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Soltan Moisturising Lotion SPF25

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Brand: Soltan / Type: Sun Lotion / Subcategory: Moisturiser / UV Protection Factor: SPF 25 / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    5 Reviews
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      18.07.2013 20:17
      Very helpful



      Three stars

      I have very fair skin and so need to wear sun cream wherever I go, a few weeks ago these were on a deal in Boots and I decided to buy this. Here were my thoughts.

      The packaging
      This is a fairly tall and thin bottle that has rounded edges. The colour of this is bright yellow with accents of orange and soltan written in the middle in gold. This bottle is fairly standard for suncream and does not burst in a bag and the bottle is not affected by the sun etc. The lid is normal standard cap its orange and the dispenser is is quite large meaning that sometimes a little too much product can come out.

      I feel this definitely suffices for the product and can not fault it.
      The Suncream
      Fist of all this does not last all day and I find my self needing to reapply at least twice if I'm going to be out and about and this is where the next problem comes in. It isn't very easy to blend into the skin and leaves both my hands and also the area where it as applied greasy. After a few minutes it sets but who wants to wait that time?

      On it does set it leaves the sin beautifully moisturised and as long as applied properly and sufficiently it does protect my skin from the sun. Perhaps if I had a factor 50 or my skin wasn't so pale I wouldn't need it as much.

      If it wasn't for the fact it takes this cream such a long time to set I would have no issue with it at all.

      This can be bought from both Boots instore and online and is sold for £7.99 for 400ml. I feel this is quite pricey, this will probably last a whole summer but there is far cheaper lotions that do a much better job.

      A good cream but is too greasy and costs a little more than I would like.

      3 stars


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      14.06.2010 21:52
      Very helpful



      A good sun cream which I have used for years.

      At the first sign of summer, the whole of Britain seems to go wild with excitement. We can't wait to go out in the heat and everyone seems to start sunbathing and walking around eating ice cream at the first sign of sun. While I do also like summer for the obvious reasons of having no school/university and it not being cold on a daily basis, I do often find myself pretty happy once Autumn rolls around. Why? Because for me, summer means not only nice days out and ice cream, but also unpleasant hay fever and pink or red skin. Since I have auburn hair and very light skin, while all my friends are developing a golden beautiful tan, I am either sporting an unbecoming red hue or am as pale as I ever was. I don't mind being pale as I know that it suits my features and that I would look awful with dark skin, but I really hate going pink or burning. If I catch the sun in anyway then I can't leave the house properly for a few days, as the feel of the sun's heat on my skin properly hurts. It is therefore imperative that I wear a high enough SPF sun cream even on only slightly sunny days, and for as long as I can remember I have chosen Soltan.

      Many dermatologists recommend that everyone (or at least all white people anyway, I'm not sure) should wear at least SPF 15 every day to avoid sun damage which can increase the risk of skin cancer or speed up the ageing process. Therefore nowadays many moisturisers and even foundations contain SPF 15, as do mine, so I'm fortunately now less likely to burn if I pop out without sun cream on. If I'm out in the properly hot sun, however, I usually find that I need a sun protection factor of at least 25 if I'm going to avoid the dreaded sunburn. I therefore always have a bottle of Soltan SPF 15 Moisturising Suncare Lotion lying around.

      This sun lotion is a fairly thick white cream that rubs into skin to protect it from sun damage and can handily be used on both body and face. I find it easier to apply slightly less than I think necessary at first and then add a bit more on if needed in order to avoid applying too much, as this means that not all of it will absorb into the skin and a greasy residue remains on the skin. If you use the right amount, however, this cream is not greasy at all and the only signs that you have any on at all is the slight lingering sun creamy scent. It technically lives up to its claim of being moisturising, as my skin does feel more cared for after using it, but since I don't use a body butter or anything like that on a daily basis I can't really compare it to other body products.

      In terms of sun protection, though, I can tell you that it works very well. If I apply this cream properly then I can get through a whole very sunny day with no pinkness or only a very slight hint of it. If I wear SPF 30 then I usually have no pinkness at all, but I find that this level of protection is enough for me. Having said that, it is actually quite annoying and awkward to apply this properly, as the bottle recommends reapplying it every 1-2 hours for it to keep working, and always after swimming or towelling yourself off. If you are sitting in a park or on the beach it may be easy to lose track of time and forget to reapply it after 2 hours, which can mean that sun burn can start to happen.

      I therefore have started buying Soltan Once lotion in SPF 30 as it lasts for around six hours, so even if you're out all day you'll probably only have to reapply it once all day. I still use this regular lotion if I'm only out for a couple of hours or if I just want to make sure that I'm protected on days which aren't sunny enough to warrant using Once, but in general I am moving towards using the longer lasting cream in stead of this one.

