Olay Total Effects 7 is there to fight 7 signs of ageing:
            1-Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
            2-Intensively hydrates dry skin
            3-Transforms skin dullness to a radiant, healthy glow
            4- Evens skin tone for more nalanced colour
            5- Noticeably smoothes skin texture
            6- Diminishes the appearance of blotches and age spots
            7- Reduces the appearance of pores

            I cannot really comment on whether the anti ageing part of the moisturiser works because hopefully it will be a long time before I get wrinkles. I really do like the product though, it makes my skin feel nice and fresh, and it does have that healthy, sun-kissed glow. I will continue to use it and maybe I'll look young for years and years!


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              31.08.2009 03:01
              Very helpful



              Good cream overall, but could be so much better!

              I can't even remember where I bought this from- apologies for that! But I do recall it was on offer and for around £5 which seemed like a great deal to me as these can go for as much as £20 a pot.

              So, what is it? Essentially, it's a moisturiser. But it also has SPF in it, SPF of 15 (Sun Protection Factor) which is fairly good bog standard protection for your face all year round. If you go outside the UK to warmer climates however you may want something higher- just bear that in mind. There is nothing also to state there are any UVA or UVB protectors in this cream which is a shame. UVA and B protect from sun cancer rays and ageing rays. SPF protects from burning. It all gets quite complex but at the end of the day, your better off with a product that includes all three not just one for optimum protection. Maybe this cream is good for here and there but perhaps not every day.
              You get 50mls of product which may not sound a lot, but actually is as the product itself does go far- this does worry me: sun cream has to be applied in the correct dosage or it will not give its correct protection. If you only apply half of what your supposed to, you will only get an SPF of 7.5 which is barely anything really. Again, this product works well, but perhaps not every day.

              Application is fairly easy. You do need a lot of rubbing in (or smoothing in!!) and time for the cream to settle before you can go outside as it does not sink straight in. But once it has settled your good to go. There is a slight film over your skin, but I would advise you to take a look in a mirror as the glow it gives you really does make up for the film!

              I would not advocate wearing any foundation with this cream on, the sun-shine look you get looks so natural, so fresh and so even that foundation would just ruin it. The film is not too shiny- though it can mess with make-up (eyeliner to be exact) so try to opt for waterproof varieties, especially if you know your going out somewhere - I went running after applying the cream on my face. I nipped into the ladies to get some tissue for my nose and found my eyeliner had moved to cover the entire lid of my eye! That said, the cream did not irritate my eyes like some SPF creams do.

              The glow lasts all day- or at least until you wash. The idea is that you wear the face cream every day and the colour builds on your face. It's a nice idea and would be one I would try but for three reasons: firstly that it does not help prevent ageing from the suns rays, secondly, it does not help prevent against the cancer rays. But one other important reason is that I don't want to end up looking like I have forgotten to apply fake tan to the rest of my body! The colour on my face is excellent, I would worry about the deepening colour, two days in a row is really enough for my pale face, and the fact I don't apply any fake tan to the rest of my body may end up with me looking quite odd! The colour builds quite quickly, even though you wash it off daily in the shower, it still builds so beware!!

              There are two varieties of this cream, one for light sun-kissed glow, which is the one I am reviewing, the other for darker tones.

              Would I buy this again? Well I would try to look for one which had UVA and B protection, plus I would try to find a way to get a matt result so I could wear eyeliner without fear! But for £5 I think this is an excellent deal. I don't know if I would pay £20 for it, but the sun-kissed effect is very nice and what I would be paying the £5 for. The sun protection would be a bonus. For £20 I would expect full sun protection at the least. As I am stingy, I would also expect a product which didn't leave a film on top of that. I don't think that product exists, but this is on the way to being a great product.


