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Olay Touch of Sun

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Brand: Olay / Type: Sun Care

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    3 Reviews
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      12.06.2010 17:54
      Very helpful
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      A quick fix for added summer radiance

      Ok so with all this glorious weather we are expecting in the UK soon (not) its about time we all sorted out our pasty pale skin and got ourselves a glow job, with a little help from Olay Complete Touch of Sun.

      Its a moisturising cream with a difference as it gives you a hint of holiday tan without the dangers of too much exposure to the sun.

      If you use Complete Touch of Sun on a regular basis it can give your skin the most wonderful colour boost. It contains a special complex which adds a bit of extra radiance and a light touch of golden colour to the skin. I have found that this can greatly improve your skin's appearance, with very little effort and promote a much more radiant look.

      I must say that even with just one light application I noticed a difference in radiance. But it will take a few days for the full sun kissed look to kick in, which really does give your skin a lovely summery glow! Once that arrives just use every other day to keep the look you want.

      I bought some of this, that I found all unloved and reduced to just £2.99p. I thought it wouldn't be up to all that much, but its done a good job for the money. It comes in an easy to use squeezy tube and the product will last you several weeks if used sparingly once a day.

      The secret to Olay Complete Touch of Sun is that it contains light fake tanning ingredients and over time the effect of these will ensure you have a touch of colour without risking skin damage. Its also easy to apply, just squeeze a small amount onto your hands and gently massage the cream onto your face (avoiding the eye area).

      Do also pay attention to the neck area when you apply this, otherwise it will look a bit odd if your lovely tan just stops all of a sudden.

      The cream soon gets absorbed into the skin and leaves it nice and soft. A top tip is that you must wash your hands very thoroughly after use. Remember that Touch of Sun has skin staining properties. Otherwise you hands will end up looking rather tanned too! Which is not a great look.

      The mosituriser is an excellent base for a very light make up, but in summer when you have a hint of colour it is nice to leave your make up off and go au naturel, as the Olay will do all the hard work for you.

      The product is usually priced at around £5.49, but it has been super ceeded by an upgraded version called Olay Complete Everyday Sunshine priced at £7.49. You can still buy the older version in shops and online, think I will try the newer version next and see what its like.

      Rating this as a 4 star product as its a good quick fix for added summer radiance.


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        19.04.2010 00:54
        Very helpful




        I first recieved Olay touch of sun body moisturiser in my christmas stocking a few years ago, it was a gradual tanning moisturiser. It looked beautiful when I applied it to my face and body and left me sunkissed, instead of an orange oompa loompa. However, body lotions aren't supposed to be applied to your face as they contain much harsher chemicals, and being the skincare freak I am it started ringing alarm bells. To my delight I spotted Olay touch of sun daily facial moisturiser in Home Bargains for £2.99. I thought it was great there was a face version and at a brilliant price, and surely it would give me the same effect as the body lotion. Boy, was I wrong!

        There's 50ml worth of product inside and comes in two versions 'deep sunkissed glow' and 'light sun kissed though' I opted for the lighter version as I am quite pale and did not want a deep tan, it just wouldn't look right on me. It contains UVA & UVB protection and SPF15. It's always great to find and SPF moisturiser which also contains UV rays as without them the SPF is pointless, so that was an added bonus. It came out like a white watery consistensy and had a strong perfumed/fake tan smell. I have to say, the smell wasn't pleasant, but it was the similar to the body lotion which I liked.

        I apply moisturiser everyday, twice a day since I was 9 now, so it would of been a safer bet than using an instant false tan which has left embarrassing orange patches on me in the past. I massaged touch of sun into my face and neck for 3 days to get results as you could barely see it after the first application. It takes an hour to show up. Then, one morning I woke up with an orange face and looked a patchy mess, even though I applied extra evenly with a cotton pad, I was horrified. My sister told me I looked ridiculous and orange. I had applied the body lotion everyday and was left with an even sunkissed look but with the facial moisturiser disasterous streaking orange. It would not come off I had to rub my face with a sponge and a harsh clarifying shampoo to finally get it to come off somewhat as it would not budge with any of my soaps or facial washes. Not good for your skin at all!

