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Savlon Aftersun Foam Spray

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Brand: Savlon / Sun / Type: After Sun / Subcategory: Spray

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    3 Reviews
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      05.04.2011 19:46
      Very helpful
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      Good aftersun prodcuct from Savlon

      I have seen this product for sale in shops like Boots and Superdrug for around £7 for a 150ml can. I had thought about buying it a couple of years ago to take with me on holiday to Jamaica. I decided it was a bit too expensive and bought a Tesco Finest After Sun Spray for £4. Last year after the summer I found this product for sale in Poundland for £1. I was shocked to see this product so cheap when other shops were selling it for £7. I only bought one can and regret that decision now, I will be keeping a close look out in Poundland to see if they have any more.

      The Product:
      Savlon Aftersun Foam Spray is a suncare product which offers a unique multi-action solution for sun exposed skin. Its unique formulation cools, soothes and moisturises sun exposed skin, helping to restore skin condition back to normal as quickly as possible.

      Savlon Aftersun Foam Spray's innovative spray format allows you to apply the product without touching the skin and unlike most other sprays, because of its unique formulation, you don't even have to rub it in.
      It works to immediately cool and soothe sun exposed skin

      The water-based foam breaks down and evaporates slowly, drawing heat out of the skin and providing an immediate and long lasting cooling effect. Its moisturising formulation also soothes the skin as it replenishes and restores moisture quickly and effortlessly.

      My Results:
      The product comes in a can and the can holds 150mls of the product. The can has the name of the product on the front and instructions for use on the back. The can features the familiar Savlon logo.

      The can has a nosel spray at the top of the can to disperse the product. This is indeed a no touch application, you just spray the product directly on to your skin.

      When I spray the product on to my arms the product comes out in white foam. It hisses and fizzies when it reaches my skin. The foam is white in colour and it is thick and dense. It stays put on my arm and unless I rub it into my skin I will be walking about with an arm covered in white foam. So much for the no-touch application! Unlike what the instructions say you do have to eventually rub this product into your skin, or rub it off your skin. It evaporates into your skin slightly but not fully.

      As soon as the foam touches skin that has been exposed to the sun it makes your skin feel very cool, it works very effectively to take excess heat out of your skin. It really does work, and if you have over exposed your skin to the sun then this is the product for you.

      The product does not smell like other products from the Savlon family. I was more than happy about this as I don't mind the smell of a small amount of Savlon applied to a cut but the smell of usual Savlon products is too intense to spray all over your body. This product just smells very clean, it not overly scented and the scent has, on the whole, been well thought out.

      The product is suitable for all skin types and it can be used all over your body. My husband did have slightly sunburn skin. I sprayed this product on his skin and he left it to sit on his skin for a while, about 30 minutes. He then rubbed the remaining product into his skin.

      I can honestly say this is a good after sun product. It smells okay, it is easy to use, a little goes a long way and it relieves red, sore skin and rehydrates your sun damaged skin. The cooling effect you get from this product is lovely. It really helps to take the redness out of sunburnt skin.

      I still have a little of the spray left and I am currently on the look out for another can.

      Well done Savlon! I am only giving this product 4 stars in case I can't find buy it again in Poundland and I have to spend £7 on a new can.


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        20.09.2010 13:47
        Very helpful



        A useful product

        I've always taught my children to be careful in the sun I've made sure that they use good sun screens products, using very high SPFs, especially at the start of their holiday. This, of course, gets more difficult when they are teenagers and think they know best, and also they tend to not always be close by so that you can insist it's time to re-apply. My son, now twenty, is very fair skinned and auburn haired. He isn't one, fortunately, to sun worship and has, since blistering after one solitary episode a few years back, tended to use sunscreen frequently and also to often cover up by putting on a Tee shirt.

        A few years ago though, his younger sister burned across her back. Her brother was quite cross and said she should have covered up. We had the usual aftersuns in our hotel room but decided to go to the shops and look for something more effective. We didn't have far to go and found a foam aftersun called, Burn Aid in local mini market. This was made in Cyprus (where we were) and on application it really did soothe.