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              27.06.2009 13:01
              Very helpful



              An anti ageing moisturiser that leaves skin feeling nourished and looking great

              I am a huge fan of Olay Total Effects Touch of Sunshine. I first tried it when I received a free sample and have been using it ever since. I have always been concerned about the effects of the sun on my face and the consequent skin damage, so have kept my face protected to avoid premature aging. However, I like to be as 'natural' as possible as regards make up, and have not worn foundation for many years, so a touch of colour is the perfect answer to even out uneven skin tones.
              I use a moisturiser with tanner on my legs and am not a fan of the orange tangoed look, preferring to keep everything looking as natural as possible. Touch of Sunshine does, for me, exactly what it promises - literally a light, sun kissed, healthy glow that leaves my skin feeling really well moisturised and protected. It has an SPF of 15 too, so my skin is protected from the effects of the sun - important even in winter and when it is cloudy. It is well priced at about £12 for 50ml, although I always buy it when Boots have the three for two offers on skincare! I like the 'light sunkissed glow' version, which I use daily in the summer months and two or three times a week in the winter.
              At 50, I am pleased that my skin is in good condition and I intend to do everything possible to keep it that way. As I have got older, I have subscribed to the notion that less is more as far as makeup goes; Touch of Sunshine helps me keep my make up minimal by giving me an even, healthy look all year through.


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              30.05.2009 22:42
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              I wouldn't really recommend this product to others at such a high price.

              I tried this product as a sample but only for the self tan as I am only sixteen so cannot say if it did indeed fight the signs of aging or not but as I say I was only using it for the face self tan.

              I am not usually a fan of fake tan as usually they are either orange or streaky and as I am very pale skinned usually the colour is much to dark for me but I thought I would try this as it was free.

              I applied the cream every morning and I must say the smell was fantastic which is uncommon with fake tans, almost all of the products I have tested before smelt vile. After only a couple days of applying the moisturiser I could notice a difference in the colour of my skin, it was becoming gradually darker but after a week I had to stop applying the moisturiser as my skin was becoming ridiculously dark in comparison to the rest of my skin so although it did tan my skin it was no good for every day use as the moisturiser contained a little too much of a 'touch of sunshine'

              I also has a problem with my hair line, as I couldn't rub the moisturiser into my scalp or I would have had extremely greasy hair so their was a deffinate line of untanned skin where my hairline started.
              Overall I would have to admit my face did appear tanned and my skin soft, this product is not fit for every day use and it was clear to others I had used a fake tan on my face.

              This product has too many flaws to make it worth £13.


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                14.02.2009 17:25
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                My new best friend!

                I have pale skin and every year I encounter the age old problem of wanting to look like I have caught a bit of colour and miraculously managed to retain some of it during the winter months.
                After several fake tan disasters I have been on a mission to find the perfect tinted moisturiser to provide me with a 'natural glow' all year round. Olays Total Effects 'touch of sunshine' may just be the answer to my prayers!

                I have absolutely no idea the RRP or regular size of this product as I am currently testing out a sample. And I am enjoying the experience so far.

                It is a day moisturiser that can be applied normally as part of your regular skin care routine. It is light and absorbs into the skin well without any greasiness or tackiness(all technical terms).

                What occurs to me right away is the lack of 'fake tan smell' that often accompanies most products of this description and is thoroughly annoying because the stink that usually comes with tanning products is what totally gives the game away.

                But this little gem has no fake fragrance.

                The effects are not immediate but build up gradually after a few days usage and are pleasingly subtle and not in any way 'fake' looking.
                This moisturiser also contains SPF 15 which is an added, crucial benefit.

                Oil of Olay have, to my way of thinking, always had a good reputation for producing quality beauty products and this product is no exception.

                Easy to use, easy to apply and easy to get addicted to!


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                  04.01.2009 16:04
                  Very helpful



                  Sunshine in the winter, and less wrinkles - give it a try.

                  I am massively paranoid about ageing and do everything I can to preserve my looks. As a result, I started on the anti-wrinkle products at around the age of 21. I must be doing something right as I will be 30 tomorrow and still frequently get ID'ed.

                  Anyhoo, this means I'm always on the look out for some good moisturiser to ensure I'm still digging out the driving license as I work through my forth decade. Though I tend to stick to products that I know work, I do like to mix it up now again for fear my skin will 'get used to it' , the product will stop working and I will wake up one morning to find I've gone haggard and my ID'ed days gone forever.

                  I am also one of those people that will make the most of any freebies they can get and apply for all the free samples the internet can provide.

                  My latest corker of a free sample was a little bottle of Olay Total Effects Touch of Sunshine which promises to fight the 7 signs of ageing. In my mind, an excellent freebie - and the second anti-ageing miracle cream I have found in this way. The other, I might review soon.

                  As you can tell, I liked it and have since treated myself to a whole bottle of the stuff. I guess free samples work for both of us!

                  WHAT IS IT?