      Price wise, Soltan is fairly expensive, but since they are almost constantly in a BOGOF offer the prices are more reasonable. A 400ml bottle (well, plastic container really) costs £15.49 which is comparatively a lot cheaper than 250ml of Once at £17.49, although since it needs to be applied at least twice as often they'd probably last a similar length of time. Pretty much all Soltan products are 2-4-1 for most of summer, though, so at £15.49 for two bottles this will last a family through a few holidays.

      So, in conclusion, I do recommend this sun cream for anyone who is worried about burning or about any other negative aspects of sun exposure, though if you're naturally darker or don't tend to burn then you will be fine with a lower sun protection factor than this one. Since I now tend to use a different lotion from the Soltan range, however, I can't rate this a full five stars, although it is still a great thing to use in short bursts. It says that it should be used within 18 months of opening, though I often find that even the 400ml bottles contain more than I will need for my face and arms for two summers, though it won't last as long if you use it on your whole body and are on a long holiday. This is nevertheless a good sun cream and I would recommend going down to Boots (the only place it is available) to stock up for summer.


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        25.05.2010 22:24
        Very helpful



        Does the job but not in a great way - buy something else

        Some glorious hot summer sunshine on the North Devon coast has seen the suncream collection given a little work out and Soltan SPF 25 is one of the products I'm using at the moment.

        Soltan is from Boots and the Soltan range is its own range of suncare products. It is quite expensive at £9.25 a bottle but is commonly on a buy one get one free offer which makes the price per bottle much more reasonable.

        The suncream comes in an orange plastic bottle with a clip-on lid at the top. The plastic holding the lid to the bottle is a little flimsy but hasn't yet broken although I'm fairly sure that my three year old would make light work of breaking it. The lid clips in place and whilst this design is fine when sitting on a shelf at home, I'm not sure I would pack this bottle into my suitcase for a holiday as slight pressure would easily force the lid off and then the contents out.

        The suncream itself is a fairly thick consistency and white in colour. It has the stereotypical smell of suncream and is sticky to the touch. When applying the cream, it takes a few circular movements of the hand to get it to absorb, but it is not too bad for absorbancy. Once absorbed, the cream feels sticky and the skin doesn't seem to dry forever! Having been on the beach today, I have had the added bonus of having sand stuck into the suncream and all in all i'm not overly enamoured with the way the product left my skin feeling. I felt like a sticky, smelly, sand attracting mass today.

        This said, the function of the product is to protect against the sun's harmful rays. Soltan SPF25 (according to the bottle) contains a triple action advanced system combining a blend of photostable UVA and UVB filters and a patented antioxidant complex to help neutralise free radicals caused by exposure to the sun whilst providing five star protection. It also provides continuous moisturisation to reduce dryness and help prevent peeling. I'm not sure I can vouch for all this but I can confirm that I have not been sunburnt whilst on the beach today or yesterday which was for a number of hours throughout the hottest part of the day and with only one application. I can also vouch that my skin is not dry this evening, or showing any tell tell signs of peeling so my experience so far is that is does what it says it does on the tin which is just as well as sunburn hurts!

        So to conclude - sun protection is excellent, the way it makes you feel is rubbish. Would I buy it again? No, I'm on the hunt for a better cream!


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          29.06.2009 21:03
          Very helpful



          A great sun cream to protect you against skin damage from the sun

          When it comes to summer holidays and sunbathing, skin protection is the key to preventing short-term and long-term skin damage. This is where Boots Soltan Moisturising Suncare Lotion comes in. It works in three ways. It has a unique blend of photo-stable UVA and UVB filters, provides five star ultra protection from UVA and has a patented antioxidant complex, which helps boost the skin's natural defence against the sun.

          The Soltan sun cream comes in a bright yellow bottle. The logo is on an orange circle, which produces a gradient with the background, leading to the plain yellow background. This orange gradient circle gives an image resembling the sun so it's really quite clear what this product is all about. The bottle is purely yellow apart from this and the orange lid, which flips open. The bright colour makes it really easy to spot in your local Boots store. You can get a 400ml large bottle for around £14.50, which is quite expensive (as all sun protection is), but it lasts ages and does a great job.

          The Soltan cream is available in other sun factors, but I will be reviewing the effectiveness of number 25. The sun cream protects against DNA damage, which links to mutations and cancer too. It is also water-resistant (to a certain extent) and easily absorbed, which is true. You should apply this a few minutes before going in the sun to give it a chance to really soak in.

          You should apply the sun cream everywhere including your arms, main body, legs, feet, shoulders and face. If necessary, you should get someone to help apply it all over your back too. The most important parts are your shoulders and face as they burn very easily when exposed to the sun. Definitely apply it a while before if you are going to go into a pool or the sea as some will wash off straight away. I would recommend topping up the cream after coming out the sea, on your shoulders and face.

