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The Beauty Parlour Saving Face Day Cream SPF8

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Brand: The Beauty Parlour / Type: Face Cream / Suitable for: Face / UV Protection Factor: SPF 8

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    2 Reviews
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      24.01.2013 18:32
      Very helpful



      A fantastic bargain day cream with SPF.

      I have been enjoying trying products from The Beauty Parlour, a retro themed skin care range available mainly at Superdrug. I had great success with their mattifying moisturiser, so I decided to try another of their face products - the SPF8 day cream, known as Saving Face.


      The day cream is a facial moisturiser with added SPF. It promises to be light, non greasy, and fast absorbing, whilst leaving your skin soft and supple. It contains horse chestnut and cucumber which seemed an interesting combination! It is recommended that you apply the moisturiser every morning but it also says that you can re-apply during the day for extra sun protection. I think this would be absolutely necessary if I was relying on this as my only facial sun protection during the warmer months, but I use special and more intensive face sun lotions then. I feel that as it is recommended that you use sun protection in generous quantities, applying a low SPF moisturiser isn't the most efficient way of protecting your skin. I just couldn't use the recommended ice cream scoop size blob on my face! Therefore, I mainly use SPF moisturisers in the winter, when the lower level of protection is not much of an issue for me. The main reason I wanted to buy this was for it's general moisturising qualities. I was especially interested in trying the moisturiser as it promised to be non greasy, which is a must for my combination skin. I have an oily t zone area that needs no help to shine! This product is recommended for all skin types.


      Like all Beauty Parlour products, the day cream comes in retro themed packaging. It looks attractive with a pastel pink, blue and canary yellow box, and the matching 100ml tube inside. I paid £1.99 for the cream when it was first available, but you would never know from the look of the box that it cost so little.
      It feels quite thick in texture but not to the point of it being difficult to move across the skin surface. It actually feels a good quality product rather than thin and watery. The scent is more delicate than that of other products within the range, but as I prefer subtle scented skin products, this suits me fine. The scent is a creamy floral one with a slightly orange base. It is fresh and light, perfect for a day cream. I can't detect any cucumber, or horse chestnut for that matter.

      It absorbs very quickly and and leaves no greasy feeling behind at all. I like the light feel of it on my skin, and the fact it responds well to the application of make up over the top. It doesn't make foundation slide off and makes a great smooth base for powder if that is all the cosmetics you want to wear.


      This is a product that immediately makes my skin look and feel better. My skin appears more radiant and even coloured and this is true of both the oily and dry areas. My prone to shine forehead looks no oilier and doesn't develop any more shine than usual throughout the day. It is good enough to soothe the dry cheeks that I have too. Most importantly for me, it doesn't block the pores around my nose which are naturally rather open.

      The biggest benefit for me is in the feel of my skin. I am left with skin that is really soft to touch - in fact this is one of those moisturisers which makes you touch your skin throughout the day to see if it still feels as soft as it did earlier! The moisturising effect lasts comfortably thorough to the next morning. In fact when I left off using it for a couple of days due to sheer laziness, I stil felt my skin was feeling nice and soft for a good 48 hours after the last application.


      Yes, I would. I think it is a longlasting and effective moisturiser that smells nice and absorbs quickly. The added SPF is a handy bonus, especially considering the low price I paid. The range has recently been reduced in price in Superdrug, and at the time of writing the day cream can be picked up for an amazing £1! Sadly, the offer has been running for some time now and only the bigger branches seem to have any in stock. You can also buy the product in Savers though. I have also tried the mattifying moisturiser, which is the same price. If I had to choose between the two, I would opt for the mattifying one because although it has no SPF, it has the additional benefit of effectively preventing shine on my t zone area throughout the day. If you suffer from oily skin, I would say that that product would be worth trying in preference to this one, but I would recommend the day cream to everyone else.

      [This review has previously been published under my user name on Ciao and has been revised and updated for Dooyoo.]


