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Tesco Tan Bronzing Self Tan Lotion

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Self Tanner / Subcategory: Lotion / What it does: Tans, Bronzes,

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    2 Reviews
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      06.09.2011 21:24
      Very helpful



      Tesco Bronzing Self Tan Lotion

      I am not someone who uses fake tan frequently or throughout the year, but when I am looking a little pale or have an event such as a Birthday, Wedding party to attend and I am in need of some colour I use Tesco Bronzing Self Tan Lotion. My colleague recommended this to me as she uses it to keep her tan topped up when she returns from her holidays and the fake tan always looks natural.

      Tesco Bronzing Self Tan Lotion is a bargain at a mere £2.50 for a 200ml bottle, compared to big brands such as St.Tropez or Fake Bake which will set you back £25.00. For those who use fake tan frequently, unfortunately it is not available in a larger size bottle, but as with most self tans it needs to be used within 12 months so for me it is the perfect size bottle. Tesco Bronzing Self Tan is also available in a 200ml spray.

      I can't bear to sunbathe (when the Sun does come out!) as I don't seem to be able to cope with the heat the older I get, so I use Tesco's Self Tan twice a week to give me a nice sun kissed glow, without looking like I have overdone it with the fake tan or look Orange. I also don't wear any make-up during the week for work, so for me if gives me a sun kissed glow with minimum effort.

      Tesco Bronzing Self Tan is a lotion which is Cream in colour. Unfortunately the lotion isn't tinted, so you don't get a good idea of where you have applied the lotion. The lotion is quite thick, but dries within 20 minutes or so. It is recommended that you apply fake tan with rubber gloves; however I find that this can make the tan quite streaky as the lotion tends to collect on the glove rather than soak into your skin. If you apply using your hands you get a better deeper-looking colour and more even coverage. Just remember to wash the palms of your hands regularly, so that they don't turn Orange.

      It's always best to exfoliate before applying fake tan so that your knees and elbows don't look two shades darker than the rest of your body. I do find that less is definitely more when applying Tesco Bronzing Self Tan to your hands and feet, otherwise you will look Orange.

      It takes between 2-3 hours for the tan to develop and if applied properly it won't leave any streaks. I usually leave the lotion on overnight (but it's not necessary) and occasionally I shower 3 hours after applying, so that I can wash off any excess lotion. You will need to ensure that your skin has completely dried before dressing, as it may stain your clothes if you dress and your skin still feels clammy.

      Unfortunately there is no escaping the 'fake tan' smell that comes with self tanning. Despite brands trying to mask the smell, it's a smell that has to be present to some degree. It smells the worst on the day of application, which is why I apply the lotion in the evening and after I have showered in the morning the worst of the smell has gone. Tesco Bronzing Self Tan does not claim to be a moisturiser however it has been enriched with Shea butter and Vitamin E and makes my skin feel really smooth and silky soft. At present I am using the self tan 2 days a week and this is ample to keep my tan topped-up. I find that using it once a week is not enough as the tan starts to fade and can look uneven.

      Your tan will last longer if you regularly moisturise your body. Obviously, if you shower/bath a lot or go swimming the self tan will need to be applied more frequently to keep the tan topped-up. In terms of the colour, though it doesn't make me look Orange it certainly doesn't make my skin look Bronze, unlike Fake Bake, which has more of a Brown rather than Orange colour.

      Unfortunately, Tesco Bronzing Self Tan is not available in a range of colours i.e. light to medium or medium to dark, so for those with very fair skin, it may be too dark.

      Overall I recommend Tesco Bronzing Self Tan Lotion and give it 3 stars. I don't feel that I can rate it higher as the Colour isn't as 'Bronze' as the more expensive brands, it doesn't come in light/medium or medium/dark lotions. Also, as with most self tans the product does smell on the first day of application and the lotion is not tinted, so if you are not used to using self tan, it can be difficult to see where you have applied it. Having said that, it does give a nice looking sun-kissed glow that isn't streaky if applied properly. It is very inexpensive at £2.50 for a 200ml bottle and it leaves my skin feeling soft.

      For further information, please visit: www.tesco.com

      Thanks for reading xx
      © sweetdaisy 2011


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        21.04.2010 19:41
        Very helpful



        Love it!!!

        The weather has been so glorious recently, I bought myself a dress... only when I put it on the only thing I could think about was how white my legs were. No word of a lie they were almost transparent, in my defence I haven't got them out in the sun for about 10 years lol.

        Im not a lover of sun beds due to the bad press they so often receive and besides I needed a quick fix, I decided that a spray tan would be too expensive and i only wanted it on my legs.

        Bearing in mind I have never used Self Tanning Lotion before, so I didn't have a clue what I was looking for or how to apply it etc. I saw this product in Tesco's for only £3.00, there were pricier options available but I knew it was going to be a disaster regardless of the brand or price (as it was my first time) so thought I may as well save myself a tenner and go for the cheap version.

        ** The Product **

        The product is a Bronzing Self Tan Lotion, which according to the bottle bronzes the face and body, gives you a natural looking tan, is non streaky and dermatologically tested. It aims to give you a natural tan which will last for days. The product is enriched with Shea Butter and Vitamin E to moisturise the skin.

        ** The Packaging **

        The lotion comes in a sandy coloured plastic bottle, it dosent look overly basic and has a little bit of a shimmer to it (I guess to represent the bronzing affect). The bottle contains only two stickers on it, one on the front which gives the basic product information and one on the back giving directions, ingredients etc.

        ** Directions For Use **

        It says to exfoliate the skin - I thought that I would be ok just having a wash so I have to say I did not follow this instruction which may of affected my results.
        Shake well and apply evenly in circular movements - This is fairly easy to do and I have to say I was very impressed with my attempts.... Until the colour developed (more on this later).
        Use Sparingly on dry areas such as ankles, knees, elbows etc - Again an instruction I did try to follow but didn't have much success with.
        Re-apply every 2-3 days - I don't think this is needed, I have had mine on for three days and it still looks fine.

        ** My Experience **

        I was so nervous using this product it took me a while to pluck up the courage to use it, it just sat in my bathroom whilst I looked at it... wondering if it was going to turn me into an orange.

        Eventually I started to apply it, I did this after my shower, it does say to wash your hands immediately after use so I did this after applying the cream to each leg. Annoyingly you cant see the darkness of the cream as it is white and develops within a few hours. I thought that there was no point worrying about it and went to bed. My legs started to itch, I do have sensitive skin so maybe that's why I had this problem, I did start to worry as my legs did look inflamed in areas although I went to bed and forgot about it. When I woke up I instantly saw the change in colour, now I know what your thinking... it was awful right?... NO surprisingly it wasn't. The colour was a little dark in contrast to my very very pale legs but it wasn't orange.

        I went downstairs happily until I saw it, I looked like my feet had had an accident with some glass, it looked like dry blood all over my toes. How could I wear my flip flops with that on my feet, plus it was a dead give away that my gorgeous tan was fake.

        Stupidly I tried to use nail varnish remover to get it off... without any joy. I called my friend (the fake tan queen) and she told me to use some body scrub. I didn't think this would work as I had already tried nail varnish remover, however her knowledge of fake tan served me well.

        Once showered all the excess tan came off and the overall tan looked very nice indeed.

        ** Overall Opinion **

        Very happy, this is a great product, we got off to a tricky start but it soon worked out for the best in the end. The colour settles after a day or two and in all fairness you are left with a natural looking tan, just be careful around dry areas and feet etc. Basically follow the instructions lol. I cant compare it to any other similar products as this is the first I have tried, however for £3.00 I think it's the only one I will ever purchase.


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