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Soltan Beautiful Bronze Self Tan Back Applicator

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Brand: Soltan / Type: Back applicator / What it does: Bronzes,

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    1 Review
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      01.09.2012 16:14
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      Soltan Self-Tan Back Applicator

      The Product
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      The product is part of the Soltan range which is Boots own brand. You can purchase this item online on in store. The product is a Self-Tan back applicator to help you apply self-tan products to your back and on those hard to reach areas. I sometimes get my boyfriend to apply fake-tan to my back, how-ever if he isn't around I have to try and struggle to do it myself. I thought this product sounded like a great idea as I was going out for a friend's birthday at the weekend and my boyfriend wasn't coming so I would get chance to use the product. The product is a light brown colour and is made from plastic. The plastic feels quite strong and I don't think it would break unless you used a lot of force when using it. The applicator comes folded in the box, how-ever this unfolds to reveal a long applicator which is approximately 14 inches in length. The top half of the applicator already has a pad attached to it ready to use. The pad is slightly pink in colour and feels quite soft. In the box you also get another replacement pad for when you need to change it.

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      You can buy this online and in store for just £3.99 which I think is pretty good value as I have seen other back applicators for £12.99! You can buy packs of replacement pads for this product for £2.33 which includes 3 pads.

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      The back applicator comes in a plastic box which is quite strong. The product is part of the Soltan range which is boots own brand so this is only available to buy from Boots stores. It states on the front of the box that you are guaranteed stain free hands (I would hope so too) and that it helps to achieve a natural even tan. On the back of the packaging it tells you how to use the product and also tells you how to change he pads on the applicator. As all this information is on the back of the box it's best to keep the applicator in the box so you always have this information and to keep the applicator safe.

      Using the Product
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      I extended the product to the full length, the product clicks into place. I then applied a small amount of self-tan product to the pad. I then rubbed the product in circular motions on my back. I ensured I was standing in front of a mirror so I could see what I was doing. The applicator applies the self-tan quite well; as long as you use circular motions otherwise it may look a little streaky and patchy. Even though the applicator was quite long there were still parts on my back which were a little awkward to reach. The actual applicator didn't bend when using it and it was strong enough to apply enough pressure to rub the self-tan on to my back. There were some times where I did struggle and had to try and reach with a normal self-tan mitt to ensure the self-tan was applied properly.

      Overall Opinion
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      In terms of value I think this product does a good enough job, how-ever you do have to make sure you apply the self-tan product using circular motions which I can appreciate isn't very easy. I will be using this product again if I don't have anyone around to help apply the self-tan to my back. The pads are easy to replace simply by removing the pad on the applicator, peel the backing paper away from the new pad and simply stick on again, pressing firmly to ensure its stuck on well. For longer use of the pads you can wash them in lukewarm water whilst on the applicator and leave to dry naturally ready to use again. The only down side to this product is that I think it would be easy if the pad on the applicator was bigger as this would apply the self-tan quicker and would give a better coverage. At times I found myself rubbing the tip of the applicator on my back which is made from plastic. I have heard bad things about this product; how-ever I think you just need to learn how to use it correctly. I always use a self-tan gel as I find this doesn't tend to go streaky or patchy anyway.

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