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St. Tropez Complete Bronzing Lotion Set

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2 Reviews

Brand: St. Tropez / Type: Bronzer / Subcategory: Lotion / What it does: Bronzes,

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    2 Reviews
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      18.04.2010 15:09
      Very helpful



      Great product, Great results.

      The first few times i used the bronzing lotion I was very impressed with the results. Although when I first applied it i was a little scared that it would streak, and look too dark. But when you use the exfoliator and the moisturiser together with the bronzing lotion the results are amazing. My friends all thought I had been using the sunbed! The only problem I found with the bronzer was the shelf life was a bit short. I purchased the set last November and the first few times i used it it looked great, however the last time i used it it didnt work, on the back of the bottle it does say use within 6 months, after only four months it no longer worked. Maybe this is because it had been on the shop shelf for too long. Next time I will have to use it up quicker!


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      11.03.2010 13:22
      Very helpful



      Everyone knows! 'Its amazing'

      Complete bronzing lotion set, this is a fab product! You get a 240ml st.tropez lotion, 240ml st.tropez body polisher and a 240ml st.tropez moisturiser, gloves and buffing mitts all for £45 a saving of £18.50!
      St.tropez is sold pretty much every where to do with skin care.

      If you are new to st.tropez always have a skin test 24 hours prior to treatment just incase of any reaction and to ensure that you do not have any senstivity to the ingrediants.
      None of the active ingrediants have any toxicity. So you can tan while pregnant.
      This product is not tested on animals.
      It will disguise scars, strech marks.
      If you have vitiligo you can use it and it should not go patchy if correctly applied. To do this make sure you moisturise heavily and tan lightly.

      I am a beauty therapist and this is no doubt the best tanning product you can buy. Easy to use as it has a dark application colour so you can see where you have been. Don't worry when you start to use this, as it isn't the final outcome colour!

      I would recommend to do it where you do not need to go out of your home and can wonder around in just a baggy t-shirt, you won't then disturb the tanning affect. Try and do it late afternoon so there is natural light then you can go to bed and wake up with a fantastic tan.
      If your having it done in a salon try and book a afternoon appointment and make sure you take loose jogging bottoms and a baggy t.shirt and loose pants/ thongs (they should provide).

      You shouldn't make a mistake with st.tropez and it should not go streaky.

      To ensure you have the best tan make sure you have prepared the skin well by exfoliating gentle all over not forgetting toes, heels, behind the ears, neck, under arms, knees, elbows, groin area and crease under your bum!

      I would then recommend to moisturise all over the body not just the dry areas before tanning as this balances the skin and has a beautiful smooth surface for the tan. Let it dry a little before you start tan.

      First of all put your gloves on! and "concentrate", take your time so you don't miss any where.
      Have a routine, mine I start with toes and go up the leg and do the same for other.
      Then do groin/ bum/ hips area then tummy under bust around bust and decolite (top of chest). When you come to under arms go around and blend don't ever cover the under arm as deodrants and sprays can react and cause it to go green! Also we never tan naturally under there anyway.
      You then cover your back which you can buy a st.tropez back applicator or get someone to help.
      For the face start at the top, don't worry for fair haired people this won't dye your hair. Get stuck right in going right into hair line. Cover the whole face ie: all over the eyes right under the eye's, all around and under the nose, tops and side of ears and behind the ears! down to the neck and back of it.
      Arms are simple just all over. Hands take your gloves off and get a cotton wool pad apply the lotion on the pad and apply all over the surface of the hand, wrist and sides. Fingers again on the top surface and sides never underneath!

      The next best advice is to get some cotton wool pads and apply moisturiser to them and just go over very lightly the dry areas.
      Using the buffing mitt just go over very gently to remove any excess.

      You then stand like a star fish for 10 minutes! This allows the product to dry nicely. It takes 8 hours for the tan to develop. Do not shower until your tan has developed that is why you should do it before bed then you not waiting around or being inpatient! It should not stain your bed sheets! Good idea to use old ones or wash the next day.
      You can swim after tan devlopes but be aware this will cause the product to fade a lot quicker!
      Tan should last 1-2 weeks depending on you looking after it! Moisturising everyday exfoliating very gently every 3-4 days, this will also ensure your tan to fade evenly.

      Always a good idea to eat something light and turn the heating down as Any perspiration will ruin the tan!! And no sex! Then just relax.

      This should take you around 1-2 hours. Remenber this shouldn't be a chore it's "you time" pamper yourself! :-)


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