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Riemann P20 Once a Day SPF20

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  • Lasts all day! What more could you need
  • Can be difficult know apply
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    1 Review
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      24.06.2014 17:38
      Very helpful


      • "Lasts all day! What more could you need"


      • "Can be difficult know apply"

      An all day long sun protector what more could you want! Definitely recommend.

      This product makes being super lazy on the beach even easier! It is more expensive by far than many other suntan lotions available but as it needs only one application a day it is well worth it. Of course beware though as you only need one application if you get it wrong it''s a long time to have a missed patch to burn in the sun! I only managed to find the SPF 20 available in the spray format and this is much easier to apply than SPF 10 and SPF 15 which seem to only be available in pour out bottles. Because this is product is an oil it can be hard to know where you have covered. I have very sensitive skin and I did find that this product caused some irritation around my eyes but this was only very mild compared to what most standard suntan lotions cause.


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  • Product Details

    Riemann P20 Once-A-Day Sun Protection SPF 20 Medium is non-greasy, non-oily and fragrance free to provide the ultimate coverage, both in and out of the water, for up to 10 hours a day / Once-a-day application: P20 is designed to ensure one application a day is sufficient, keeping the time spent reapplying sun protection to a minimum / Once-a-day application means a little goes a long way, making P20 more economical than other sun preparations that need to be re-applied regularly during the day / Superior water resistance: Riemann P20 Once-A-Day Sun Protection SPF 20 Medium is proven to remain effective even after frequent swimming / In fact, P20 has been categorised as 'Very Water Resistant', the highest classification available from Colipa Guidelines for Evaluating Sun Product Water Resistance / UVA and UVB Protection: Offering UVA and UVB protection through highly photostable filters, P20 retains its effectiveness even on extended exposure to the sun / Easy to use: The unique, easy-to-use formulation has a thin consistency, ensuring an even and economic coverage that absorbs rapidly / Stay safe in the sun: Riemann P20 Once-A-Day Sun Filter SPF 20 Medium with a SPF of 20, absorbs 95% of the sun's UVB (burning) rays, and offers 10 hours of protection with a single application to allow you a slow, gradual tan / An independent laboratory test using human volunteers proved that P20 provides 10 hours of sun protection / Learn more about the water resistance testing standards on www / colipa / eu SPF indicates how much longer a person can be in the sun without being burnt if he/she wears sun protection, as compared to unprotected skin / Directions for use: As Riemann P20 Once-A-Day Sun Protection SPF 20 Medium is non-oily, non-greasy and fragrance free (once dry), there is no grease or 'shine' as with normal sun preparations so both can be used under make-up and moisturising cream / It is ideal for men and women with fine or thinning hair as it protects the scalp / Just apply 15 minutes before going out into the sun or swimming, to allow a protective film to form on the skin / Apply generously in an even layer, paying particular attention to the vulnerable parts of the body such as nose, ears, scalp, shoulders, chest and feet / For first time users, or for those with fair and sensitive skin, Riemann recommend repeating the application 10 minutes after the first application to ensure that the product is applied adequately and evenly to the skin / This will provide the best possible protection / Full directions must be read carefully before use /

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