                  Total Effects Touch of Sunshine is a moisturising cream intended for daily use which promises to fight the 7 signs of ageing as well as build a light tan. This is described on the bottle as a 'light sun-kissed glow' (dark sun-kissed glow is also available in the range). The product also contains SPF 15 protection from the sun.

                  This cream is intended to be used in the morning, and there is also a complimenting night cream in the range- I do not use both as don't wish my 'tan' to be anything more than very subtle! I use a non-tanning night cream that I discovered via free sample instead!

                  So what are the 7 signs of ageing? Despite the adverts (which I think do tell you very quickly), I could never quite work out what exactly the 7 signs were. I tried to count them but always failed, and so include them here (direct from the Olay website) so that you know what we are dealing with:

                  1. Line minimization: Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
                  2. Nourishing Moisturisation: Intensively hydrates the skin
                  3. Tone Enhancement: Balances colour and visibly evens skin tone
                  4. Gentle Exfoliation: Smoothes and evens skin texture
                  5. Pore Refinement: Minimises the appearance of pores
                  6. Brightening: For radiant, healthy glow.
                  7. Spot minimisation: Reduces appearance of age spots

                  Basically, 'ageing' manifests itself by making you wrinkly, dry, blotchy, rough and dull with open pores and age spots. Oh what fun the future holds. Hopefully this product will indeed help me to fight that nightmare.


                  As I mentioned above Olay, like any good dealer, gave me my first hit for free. It successfully hooked me and I went out to try to score some more. It is pretty expensive, and the RRP for a 50ml bottle is £16.99 so I held out and used my other samples until locating it on offer. I picked it up in Sainsbury's last weekend for £11.00

                  Most anti-wrinkle cream is on the pricey side, and I'm not quite sure any of it is worth the amounts they charge, so as I general rule I only ever buy it on offer. This product, however, is one of the better ones...for me at any rate, and is worth paying (at least the on-offer rates) for.


                  The bottle (like most things in this over-packaged world) comes in a box which is itself wrapped in cellophane. Personally, I would prefer the bar code be printed straight on the bottle, but that is how I feel about most things if I am honest.

                  The box is black and glossy, with bright yellow colours to represent the sunshine. The Olay name and the product name are clear and the box, on the shelf, looks appealing.

                  Inside is a bottle which is mainly a very pale yellow colour, with a black top which is pressed down to dispense the moisturiser. There is a clear lid which is placed over this section when the bottle is not in use. The brand name Olay is written in black with the product name in gold, and again some bright yellow colours on the label represent the fact that there is sunshine within.

                  The pressing down method of dispensing the moisturiser works very well for me and I find it to be a relatively successful way of ensuring most of the product is reached and therefore used. It does not entirely empty the bottle, but by the stage where there is nothing else coming out, I will dismantle the bottle and locate the elusive bit of cream providing me with an extra day or two of use. The dispenser does, however, deliver a good amount of cream (a generous finger-tip amount) and I will need only 2 or 3 squishes to provide suitable coverage to my face and neck (TIP to people new to moisturisers - always make sure you moisturise your neck as well as your face - last thing you want as you age is a premature turkey neck!!). I've never had the problem of it dispensing too much and not being able to put it back in the tube.


                  The scent of this product really took me by surprise....it's nice! I've only ever owned one 'tan building' product before that works in the same way as this one (i.e. white cream, goes on clear, builds up a tan). Of that other product (which I won't name right now) I had both the body cream and the facial moisturiser. They both reeked.

                  This product, however, smells lovely. There is none of the icky chemical whiff that accompanied the other (and left lingering about my person all day after use), and instead it smells...'fresh' I think is the best word. It reminds me a little bit of sun-cream, in a nice way that just smells like holidays. I haven't noticed it leave a smell on my skin either, which I think on the whole is a good thing for a moisturiser.


                  The cream is silky and feels smooth. It is a good level of thickness being neither too runny nor so thick it is difficult to apply well. I would, ideally, like it to be a tiny, tiny tad thicker - but that is just me being picky.

                  It rubs in very well and does not feel greasy to apply or sit on top of your skin, struggling to be absorbed.

                  The press dispenser, mentioned above, aids the application process and means that you do not get covered in the stuff.

                  It is wise to have a good hand wash after application to ensure that you do not end up with tanned fingertips - never a good look!