          The cream does an excellent job if you apply it and re-apply it if necessary. It is white and has a light and pleasant smell. You only need to apply a small amount to certain areas like your arms and face, but I find my chest and legs take more than expected. It absorbs quickly but does leave you feeling sticky if you have to put clothes back on. The main thing is, it provides ultimate protection and works very well in this way. I would highly recommend it as it is reliable and of great quality.

          Thanks for reading,

          Dan ©


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            02.06.2009 20:20
            Very helpful



            A Good Sun Lotion!

            With all this sunny weather and a predicted hot summer (fingers crossed) I thought I'd better look in the cupboard to see what sun cream I had. Bit of disappointment the ones in there had been in there for about 2 years!
            So on a shopping trip into my local town I popped into Boots to 'Restock' the cupboard.

            I went to the sun shop section to see lots of different brands all on Buy On Get One Free!
            I knew I wanted the Soltan brand and so I went and looked to see which SPF factor they had in stock.

            - What Is Soltan? -

            Soltan is a sun lotion made by the high street store & chemist Boots.
            It has triple protection which means the lotion contains UVA & UVB filters to reduce the burning from the sun up to 25 times (depending on what SPF you buy).
            It has 5 star ultra protection from UVA.
            UVA is known to cause skin damage, premature aging and sun induced rashes.
            Lastly the antioxidant complex boots the skin's natural defence against the sun, protecting against skin damage.

            Boots make a huge range of different Soltan products:
            Soltan with insect repellent in, Sensitive skin and Soltan Once (Protects up to 6 hours). Along with children & baby sun protection.
            You can buy them in SPF 4 up to 50+ and in different styles, sprays, roll on, pouches and a bottle with a flip top lid.
            The Soltan brand has a 5 star UVA rating, which is very good.

            - Does It Work? -

            I got the large 400ml yellow bottle out of the cupboard before going out into the lovely hot sunshine!
            I tipped it up and squeezed a large blob onto my hand, a white thickish substance came out. Unlike some lotions it didn't immediately run off my hand and only wobbled around a bit, so far so good!

            I put some lotion onto my arm and started to rub it in, it didn't take long until the white substance had disappeared hopefully protecting me against the sun.
            I felt a little bit sticky and greasy from the lotion but I carried on and applied it to the rest of me. When I had finished my legs I noticed that my arms didn't feel sticky anymore and my legs only took about 1 minute for the stickiness to go.
            The bottle says to apply 2-3 tablespoons of lotion for the whole body, I'm not sure how much I used as I just squeeze a blob onto my hand and when I feel I've got enough sun cream on I will stop.

            The Lotion claims to be moisturising too. After the stickiness had gone my skin did feel smooth, almost like I had put moisturiser on after having a bath or shower. Even now, 2 hours on my skin still feels smooth.

            There is a slight scent to the lotion, it's not very strong and to be honest you can only smell it if you put your arm near your nose.
            The smell is pleasant and smells, well like sun lotion! Whenever I smell sun lotion it reminds me of being at the beach or on holiday and this one is no different.

            Now did it protect me from the sun?
            I'm not sure how to tell if your skin has been properly protected, except not getting sunburnt.
            Well I spent around 4 hours out in the sun only topping up once after 2 hours and I didn't get burnt not even a patch of redness!
            Today I put some on and spent a further 2 hours in the sun without topping up and the only redness I got was on my foot from heat rash, which is because I didn't put any on my feet woops!
            In the past I have used the sun lotion abroad in Spain & New York, both times I didn't suffer sun burn.
            I said before about being a bit greasy, I couldn't feel any grease on my skin but when I was outside you could tell I had something on my skin like most sun protection.

            The bottle says to apply the lotion 15 minutes before you go outside and then to top it up every 1 - 2 hours.
            Always apply more after swimming or towelling dry.
            I would say a little lotion goes a long way because it does. But when it comes to being out in hot sun I tend to slap it on like there's no tomorrow!

            - The Bottle, Price & Where To Get It? -

            The bottle is mixed between yellow and orange, and the SPF is located at the bottom of the bottle along with a bit of info about it.
            On the back is advice / directions on how to use it and some more information about the product.
            It has a life of 18 months and is dermatologically tested.

            You can only buy it in Boots and prices vary depending on what size or type of Soltan you buy.
            My bottle which is a large 400ml cost £14.99 and was on Buy One Get One Free so I got 2 for £14.99 which I think is very good value.

            - Overall -

            I am impressed by this product and will continue to buy it in the future. Even though it leaves me feeling a little bit sticky after application this soon goes.
            When I use it I feel protected against the sun which is the main thing and as I've said I've never been burnt using this lotion.

            5* Product from me.
            June 2009.


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          • Product Details

            This moisturising sun lotion contains a triple action formula which helps to neutralise free radicals caused by exposure to the sun,through the blend of photostable UVA and UVB filters /

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