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TanTruth Lotion Self Tan with Colour Guide

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Brand: Tan Truth / Type: Self Tanner / Subcategory: Lotion / What it does: Tans,

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      03.06.2009 13:07
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      My skin is whiter than white so when I go on nights out with girls to blend in with the rest of my wotsit crew I like to smother myself in some fake tan. I usually use the gradual moisturising tans such as Dove or Johnsons but my friend, who is a beautician and always a glowing brown, reccomended I use Tantruth. She purchases it from a Hair and Beauty salon as she gets a discount due to her being a beautician as well as a hairdresser. I decided to give it a try seeing as it would cost me just £10 and that covers a few applications - rather than getting a spray tan which costs £10 near me and that is just one spray session.

      She brought the bottle home and it was a tall shimmering brown/dark golden colour with a clear plastic pump at the top. I turned it around to 'open' it and pushed down, as I pushed I could see an extremely dark liquid seeping through the open hole. This is where I got nervous. Once you have finished using the tan you don't have to worry about it getting anywhere as with a simple twist of the pump it locks so it cannot be pushed down. I didn't bother reading the instructions on the back as I had seen many of my friends use tans like this before but I did use a few tips I'd seen on tele.

      Before applying the tan I moisturised my feet, elbows, knees and face as they are my driest areas and where the tan tends to build up and gather making it darker than wanted most of the time.

      I put some gloves on to apply it and made sure I was nowhere near any pillows, towels or light coloured clothes that I didn't want ruined. I also locked my front door as I was about to be naked for around an hour and didn't fancy anyone walking in lol.

      It is always best to wear gloves - you can purchase exfoliating gloves in places such as Boots which are great for applying fake tan and stopping and unruly tan sticking to your hands.

      I began at my feet and worked my way up squirting really small amounts of tan - which looked an awfully dark colour onto my hand and in circular motions rubbing it into my skin. As soon as the lotion touches your skin your skin immediately changes colour to a scarily dark brown. Continuing to do this working my way up my body, apart from the bits that nobody was going to see I stopped this when I reached my face. I find my face is quite dry and when using any gradual tanning lotion my face goes darker than any area of my body. So to tan my face I squirt a little of the tan itself onto my glove protected hand and at the same time a squirt of my moisturising lotion that I regurlarly use. I rubbed it in in circular motions, noticing it went lighter on my face than it did the rest of my body due to my white lotion but my face did change colour but turning a lighter brown instead.

      Now this extreme brown that you turn into is not the colour you want I know but it is not the colour you stay, this colour you can see first off is called your colour guide. With gradual moisturising tans they go on just the same as moisturising creams therefore end up very streaky as you can't see where exactly you have applied your cream and it is so easy to miss spots here and there. With tantruth however this dark colour is your colour guide which allows you to see where you have covered, where you have missed and if you have any streaks which may need an extra coat.

      Now it's best to apply this tan in an evening and leave on during the night to allow it to really sink into your skin. Don't attempt playing with water or washing any dishes etc while you are waiting for it to dry as it will wash off and leave you streaky and you will have to apply more - I know I done this - and by applying more you are going to cause darker patches on your skin. The tan itself actually seems to feel dry within 15 minutes, but best results appear from leaving it on during the night.

      When going to bed though just to be cautious use old sheets or lay some old towels down just in case any tan does come off as you don't want your best bedsheets ruined.

      The next morning it is best to have a shower rather than a bath as your bath water just ends up looking mucky and you don't feel particularly clean. I unfortunately don't have a shower but I have a shower head which attaches to my bath taps so I sit in my bath give myself a quick blast and wash and then have a bath. The colour guide washes off lovely and leaves your skin a golden brown - well it should. I have had a few sessions with this particular tan and had varying results leaving me extremely dark in places and lighter in others. The last time I used it though I used less and found I was left with an even, un streaky, light brown tan which is exactly what I aimed for - and for once it did look natural.

      The last time I used this tan was my overall best, I really focused on taking care of my skin beforehand and took my time to apply it properly. Rather than being liberal with the tan I was quite stingy - but I felt a little was more than enough for my pale skin. I felt the more I used of the tan the less it absorbed into my skin forcing alot of it to just sink in whereever it could find a place on my body and leaving ghastly patches. I was quite surprised when I jumped out of the bath and dried myself off to see an all over, streak free golden light brown. The smell was fairly pleasant unlike others I've used which have left me smelling of burnt biscuits?

      Now this tan lasts roughly 5 days, my friend says you are meant to keep topping up but I don't see the logic in this as the more you put on the darker certain areas of your skin are going to get and you are going to end up looking patchy and really unhealthy I imagine. I just use it for certain occasions and then attempt to wash it off. I say attempt as it really does take me at least a week to wash it off thoroughly even after some vigorous scrubbing leaving my skin red raw. I will have a bath every evening after the kids are in bed and I've ate my tea. But even after say 4/5 days I still have patches, or specks of brown tan here and there which makes me look dirty.

      I wouldn't reccomend this to anybody who was looking for a new self tanning solution - yes it does create a glowing 'fake' tan if applied correctly and with care but as for getting it back off again it is a complete and utter nightmare and for that reason only I won't be using it again.

      To be honest tanning is a gruelling process which does take alot of preperation and perserverance - and for me really it's not all that worth it - I think I will stick to my lily white legs.


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      Obtain a true natural tan colour with our moisturising self-tanning lotion /

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