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Simple Summer Look Body Lotion

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Brand: Simple / Type: Sun Lotion / Subcategory: Body Lotion / Suitable for: Body

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    5 Reviews
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      10.03.2010 16:33



      Great self tanning moisturiser

      I love simple as i have really sensitive skin. So i find it really hard to find fake tan and lotions that dont give me some sort of reaction. Thats why I absolutly love Simple Summer look body lotion, not only does it leave my skin feeling soft and really smooth it gradually ives you a nice looking tan. i dont think it looks fake and it doesnt go streaky like some self tanning lotions.
      I think to get a good look you need to use it daily and i think it does take a good week to get a tanned look. But i personally think that its better that it takes time as i think it looks more natural. The only think i dont like is the smell. I think it can make you smell like stale biscuits after applying the lotion but i think most self tanning products do have a funny smell.


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      10.02.2010 15:57
      Very helpful



      see review

      As I'm quite pale I do like to dabble with self tanning products now and again. I came across Garnier Ambre Solaire self tanning mist (see separate review) a while back costing £7 and started using it once a week all over. As the can doesn't last too long I couldn't justify spending that amount so often as I'm a stay at home mum now and simply don't have the funds for such frivolities.

      Staring at my pale skin in the mirror sorrowfully last week something had to be done! I was wary of buying 'cheap' products as streaking and orange skin was not the look I was after. Then all of a sudden in my local supermarket what should they have on offer but this - Summer Look Body Lotion by Simple - and costing a mere £1!!!

      I bought some immediately at that price and decided to test it out later that day..

      Price, packaging and what the hack is it exactly?~
      Formalities out of the way first with the descriptions:

      This is a very subtle, self tanning cream which is basically just a moisturiser with a hint of self tan. It's designed to be used several times before gradually building up a natural looking tan.

      The packaging is in the form of an upright standing, plastic 250ml bottle which is a summery pale lemon in colour.
      There is a fairly to easy open, flip top lid which once closed clicks so you know it's air tight and sealed. The reason I've mentioned that is because if not closed properly after use the cream can start to dry up and clog the opening.

      As it's made by Simple the design of the bottle is reflected in the name too.
      No fancy wavy curves or bright colours, just simple clean lines of an upright bottle that just slightly nips in at the bottom making the top end a fraction wider. The lemon colour of the bottle is quite noticeable though in an underestimated way and would stand out on the shelves.

      The price as mentioned was a cheap and cheerful £1 but it can be found from £2 upwards in several retailers.

      So does it work then?~
      I decided to try this after having a long soak in the bath. I gave my skin a good exfoliation and patted it dry without adding any other moisturiser.
      The first thing I noticed was the smell. Now Simple are known for not using perfumes and colours in their products but this still had that self tanning scent that seems to linger on the skin for hours after applying. It's not a bad smell but its an obvious one!

      The cream itself is very thick in consistency and white in colour. On opening the lid it was difficult to squeeze any out at first but once it got flowing it was a little easier.

      The cream seemed to take a long time to rub into my skin and I decided to just test it out on my legs firstly, depending on the outcome I didn't want to look like I'd been tangoed..

      When I was confident I'd covered all my legs I washed my hands thoroughly and resumed my duties of being a mother, wife, washer upper and general dogsbody for the evening.

      The next day I carefully examined my legs and could see a hint of colour - yay! I repeated the process every night for a week and I'm pleased to say I'm looking at my legs whilst writing this. I'm not kinky or naked may I add; I can see my ankle and calf on my right leg due to the position I'm sitting in (or slouching in) and there is a definite 'summer glow' theme going on!

      All in all this turned out to be a very good purchase, and one that I probably wouldn't have made it wasn't for the cheapness of it!
      Don't be under any illusion this will instantly give you a golden tan because it won't. But if you are after a gentle self tanning cream then this will do the trick.
      I would recommend trying this and I for one shall be buying this again.


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        17.11.2009 13:42
        Very helpful



        Yes to tan, no to moisturising ability.

        I have tried many body lotions with built in fake tan and not all of them have worked for me.

        I often end up with patchy looking skin and palms with an ominous looking orange tint!

        I tried Simple Summer Look as it was on offer in my local shop, I think I paid around £1.99 for it which I thought was an OK price for an experiment!

        The look-

        The packaging is nice, very bright and summery with a shimmery effect. Its clearly labelled and is quite eye catching.
        The cream itself is white- not too thick and not too slimy.

        The smell-

        Not too much to report here, which I suppose is a good thing. All too often, fake tan products have a strange lingering smell to them. Simple seems to have avoided that problem!

        So does it work?

        As per instructions, I applied daily as I would my normal moisturiser. Now I have to admit, as a moisturiser in itself the product isn't that great. My skin was not left as moisturised and as smooth as I am used to. However the fact that Simple Summer Look does give you a gradual tan was the point for me using this product so I was pleased.

        I do not use this product daily now, but when I do feel a little pale I return to it for a few days and am happy with the gradual, natural tan I achieve.


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        05.03.2009 22:43
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Very good for a natural looking even tan

        First of all I have to mention the price, I got this for about £1/2 or something in Savers. It's quite a nice bottle shape and colour, it clearly explains what it is and is attractive.

