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Ultrasun SPF50+ High Protection Sun Cream Duo

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Brand: Ultrasun / Type: Sun Cream / UV Protection Factor: SPF 50 / What it does: Protects,

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    2 Reviews
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      16.08.2011 08:57
      Very helpful




      This suncream is expensive, I paid around £30.00 for 2 100ml bottles of this, however I assure you, it is worth every single penny spent.

      The first time I tried this cream was on a holiday a couple of years ago in Turkey. Coming from an Italian family I do not have the palest skin in the world, but I do burn - and with skin cancer rates ever increasing I will never take that chance of burning again.

      With an SPF of 50+ many people who would like that golden glow after a holiday would turn their noses up at this. The point is, you can still tan - just without the risk factor. In Turkey I used this every day... you apply it in the morning - leave it so soak in for around half an hour. One the cream has soaked into your skin it is then protecting you for the rest of the day.

      This product does not have an unpleasent smell, it does not leave you oily or dry your skin out and it will not stain your clothes. It is oil free and generally good for people who suffer with skin allergies.

      I rate this suncream very highly and will be ordering more for my hoilday next year.


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        26.05.2010 16:53
        Very helpful



        You will not go back to another sun protection cream

        I have very pale skin and forever burning in the summer months in the UK and worse aboard, and that is with a very high SPF product of 50. I remember one trip to Corfu and they had a heat wave in the 100's and with a very high SPF and consistently re-applying I burnt badly on my back and my arms. I burnt so badly I had sun stroke and my arm swelled up. I went to Corfu's Doctor's who gave me an injection and a prescription for total sun block. I remember him saying to me in a Corfu accent, "You, you and sun don't go".
        So for the rest of that holiday I was covered from head to foot in total sun block, t-shirt on and being very careful while being in the shade. Not really the holiday I had in mind.
        The sun block did work for me for the reminder of my holiday but my skin felt very greasy, heavy and I had to re-apply a lot. My clothes we're also stained because of this and I felt dirty wearing it.

        Even in the UK's summer months if I'm not careful I will burn, stay red for a bit and go back to my pale self again. So tanning is not an issue for me even though I like to lie down in the sun for an hour like everyone else and let me troubles and worries pass me by.

        This year we we're planning a family holiday in July to Spain (which had to be cancelled) because of my daughter and her skin being 10 times thinner than adults I didn't want to take any chances with her and I wanted to purchase a high SPF product, especially as she had fair skin like me. Although I knew about my sun block, which I had some left but I just didn't want to take it with me and I knew applying this to my daughter every hour would be a nightmare, especially as it will rub off with everything else would like to do, whether it would be having a little dip in the pool, clothing rubbing her etc. I had never heard of Ultrasun before until I watched it on QVCUK a while ago.
        I remember the demonstration saying this was a once a day product and then you can forget about it, it's not greasy, no staining of clothing and great for all the family and because it is a SPF of 50 it is very high protection.
        The once a day statement took me and I was very intrigued to try it, although being a little scared to only applying it once a day. After all me and the sun don't go, but if I didn't try I would never know.

        I purchased Ultrasun 50 in 100ml duo from QVCUK for £33.00 and postage and packaging of £3.95. Yes this product is expensive and I know you can purchase sun cream for a lot less but I would rather pay extra for something that actually works than purchasing five bottles of something that doesn't and for my daughter's skin the price is priceless.
        QVCUK say one bottle will last one adult a week, and that is with applying it head to foot every day.

        Ultrasun 50 is free from oil, perfume, emulsifiers, or preservatives and suitable for people who suffer from sun allergies, such as prickly heat. It is a non greasy formula and won't stain clothing.

        I purchased Ultrasun 50 before I knew our holiday would be cancelled but I was okay as I knew even of I opened the product it would last for 2-3 years after due to the clear design of an airless pump.
        Thankfully for me England had recently had a few beautiful days of hot weather, and it was reported to have been hotter than some of our European countries. So this was a great time to try out my Ultrasun.
        When applying this make sure you apply it to clean dry skin, 30-40 minutes before sun exposure. This way it has time to bond with your skin giving you all day sun protection. Apply it liberally to your skin making sure you don't miss any parts, as remember you only need to apply it once and forget about it, and make sure children get a good coating of it as well. After one hour you can tissue off any excess cream that is left on your skin, this product will sink in but if you're like me and apply too much you may need to tissue off a bit of excess product. Afterwards you can go about your normal day, get dressed and apply your usual beauty skincare products if you wish. I normally find using this product on my face I don't need a separate moisturiser as it is moisturising enough but I do like to apply a little eye cream. Once all has sunk in you can apply your makeup if you wish to.

        The cream itself is creamy but very light with no smell, and sinks into the skin easily with a lot of rubbing, unlike other sun protection products.

        In the summer months our back garden is a sun trap and that is where the sun stays until it goes down so it can get really hot. My daughter and I have been outside for a few hours of the naughty time of 11am and 3pm but my daughter had shorts, t-shirt and a hat on, I had the same without a hat. My daughter had the choice of playing in her play house, which is in the shade or other parts of the garden with shade but most of the time she was running around in the sun. For the few days of the lovely weather of us being outside none of us got burnt! Not even slightly and it really was a once a day application on myself and my daughter and the good thing is or bad thing, which ever way you want to look at it was my brother in law came over and burnt his arms and shoulder.
        I was worried

        Throughout the day when in the sun yours kin will sweat and your skin may look a little greasy but this is the product coming to the surface of your skin and protecting you from the harmful sun rays.
        This product will fade during the day around evening time so re-application of the product is needed the next day otherwise you wont be protected.

        I can see this product being perfect for family with children of any age as it is a once a day application, so no need to worry if their protected enough and teenage age or little younger aboard as you can leave them to their devices especially at a water park and feel safe their protected.

        Ultrasun has a different range of products including: Glimmer 20, which gives a lovely sheen to the skin, Pro 20 Sports Gel, which sinks in very quickly as it is a gel, Family 30, Face 30, Ultra Sensitive 50.
        None of their products are tested on animals.

        Also another important factor is skin that is not used to the sun is less able to protect itself, so a good sun protection cream will be needed.
        Please remember with children the three S's,of sun and that is sunhat, shirt and suncream.
        I read in a newspaper this weekend that a mother in Brighton while sunbathing left her 5 month old sun in the sun and he is now in hospital with 4th degree burns!!!


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