        Towards the end of the holiday, my son, although fair, had developed a slight tan and thought he had been much more sensible than his slightly darker skinned sister. He went with a few friends, out on a pedalo. They were gone for ages and, when he eventually came back to our hotel, he didn't look, or feel too great. He had gone on the pedalo wearing a large white T shirt and his, at the time, obligatory baseball cap. Why then was he so burnt? He explained that a girl in their party had been burning as she hadn't taken anything to cover up so he let her wear his top. So galant, so burnt! So out came the foam and although he blistered, this was inevitable, I think as he had been exposed for so long. The foam did a great job of calming things down.

        I've tried to buy this foam in England but without success and so, when shopping for suncare preparations before this years holiday, I was pleased to find an aftersun foam spray by Savlon, who I've thought to be a trusted brand. I actually bought this from a pound store but I'm not sure which one, as I visit many. I know this is also sold in Superdrug and Boots, but for more than one pound! If I hadn't seen it first in a pound shop, I would have still bought it for a more expensive price. I have seen that prices for this can be as much as £7.00 for 150 ml, but I think that is too much to pay.

        Anyway, I packed this in a suitcase, along with the lotion aftersuns, thinking it would deal with any bad sunburn as well as the 'Burn Aid' had done. And off we went.

        Whilst on holiday, I was waiting for someone on who I could try out this aftersun foam spray. Fortunately, everyone was sensible. I think, as Cyprus in August is so extremely hot, one tends to be particularly cautious, as you can feel the sun burning your skin quickly and so, tend to keep applying sun screen and after a little sun exposure, putting on a Tshirt. But, if you venture onto the beach during the afternoon, or go off on a pedalo for ages, then you will probably burn.

        As no one seemed to need this spray, I tried it first, on my arms and ankles, where my skin was a little red and felt tightish. I sprayed the aerosol can and was surprised that it came out in such a thick foam. The can stated that this was a no touch foam spray. This is a quote from the website, www.savlon.co.uk:

        Unique no-touch foam spray
        Savlon Aftersun Foam Spray's innovative spray format allows you to apply the product without touching the skin and unlike most other sprays, because of its unique formulation, you don't even have to rub it in.

        Well, I found that after waiting a few minutes, that the foam didn't appear to absorb into my skin at all. I gently smeared it across my skin and that was all that was needed but, it certainly wasn't a 'no touch' operation. Once absorbed into the skin it didn't leave a sticky residue and did not mark clothes.

        The manufacturer's also say:

        'Savlon Aftersun Foam Spray is a revolutionary product which offers a unique multi-action solution for sun exposed skin. Its unique formulation cools, soothes and moisturises sun exposed skin, helping to restore skin condition back to normal as quickly as possible.'


        'Savlon Aftersun Foam Spray contains a special moisturising ingredient called dexpanthenol, which has been scientifically proven to help accelerate cell renewal, and quickly restores skin condition back to normal. By restoring moisture levels Savlon Aftersun Foam Spray can also help to prevent peeling.'

        Well, we didn't peel much but I think that's more to do with the Ambre Solaire aftersun, which was the main one we used. But I do think that the Savlon aftersun is more effective for severe sunburn. I do consider this a good product but just not as good as the one bought previously in Cyprus. I suppose I felt this would help as much as that had. I would recommend this product but would warn anyone that it does need rubbing into, or smearing on the skin, whatever the manufacturer's claims.

        The main thing I was interested in with this foam though, was it's soothing properties and I have to say that I found it DID soothe, although, I wasn't badly burned or anything, so I couldn't give it a rigorous test. I would say it soothed on red areas more than a normal aftersun would and did leave the skin feeling better and cooler.

        Next to put Savlon's foam through it's paces was my son's girlfriend. Again, I wouldn't say she had been careless, but we'd visited the lovely Coral Bay and her arms were a little red and sore. Later, she said that the foam had had to be rubbed in a little but she had found it soothing.

        My daughter had slight sunburn, not bad and normally I would have told her to use our lotion aftersun but, I was on a mission now to see if this foam worked. Again, she said it seemed to help and that one application was enough to cool her skin down.

