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Palmolive Madagascar Sunset Hand Wash

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Brand: Palmolive / Type: Tanning / Subcategory: Hand Wash / Suitable for: Hand

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    3 Reviews
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      26.01.2010 20:29
      Very helpful



      A nice smelling hand wash that is good looking but not anti bacterial

      Madagascar Sunset hand wash by Palmolive

      In our house we use a lot of hand wash, as we have two bathrooms, an ensuite bathroom and a downstairs loo and I also keep a hand wash with antibacterial on the kitchen sink but I do enjoy trying new products when I see them as I love different smells ( nice ones I mean).

      There are just so many to choose from and they are usually not too expensive although you can go mad and get posh ones like Molton Brown but my shopping trips usually include Tesco, Superdrug and even the various pound stores have some. Tesco do some of their own for less than 50p some are okay and others less exciting but at that price you can't complain.

      On my last visit to Tesco they had a special with 3 for £3 I believe or something similar. They were offering this price on a range of Palmolive products (Palmolive have come a long way from that basic green soap we used to use when I was as a child).This fragrance was one on offer and I was attracted to the name initially' Madagascar Sunset' and also the lovely golden colour of the soap itself showing through the clear bottle.

      This "Madagascar Sunset" picture is on front of the rounded clear plastic bottle of hand wash by Palmolive. The label shows a lovely tropical sunset in hues of oranges and reds with silhouetted palm trees and a large frangipani flower on the right hand side, all most evacative of tropical evenings.
      This is, apparently, a limited edition fragrance. The hand wash contains frangipani flower extract. I do love frangipani as they remind me of my childhood growing up in the tropics as the smell in the evening is so strong and sweet. They are a pretty flower but the bush itself is less lovely, in fact they look a bit scruffy. They are apparently related to gardenia which also smell strong and sweet.

      The soap dispenses easily from the pump dispenser and was not too tricky to turn to the open position. The soap has a clean fresh floral scent with a hint of citrus too. It is a bit exotic but not so overpowering that it would flavour food after you washed your hands. It is also not so feminine that the male members of my household have made any comments either.

      The colour is clear and clean looking a bit like clear amber and would go with most modern bathrooms except a very pink one I suppose.

      It leaves a subtle fragrance on your hands afterwards and had not dried out my hands and I wash them a lot. I have found it a good quality hand wash with a pleasant tropical aroma and a cheerful sunset picture on it to cheer up these dull winter days.

      I would buy it again at this price but probably would not pay the RRP of nearer £1.70 as I feel that is rather a lot to pay for a nice smelling but non bacterial hand wash. It is not one for my kitchen as I always have a non-bacterial one by the kitchen sink.

      I have given it 4 stars as it is non bacterial and usually quite expensive.

      Thank you for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.

      © Catsholiday


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        30.11.2009 21:54
        Very helpful



        5 stars

        Price: £1 for 300ml (on offer)
        From: Morrisons
        For: A Limited edition African experience with Frangipani extract

        The packaging is very appealing, a clear plastic bottle through which you can see the orange soap inside. The bottle is quite squat and has a pump dispenser on top. The dispenser is easy to use and gives you just the right amount with each pump.

        It's a fairly runny transparent orange soap which smells absolutely divine. The scent is obviously frangipani flowers, but it's a kind of exotic subtley floral scent with almost fruity undertones. Really beautiful.

        It feels nice to use and it lathers up really quickly to give lots of foam to wash your hands with. It's quite silky and smooth to touch and it feels as though it's caring for the skin as well as cleaning it. It rinses off easily and doesn't leave a residue behind on the skin.

        This leaves my skin feeling really clean and fresh, but also soft and smooth, with no signs of dryness at all. It's very gentle and even using it several times a day doesn't dry my skin out. The scent lasts well on the skin too which is a bonus as it really is a gorgeous scent. The bottle lasts a long time as only a little is used for each hand wash.

        All in all I think this is an excellent hand wash which I hope sticks around.
        Thumbs up from me.


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          04.11.2009 17:06
          Very helpful



          I am off to stock up whilst the price is 99p and before it is discontinued.

          Once a week I have a look around my local Superdrug to see if any new products catch my eye. I enjoy shopping in this store because I have my bank card registered with the cash-back site "Greasy Palm" www.greasypalm.co.uk and this gives me 3% back on all purchases in store.

          In our house we use a lot of hand wash, as I have two bathrooms and a downstairs loo, so I like to try new products frequently.

          It amazes me these days just how many you can choose from, and there is a lot of choice in terms of price too. Tesco do some of their own for less than 50p, which I have tried and loved, so for me I tend not to go mad when purchasing hand washes tending to see £1 as my limit. The Poundshop has many hand washes to choose between from reputable makes, so I rarely pay more than this unless something really impresses me.

          So here we are in dreary November and I spy a Madagascar Sunset peeking from the shelves of Superdrug, glowing amber and rich orange.

          This "Madagascar Sunset" actually decorated the front of a hand wash by Palmolive. At 99p for 300ml this was good value,I thought, and the bottle alone looked aesthetically very pleasing indeed. I remember thinking it would look lovely on any sink at all. The RRP is £1.69 which is probably more than I would pay for a hand wash.

          The hand wash is a limited edition fragrance, and the front label is stunning. Rich amber shades of a sunset over the water,the island with palms in the distance,and a frangipani flower in the foreground.

          These tropical flowers are a variety of gardenia and are beautiful and have a stunning fragrance. I have seen varieties growing in The Maldives, so I was expecting this to be a lovely scented hand wash with a luxury feel to it.

          Use And My Opinion

          I was not to be disappointed. The soap dispenses easily from the pump dispenser and is an amber liquid with a lovely floral scent, quite exotic in nature, but not overpowering-just enough to make me think that this is a product most women would really enjoy using.

          I love the colour,it reminds me of Pears Handwash with that deep maple syrup shade to it.

          It leaves a lovely fragrance on the skin afterwards which lasts for ages, and altogether I think this product is excellent. It leaves hands moisturised and soft and I feel like it is nourishing too. I haven't needed to use hand cream at all this week since using it, so it is certainly one to choose if you have dry or chapped hands.

          There is also a Madagascar Sunset shower gel which is on my purchase list as I think this will be a product worth trying.

          I think this hand wash is excellent value for money at 99p. I probably wouldn't buy it at the full price even though it is lovely, as I prefer to buy more inexpensive alternatives as we use so much.

          It has certainly brightened up my bathroom and perks up dark mornings with a scene of something rather exotic.


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