                  IMMEDIATE RESULTS

                  As soon as I applied this product to my face, I knew I liked it. I made my face feel soft, smooth and moisturised. It did not feel too greasy and felt like it was going to be a good base for my make-up. It was indeed a good base, and my make up went smoothly on top of it.

                  LONGER TERM EFFECTS

                  I don't know about the 7 signs, but my big paranoia areas (unsurprisingly) are around my eyes and mouth. I've definitely not noticed anything get worse and I think they do actually look better.

                  Sadly, I don't think anything will stop me from having open pores on my face - I do think though that this is a fact of my skin as I don't remember a time not having a problem with open pores.

                  My skin is not too dry which, given the time of year, I think is a good indication that this product is working for me.

                  The colour and tone of my skin does seem to have a bit more of a glow about it than usual and I love the way this actually looks pretty natural. The other product I tried made me look a little bit plastic and I also had problems with darker patches where I had applied more cream or not rubbed it in so well. I've not noticed that with this and I am, overall, pretty happy with the results.

                  I'd say this is my overall 2nd favourite anti-ageing day moisturiser (I might review my first favourite soon), but it is my 1st favourite for the winter due to the sunshine it brings to my face.

                  Thanks for reading

                  © BondgirlK8 - January 2009


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                    03.01.2008 01:17
                    Very helpful



                    Not so good if your pale like moi!

                    I came across this a while ago whilst browsing in Boots lol I laugh cos if you come to Coventry and you would like to find me I'm the one in there 24/7 with loads of bags!

                    This product appealed to me cos I'm such a general fan of Olay products and this promises to tackle the 7 signs of aging whilst promising a light colour application suitable for every day use.

                    I'm not a fan of fake tan. Though I'm so pale I do have an infatuation with it but have never found anything any good! So I succumbed to trying this thinking well for the price of it (£16.99) it must be good!

                    The Packaging....

                    Black box, slightly shiny with a gold cardboard lid. Very simple telling us it stops the 7 signs of aging. On the back it makes claims for softer skin. The bottle I own is a plastic recycle pump action pot type thing with a push on black see through lid. Its a nice design though I'm not keen on attached pump action as I can never get the last bits out and this is welded tight on!

                    The Promise...

                    Olay's 1st ever anti-ageing & sun-kissed glow in just 1 step.
                    Introducing new Olay Total Effects Touch of Sunshine, Day cream - Light sun-kissed SPF15.
                    A daily moisturiser that fights 7 signs of ageing, while also giving your skin an even, naturally healthy looking sun-kissed glow that builds over time.

                    There are 2 options of colours in this range. Light and deep and of course with my colouring I opted for the lighter option.

                    The 7 Affects....

                    Total Effects 7x Visible Anti-Aging Moisturizing Complex is specially formulated with VitaNiacin, the Olay exclusive complex of Vitamin E, Vitamin B3 and Pro Vitamin B5. It helps your skin defy the effects of aging.

                    1. Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
                    2. Smooths skin texture - visibly and to the touch.
                    3. Evens skin tone for younger-looking, more balanced color.
                    4. Improves surface dullness, giving skin a radiant, healthy glow.
                    5. Minimizes the appearance of pores.
                    6. Visibly reduces the appearance of blotches and age spots.
                    7. Soothes dry skin, hydrating with Olay moisture.

                    So there's what it says it will do...

                    Does It Work Though...

                    Well firstly I will address the colour as this is why I bought it in the first place. It is far too orangey I looked like I had jaundice!
                    It says to use it every day but there's no way that I could. Once a week perhaps and fortunetly it does rub off easily and without a streaking effect which is a bonus. On the total downside even with one application I had a tide mark and looked like my head and been stuck on to my neck and I couldn't find a finishing point, I just looked 'fake'. Also I found that my cleanser and toner or face wipes did bring off a fair amount of colour when I used them. Again though to be fair it never once 'streaked'. I think the light must be far to dark for some of us and there is nothing lighter for us to use. However I really don't see how any one could use it all the time lol

                    Also it stained my bitten fingernails terribly!

                    Using this product for me was a no go area. My face did look well moisturised no doubt about that at all and it didn't feel heavy or sticky and didn't smell like a fake tan but an expensive moisturiser but I couldn't tell you the long term effect of using this product in honesty because there was no way I could use it long term!

                    In Conclusion....

