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Soltan Invisible Dry Touch Transparent Suncare Spray

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3 Reviews
  • No sticky residue
  • 5 star protection
  • Not as quick to absorb as they claim
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    3 Reviews
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      31.05.2014 09:34
      Very helpful


      • "5 star protection"
      • "No sticky residue "


      • "Not as quick to absorb as they claim"

      A good sunscreen for the beach

      I really like the Boot's Soltan range of sunscreens and sun products as even though they might be an own brand Boot's haven't scrimped anywhere when it comes to the quality of the sunscreens it releases under its Soltan umbrella.
      When on holiday I religiously use my P20 and then top up with a range of different sunscreens just to make double sure that I don't burn or damage my skin. Often these other sunscreens come from the Soltan range as during the summer Boot's usually offer them on a buy 2 for the price of 3 offer so it makes them a little bit more economical.
      I especially like the dry touch version of their sunscreen if I know that I am going to be at the beach because it is just so light and non-sticky so it is easy to apply and it absorbs quite quickly and doesn't leave a greasy film on my skin for sand to stick to. It is also resistant to sand and water so it gives protection even if you have a dip in the sea or have lay on the sand it won't just rub off.As well as giving me a high spf against the burning rays of UVB it also gives 5 star protection against the damaging and ageing UVA rays of the sun. You might not know it but a lot of major sunscreens don't actually have this level of protection in them. You use this by applying it generously over your body and Boot's recommend that you use two to three tablespoons worth of the sunscreen for maximum protection. Once you have applied it is supposed to disappear in to skin within 60 seconds. This claim isn't true as it takes a little bit longer than that though once it is absorbed there is no sticky residue.This has to be applied every 1 to 2 hours to continue offering protection. As I always have my P20 on I am sometimes not as fanatical about it as I should be but I do try and follow the instructions and at least with it being so quick to apply it can be applied super quick so that I can get back to enjoying myself safely in the sun.


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      15.07.2013 13:39
      Very helpful



      only buy if you want to look and feel like youve been swimming in a deep fat fryer!!!!

      "the sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray!!!!!"

      FINALLY the sun is shining, my washing is on the line (saving a fortune not using the dryer), the children are playing out looking like smurfs (thanks to their coloured suncream) and I have dug to the bottom of my draws to find my shorts and vest tops....oh how I've missed you summer!!!

      Now, I know its England and we don't have sun for very long, but that is no reason to neglect to use suncream. believe it or not you can still get sun burnt in England....I'm not lying....google it if you don't believe me!!!

      A few months ago I was browsing boots and took a gander at the reduced section, there on the shelf was a bottle of children's suncream with a mark on the bottle, and a very sorry looking bottle of "soltan invisible SPF30". the lid was missing and the label peeling off.... and because of this it was greatly reduced to £3. A bargain, so I snapped it up and got to the till only to find that all suncream was half price and the till didn't distinguish between full price or reduced so my sorry looking bottle was starting to look up.... £1.50 for a bottle of suncream wasn't bad at all!!!

      So what's so special about this suncream?
      I had actually been looking at this suncream on the shelf, so it was a lucky find to see it in the reduced section. This is marketed as "soltan invisible dry-touch transparent suncare spray" it is also water resistant, 5 star ultra highest UVA rating....cant be bad can it!!!

      Invisible/transparent....so you don't have any white marks left on your skin.... who wants to walk around looking like a ghost (or a smurf if you use coloured suncream)
      Dry touch...its instantly absorbed and leaves no greasy residue...I hate (in fact put HATE in capital letters) putting suncream on and feeling greasy for the rest of the day. Even worse is if you go anywhere near sand and the greasy suncream seems to pull sand towards it and then its a nightmare to clean off without getting a full shower...in which case you have to reapply the suncream and start all over.... so non greasy sounds great.
      Water resistant.... much to my children's disgust, even mummy enjoys paddling in their pool...sometimes there just isn't enough room so I have to push them out***....but its all fun, especially knowing I will still be protected from the sun.

      How to apply...
      Surely by now you know how to apply suncream...this is a "normal" suncream product so no different, spray on skin and rub in.... and the usual...Apply 15 minutes before going out in the sun, reapply when in the sun, reapply every 1-2 hours, reapply AFTER swimming...