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        21.08.2012 13:51
        Very helpful
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        Worth looking out for this brand

        ==Reason for Purchase==

        The Beauty Parlour is a brand I had never come across before. Being quite boring when it comes to beauty products, I tend to stick to a few brands, especially when buying face care products as I do have slightly sensitive skin on my face. On one recent occasion, however, I had run out of moisturiser and didn't have time to get to the shops to shop round. I ended up buying this from my local Home Bargains, at a bargain price of 99p for 100ml.

        ==The Brand==

        Although I wasn't familiar with this brand when I bought this moisturiser, I have since seen it stocked in Superdrug, and was surprised to see it has quite a few items in the range. It focuses on skincare, but also offers additional items such as shower caps and cosmetic bags.

        The style of this brand is very similar to Soap and Glory. It is quite retro and tries to be quirky, with lots of old fashioned pictures of women on their packaging. The colours are all pinks and purples, so there is no doubt this is a brand definitely aimed at women. It does have a bit of a childish/teenage feel to it, with the cartoon style packaging, but I care very little about what's on the outside as long as the products work.

        It's difficult to decide if this brand is trying to be a premium brand like Soap and Glory, or if it is attempting to be a budget brand aimed at the younger market. Looking on the Superdrug website, the moisturiser I bought originally cost £7.99, but has been reduced to £1.99. I picked mine up from Home Bargains for 99p, so I don't know if they're just trying to get established in the market, or if they will be a brand that can be picked up for a decent price. I have had great success with the moisturiser, so I will be keeping an eye out for their other products.

        ==The Product's Claims==

        The product I am reviewing is the "Saving Face Day Cream " which has SPF 8 built in. The moisturiser is advertised as being suitable for all skin types, and it claims to be "a light, non-greasy and fast absorbing cream that protects against harmful rays" (www.superdrug.com). It also contains Horse Chestnut (that's a new one for me!), and cucumber, to leave your face refreshed, soft, and supple.

        ==My Experience==

        Despite being apprehensive about trying this moisturiser, I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of this product. I have quite sensitive skin on my face, so am always careful about what I use, but this hasn't caused any irritation or problems at all. The moisturiser is white in colour, like most, and has a lovely subtle fragrance. I can't quite put my finger on what it smells of (Horse chestnut probably!), but it's really pleasant and not too sweet smelling. The smell doesn't linger after applying it, but it's uplifting when I use it which is first thing in the morning with it being a day cream.

        The packaging makes it easy to apply this moisturiser, being a flip top lid. It comes out evenly so you have full control over how much you want to apply. The consistency is very pleasant, it's not too runny or too firm, but just perfect in my opinion. It absorbs rapidly, but feels like it's giving good moisturisation at the same time. I usually apply this, then follow with my foundation, and it has usually absorbed by the time I open my foundation and start dabbing it on my face. It doesn't feel heavy or claggy, but leaves my face lovely and soft.

        I can't really comment on the effectiveness of the sun protection which is built into this moisturiser, because we haven't had enough sun lately for this to be a concern. My face is only at risk of burning if it's extremely sunny, so I haven't needed to think about this as a concern. However, knowing that I have that extra little bit of protection does put my mind at ease, on those days the sun sneaks out for a few hours when I'm out and about. I'd like to think that burning aside, my skin is being protection from signs of ageing which are associated with the sun, and this moisturiser is helping to keep those wrinkles at bay.

        ==Final Thoughts==

        Although the motivation for buying this product was mainly desperation (!), I have been so pleased with its results I will definitely keep an eye out for this in future. Especially if my local Home Bargains keep stocking it for 99p! The other items in this range are stocked in Superdrug and some supermarkets, and I am already keen to try these to find out if they are any good. The low price coupled with the quirky packaging would also be a good idea for a teenager's gift set, if you had a nice basket to put it together yourself.

        (This review may also be posted on Ciao under the username Gingerkitty)


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