                    Even though this product was all wrong for me it certainly didn't harm my skin any and I do believe it would help with the 7 signs of aging because it has all the ingredients of other Olay products that I have found to be fantastic. If your 'normal coloured I guess this would work and work well but if your really really pale with no colour at all and a bit goth like, like me then I really would say do not buy on impulse as it is expensive. Do try a tester and the Olay site always seem to have samples to give away and I've had loads of them and made my purchases accordingly! They come very quick as well!

                    £16.99 Boots, do look out for offers and remember to use reward card and it can be found in most good chemists!

                    This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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                      26.11.2007 17:35
                      Very helpful



                      Good if you can find it on offer

                      I ordered and received a free sample of this product from the Olay website. What I hadn't realised before I ordered it was that it had a built-in tanning agent - this was my fault for not reading the product information properly. Being unusually pale, I was slightly freaked out at the idea of suddenly looking as if I'd been tangoed, so I used the product for the first couple of days with trepidation. Fortunately, any change in colour is very subtle and I have ended up with a healthy look rather than anything else.

                      I received a free sample of 7ml of the product, which came in a tiny tube. The 50ml version comes in a bottle with pump - not my favourite kind of container, because it is always difficult to get the last bit out. I would much have preferred a large version of the sample tube.

                      The claim
                      This is supposed to be a 'day anti-ageing moisturiser with a touch of sunless tanner'. The sample that I received is the 'deep sun-kissed glow' version; there is also a light version. The website claims that the product, which contains vitamins E, B3 and B5 as well as an SPF of 15, reduces fine lines and wrinkles while giving the skin a natural glow.

                      The cream is quite thick and white in colour, which quite surprised me - I was expecting it to be tan coloured for some reason, but then I haven't used a self tanner before. Applying it after using a facial scrub (I didn't want to end up with any discolouration on the non-scrubbed bits of my skin), I found it sank into my skin really easily. There was a sheen to my skin to begin with, which concerned me a little - I thought that after a day's activity, I would end up with a very shiny face. Obviously, I didn't want to have to put make-up over the top of the cream - that would have defeated the purpose. I was wrong though. The cream seemed to continue to sink into my skin and I was left with soft, moisturised skin.

                      There is a very subtle clean smell to the cream, which fades quickly on application. I was pleased about this, because from what I understand, some tanning products can stink!

                      The instructions advise washing hands immediately after use, which I always make sure I do to avoid any staining.

                      The results
                      To be honest, my main reason for trying this cream was to see if it worked well as a day moisturiser. This it did. I was really pleased with the condition of my skin after using it and having used it continuously for six days now (and there's still some left in the sample tube!), my skin does look well-conditioned and smooth. The wrinkle part is always hard to judge - I do have wrinkles around my eyes and I think that the skin around them seems plumper, but then I could be imagining it.

                      I was hoping that I wouldn't be left with a bright orange face or streak marks and I needn't have worried. The change in colour was extremely subtle and not at all streaky. My family thought that I looked much healthier than usual - I have been ill so I haven't been out much recently - and looking in the mirror, there is certainly a glow to my skin that I didn't have before. The change came about mostly in the first two days of use - since then, there seems to have been little change, and the colour has just been maintained.

                      I did smooth the product over my neck and half expected to see some discolouration in the lines on my neck, but luckily, this hasn't happened. Where I did see a small amount of discolouration after the first day or so of use was under my eyes, so I would recommend being very sparing with the amount used in this area.

                      The price
                      Boots is currently selling 50ml of this product for £11.49, which is an offer - the usual price is £16.99.

                      So, after trying out the sample, would I pay full whack? Possibly, if the offer price is still available once I've used up the sample (I still have a few days' use left). I do like the fact it has taken the edge off the unhealthy colour to my skin without discolouring or streaking. I also like the fact that it has an SPF of 15, which is handy for the summer. However, I think I would only buy it for occasional use rather than to replace my trusty Clinique daily moisturiser - as a moisturiser alone, it is reasonable, but not brilliant and at full price, I don't think it is worth it.

                      If you are looking for something that gives a less subtle colour, then this isn't for you. The colour change is really very slight and only noticeable on very close inspection.

                      For anyone interested in trying this product, I can heartily recommend trying the sample first. I got mine from the Olay website. The 7ml I have received goes a long way - I have used it for a week now on a daily basis, smoothing it into my neck as well as my face, and I still have a fair amount left.


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