      In use....
      So the sun was shining, the children were asking to play outside so I smothered them in smurf cream and reached for my bottle of soltan invisible and applied. My shoulders usually burn most so I made sure I put plenty on my shoulder's, my forearms don't tend to burn so just put a light spray on this area.
      It was easy to spray from the bottle, but I find it easier to spray into my hand and apply like this rather than spray straight onto my body, after a few sprays the bottle can get quite greasy and slippery, but the slight indent in the bottle helps you to keep hold of it securely so its not dropped.

      I must say I quite like the smell of the suncream, its light and I think quite floral, I can imagine some not liking it, it may smell too feminine for some men??

      The suncream is more of an oil, so can feel greasy as soon as its put on the skin, after rubbing for a while I figured it would soak in and feel dry in a minute or so.

      Does it work??
      I'm so sorry to have to write this but I really cannot comment on how well it works as in stopping sunburn. After waiting half a hour for this to soak in I still felt incredibly greasy. I ended up having to wipe it off with a dry cloth!!!
      I can truly say this is NOT a dry-touch sun spray, it left me feeling greasy and my skin shiny!!! It was so uncomfortable to wear I actually decided my children's smurf coloured 50+ suncream was a better bet....

      I will say though....it is water resistant, it wouldn't wash off my skin, even using soap failed, so that's why I wiped with a dry cloth to remove as much as possible before applying a different cream.

      Would I recommend??
      No definably not, I HATE waste, I don't like throwing anything away, but once I have finished writing this review it is going straight in the bin!!! 1/5 stars for this product.... and believe me that's been generous!!!

      Price and availability...
      If you did decide to try it for yourself...it is available in boots store for a RRP of £12.49 for a 200ml bottle.

      ***not really PUSH them out....more get a water pistol and chase them out....but this does run the risk of backfiring when they decide a jug of water is just as effective!!!


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        07.05.2013 10:59
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        I hate the greasy feel of this product

        After using 'normal' suncream for several years, I grew sick of the white marks and sticky feeling it left and decided to try something a bit different. That something was the Soltan Invisible Dry-Touch Transparent Suncare Spray from Boots. In preparation for my holiday in Portugal in 2011, I bought two 200ml bottles. The price per bottle was £12.49, but I got it on a buy one get one free offer (suncream in Boots always seems to be on special offer!).

        The suncare spray comes in a transparent bottle in which you can see the clear liquid inside. It is quite runny and has almost the consistency of water. I was pleased to find, however, that it didn't leak, which is good as I was carrying it around in my beach bag continuously. The lid was securely fitted but easily removable, and the spray nozzle made application of the suncare spray easy in terms of even coverage - though spraying was slightly tricky when the nozzle got a bit greasy.

        The spray is certainly transparent as claimed, and leaves no white marks. So far, so good. However, it is disgustingly greasy - it is like applying oil onto your skin. I hated the feel of the product on my skin, much more than normal suncream, and if it hadn't been for my obsession with protecting my skin from the sun, I might have given up using it altogether. The greasy marks got onto my clothes, bag and books, and the sand stuck to my skin terribly. It is claimed that the product does not block pores - in fairness I didn't notice that I had any extra spots from using this product, but it certainly FELT as if my pores were blocked! As for the claim that it "disappears into your skin instantly" - what rubbish!

        I have no complaints about the sun protection properties of this suncare spray. After a week in Portugal, during which time I spent a proportion of every day on the beach in 30°C+ temperatures, I came home as pale as when I left save for a patch of tan on my back where I hadn't been able to reach with the suncare spray. Even this wasn't as bad as it could have been thanks to the spray which allowed me to direct product at an area which I couldn't reach with my hands. All Soltan sun products have been awarded a maximum five-star rating against deep-down skin damage caused by UVA rays, which is also good to know. It is claimed that the spray is water resistant, but I couldn't test this as I didn't go in the water during my holiday. Water resistant is not waterproof, however, so if you use this product while in the water it's important to remember to reapply regularly.

        A 200ml bottle lasted me the week of my holiday and I still had a little left in the bottom. I used the rest of the product this year to get rid of it and was reminded why I hated it so much! As for the other bottle - it went straight in the bin. Faced with a choice between white marks on my clothes from suncream or a greasy layer of oil from this suncare spray, I'll take the white marks every time.

        I definitely won't be buying this product again. Sure, it works well to protect skin from the sun, but so do other products that aren't horribly greasy!


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