        Also, this is 100% perfume and colour free, it actually smells like a nice smelling foundation or something similar. To use on my legs I shaved them first and waited for them to completely dry, I had previously used Dove's fake tan lotion with streaky orange results so I really rubbed this one in well and waited for it to dry, and of course washed my hands.

        It does take a little while for it to dry, but not painfully long, and you have to reapply every day and you get results after about 2/3 days, and it really is convincingly real.

        I'm not saying it's magic, if you just squirt a bit on and half heartedly rub it in of course it will streak, but if you're careful then it will come out good, but remember to wash your hands after.

        I think this is a really good product to have, I'm really fair skinned and the tan was very convincing, which is saying something as it would show up worse on me. It also left the skin feeling soft and moisterized aftewards, don't be discouraged that you don't notice a difference the next day, the tan is worth waiting for!


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          27.12.2008 22:31
          Very helpful



          I'm glad I didn't go like a tangerine but I wasn't a bronzed goddess neither!

          Ok it's December but I'm washed out looking and I go out on the razzle alot! I love dresses, low cut, backless tops, short skirts and anything fun and sassy! It tis the time of year for all these party clothes anyway! However the other week I was out with my parents and this guy (a friend of theirs) started calling me Mortisha and stuff, only joking of course but it sums up my problem in all honesty. With jet black hair and incredibly pale skin I do look rather washed out and pasty. I contain no colour at all!

          However I have tried an awful lot of fake tans over the years and none have been any good for me. Even light ones are too dark and very fake looking. I've tried everything from Johnson's Holiday Skin to St Tropez and some of the results I have achieved have been completely horrific. Even bronzers and stuff don't suit me and I can't get it right no matter how much effort I make and believe me I do everything I'm meant to, to try and get half decent results!

          So bad is my pale skin that I don't even tan in the sunshine or on a sunbed (at all). I point this out just to try and describe to you how pale I am and how careful I have to be with faking it on my skin.

          I purchased this product after the comments were made by my parents friend. I bought it in the 99p shop for of course 99p lol. I have seen it on sale in different stores and online and it costs about £4.99ish a bottle and I purchased it in Normal To Fair Skin but there is a darker option than this but of course this was my most sensible option.

          The Packaging.....

          250ml light yellow, plastic recyclable long container with matching flip top lid situated at the top over a small hole. On the front I'm told it is Simple, Summer Look, Body Lotion, Gradual Natural Tan. Then there is an orange swirl and under that I'm told it is Normal To Fair Skin, Experts In Sensitive Skin, 100% Perfume & Colour Free, Dermatologically Approved and the size is stated as I've listed already. On the back I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use, ingredients are listed the bar-code is shown, the recycle symbol is on there and contact details for Accantia (the manufacturer of Simple products) are given. It's nice enough packaging. Simple and functional looking rather than pretty or anything.

          About The Product (According To The Bottle)....

          Simple products are 100% perfume and colour free, with no unnecessary additives or artificial colours, and have active ingredients selected to care for the needs of even sensitive skin.

          To give your body a beautiful light and even looking tan all year round, use simple summer look body lotion. We've added a small amount of tanning ingredient into our body lotion so not only will your skin be moisturised, but you will have an all year round natural glow.

          Directions For Use....

          To create a gradual natural light tan, apply daily as normal body lotion. Avoid contact with fabric and wash hands after use.

          My Experience....

          Well I used this for a week. Firstly I like the fact I'm not told to exfoliate and to use body lotion first which saves me alot of time, messing about and freezing to death.

          So to use it I dispense a small amount into my hands which just means you have to gently squeeze the bottle and it comes out easily and in a small amount. Because I am so pale skinned I wear clear plastic gloves as I bite my fingernails etc and I always stain very easily where I shouldn't.

          The lotion itself is gloopy instead of smooth. It's white in colour and quite shimmery but very stodgy with a slight cream smell to it but nothing really at all to bad.

          Applying it however is simply awful. Now the first time I used this I was expecting colour instantly so worried I was. It goes on streaky and you really have to rub and sort of try and smooth it on so you can't see the cream anymore. It takes ages to do this and I find it's easier with the less is more approach when using the product. If I need more I can add more of course and by not using much it evaporates quicker and dries. I find I'm completely dry in about half and hour and skin feels fairly hydrated.

          It doesn't feel greasy, caked on, drying or anything it just disappears and that's that. You can dress or whatever afterwards.


          Day one, no results at all were visible not in colour or condition of my skin though it doesn't hurt it at all and gives me no skin irritation at all either. By day five so small amount of colour is visible I came to the conclusion it really isn't worth using it. Not only does it smell funny and musky once it's dried into the skin (although Simple say there is no smell to it) there really is a bit of a pong about it though it's bearable.

          To get any colour from it you'd have to use it every day for a good couple of weeks in my view and for me that's a no no although in principle for us pale skinned lasses it is a good idea but me I haven't got the time to do it thought I'm sure you'd get ok results! The streakiness that I talked about earlier actually doesn't matter cos the colour is so light but I'm sure you'd have to be very careful indeed using the darker option!

          It isn't bad if you want to use it alot of times and there is a lot of product so you'd get alot of uses from it but it's a commitment to getting colour. After a week my bf noticed no difference in my colour at all! Not for me due to time!


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          Body Lotion / A body lotion designed to moisturise while gradually building a natural tan for all year round /

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