        It also left my face blotchy and irritated my sensitive skin, it did not break me out as I never get spots. But it left me red faced and my face was feeling pretty sore (this was before rubbing my face with shampoo, lol), so this is definitely one to avoid for people with sensitive skin. It also contains the ingredient 'Benzyl Alcohol' which is a drying alcohol in skincare products, it is an ingredient to avoid at all costs.

        This product is good price, but it is certainly not good quality. It seems you get what you pay for and it left my skin in havock. Thank god I have found 'Clarins Liquid Bronze' as that is a great product that gives me an even tan and doesn't irritate my skin. Olay touch of sun body lotion was suprisingly good on my face and did not irritate it. But the facial one is a complete no, no. I do not think I will be buying this product again.

        If you want to try it for yourself then I got mine for £2.99 in Home Bargains but I imagine you'd find it in Superdrug, Boots and other stores.


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          04.07.2009 18:50
          Very helpful



          A good moisturiser, that will give your face a golden glow!

          I always use a moisturiser on my face every day, and have done for years now. I started out using Nivea - the one in the blue tub that's been around for years and years! Mainly because is was the one my mum used to use , but since then have tried quite a few different ones.

          I first bought Olay Complete Touch of Sun daily moisturiser, which is a moisturiser containing a touch of sunless tanner, quite a while back, and was drawn to the product by the promise of it not only moisturising my face, but also that it would give my skin a sun kissed glow. Just the thing I wanted for the depressing winter months!

          About the product.....

          It comes in a tube with a flip-top and is also boxed. The size is 50ml. There were 2 shades available - Deep sun kissed glow, and Light sun kissed glow. I opted for the 'Deep' shade as I thought it would suit my hair colour and skin-type best.

          The moisturiser also contains Vitamin E and gives you UVA and UVB protection - SPF 15, a broad spectrum protection. On the packaging the product promises to give your skin what it needs most to look healthy while enhancing your skin's natural tone and colour everyday.
          You are meant to use it every day, and your 'sun kissed glow' will appear gradually. You are advised to use it more than once a day if you want to deepen your sun kissed glow.

          Using the product.....

          I find the moisturiser is light and non greasy on my skin, and only a small amount is needed to leave my skin feeling soft.
          I use it once every day, and for the first couple of days I used this, I can't say I noticed any difference to my skin tone, although I did like the moisturiser itself.
          However, after a couple of days I could see my sun kissed glow begin to appear! It is just a hint of colour, so don't worry you won't end up with an orange face using this once a day!

          What I found strange though is when you use this moisturiser and forget to wash your hands afterwards, like I did once, you will notice your fingers appear to stain quite quickly, however, it did not darken the skin on my face, the way it did on my fingers!

          You can smell the tanning cream in the moisturiser, although it is not overpowering, and it has a cocoa butter smell.
          I have continued using it once a day only and am quite pleased with the results, as not only is it a good moisturiser, it also does appear to give the sun kissed glow it promises.

          It also does not irritate my skin at all, something I have found has happened with some other moisturisers I have used. I love Dove products, but when I tried out their facial moisturiser with sunless tanner, my face became sore and red.

          Buying the product....

          Olay Touch of Sun is widely available from Boots, Superdrug etc to Supermarkets. I paid £7 in Morrisons for a 50ml tube, and noticed recently in Asda it was on offer at £5.
          However, when I was in Home Bargains last week I was amazed to find it in there at only £1.99! Hence to say, I bought a few, and so were quite a few other people!
          Home Bargains also had a gift set containing both the moisturiser and also the body lotion for £3.99. A bargain!

          Overall I think it is a great moisturiser, and I can't see me changing to a different one just yet. Especially when I have bought so many!


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        • Product Details

          Moisturiser with tint for a sun-kissed glow /

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