        So, in conclusion I would say that for one pound, and maybe even for four or five pounds, this aftersun treatment would be a worthwhile buy. Although the container is metal, it's light enough to pack. A spray of this did go a long way but maybe it wouldn't have if I'd sprayed it onto myself and waited for it to clear. I think I would have been waiting a very long time though, in fact I don't think this would have happened.

        I found Savlon Aftersun Foam Spray, to be a decent, useful product but, not as good as the Burn Aid that I bought on a prior Cypriot holiday.

        This product is fragrance free and dermatalogically tested.

        **This product contains PEANUT OIL. This is stated on the back of the can in small print. I think the warning that if you are allergic to peanut oil should be on the front of the can in large letters.


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          04.12.2009 18:31
          Very helpful



          Funny foam (literally).

          Seeing as I was going on holiday to a particularly toasty part of the world, I decided that some aftersun would definitely be a worthwhile investment.
          I usually go for the bog-standard lotion kind, but I came across Savlon's own version of aftersun, as a 'foam spray'. Considering the other items in Savlon's range, I decided that it should be a fairly sound choice with regards to aftersun.
          I managed to get this for the princely sum of £1 per 150ml can (I bought 3 as I wasn't sure how quickly we'd get through it on a 2 week holiday). This was in Poundland (my guilty shame), but it appears you can pick this up in the usual haunts (Superdrug etc.) for around £6.80(!) per can. A somewhat hefty price tag.

          * * * * *

          The packaging is metallic but not particularly heavy (if taking luggage allowance into consideration). The plastic lid stays firmly put, so there were no issues of leakages in transit.

          Savlon claim that their product is "revolutionary", and that its "unique formulation cools, soothes and moisturises sun exposed skin".
          The idea of the product being a foam spray allows you to; "apply the product without touching the skin and unlike most other sprays, because of its unique formulation, you don't even have to rub it in". In theory this is a great idea, especially if you managed to acquire yourself a particularly bad case of sunburn.

          Although water-based and dermatologically tested; it is important to note that due to containing Arachis Oil (peanut oil), the packaging states that this product is not suitable for anyone with peanut or soya allergies.

          * * * * *

          I bought this product predominantly for its moisturising & skin care properties - I try and avoid sunburn at all costs. However, I did unfortunately manage to mildly burn on a couple of days, and therefore was hoping that this product would live up to its cooling properties too.

          Trying to apply this left myself and the O/H in fits of laughter.
          The spray does indeed turn into a white foam on contact with the skin; so after liberal application I was left resembling something along the lines of a walking cream-puff.
          I wasn't letting this bother me, as the can claims that it is quickly absorbed without the need to rub in, so I wait...
          And wait...

          After 10 minutes, some of the foam had started to dissipate, but I was still reminiscent of Mr. Staypuft's patchy cousin. My patience gone; I start to rub in the product only to find that it is still not being absorbed as quickly as I'd like, and was now smearing white streaks across myself.
          Eventually this method with a little more persistence and patience paid off.


          * My skin was left noticeably soft (despite trying to bake myself into a bit of old leather).
          * A can lasted a lot longer than I was expecting (1.25 cans lasted two of us a 2 week holiday).
          * The foam was very soothing on burnt patches of skin [* see cons]


          * The product stung my face (sensitive skin), whether it had much sun or none at all.
          * Application was hard to control; the product nozzle wasn't directive enough. A large amount would find it's way on to the floor.
          * Even applying the thinnest coating possible, I still had to rub the product in to make it disappear completely.
          * The nature of the packaging makes it hard to establish how much is left.
          * The foam meant the nozzle kept getting blocked, so had to be rinsed constantly.

          * * * * *
          Overall, if I was just considering this product for its aftersun properties, I'd probably be able to rate it higher (even with the face-stinging issue).
          My biggest problem with this product is that the foam appears to be a gimmick rather than anything that actually improves the product; especially when one of its main claims was not needing to physically rub the product in. Part of this is probably made worse because the amount you spray is so hard to control, and just made a bit of a mess of everything in it's path.
          I would certainly not recommend this for children, as you would have a job keeping them still for 20 minutes, waiting for the product to be absorbed!
          Finally, although I got it for a bargain price, there is absolutely no way I would pay the RRP for this. I simply don't feel it is worth the money.


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