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Vichy Capital Soleil Self Tanning Spray

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Brand: Vichy / Type: Self Tanner / Subcategory: Spray / What it does: Tans,

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    1 Review
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      21.06.2006 18:41
      Very helpful



      A super product that I thoroughly recommend.

      Fake tanning lotions have been on the market for years, though with the ever increasing worry about skincare, the damage that the sun can do it and the upwardly increasing dangers of skin cancer, I thought that a fake tan was really the way to go. My skin is pale, although not typical for a dark haired person, and what I wanted was something that wasn't going to look fake, as memory recalls the earlier products that left streaks, and stained clothing.

      My search amidst the host of products available made me ask questions. There were products for different skin types, which confused me as my skin type depends upon the area of the body in question. For example, I have areas of dry skin on my face, whilst the rest of my body does not suffer from this. There were complete ranges giving different coloured effects, and this worried me as well because until you use a product, how can you judge which is best for your skin or more natural for your complexion, other than taking the makers' word for it, and I have made this mistake in the past. The Dove range for example was one that offered different colorations, and I was confused by this, since the assistant in the shop could not distinguish which was best for me, and said that it was personal preference.

      Vichy are well known and well respected in France, and upon the assistant producing this product, what struck me as commendable was the fact that it tans gradually, and how dark a colour you want it to be depends upon how many applications you use. Thus tempted, I parted with my ten pounds and was optimistic about being able to show off my legs instead of hiding their pastiness underneath trousers.


      Here, I was a little disappointed at the scant instructions that came with the product. It says to apply the product in light sprays, rub it in circular motions avoiding use on the face, and being careful to blend in around elbows, ankles and knees. Sounds simple enough, although from the front of the spray container, you see words like “Dries naturally in one hour”, which are not strictly true. Simple explanation in leaflet form might have been more useful, since the writing on the container is extremely small. There was no mention for example about the distance at which you should hold the spray away from the skin, and this was really a question of trial and error.

      One point should be borne in mind, and that is that the product should never be applied to broken skin areas, or to the face, and here it's pretty common sense, and as the face area is always exposed to the sun, I have left nature to provide the colour, which incidentally matches that produced by the tanning spray elsewhere on my body.

      My experience.

      Before applying the spray, I had bathed and used a gentle exfoliator to give the product the best chance that it could have to work. I was afraid of stains, so laid an old towel on the bathroom floor, and applied what I could of the product on my own. I was surprised that the spray is colourless. Suffice to say, it is easy to apply, but when you have areas of your body that you cannot reach, I would recommend that you ask someone to spray those areas which are hard to reach adequately, like your back and perhaps even the backs of your legs. I could not reach these areas efficiently on my own. The spray is described as multi directional, although I don't understand this description since there is no clever device on the spray to make it different from other sprays available.

      I then did as instructed and rubbed in around elbows, knees and ankles, to ensure that the product was blended correctly, and to avoid brighter areas. The product has a strange smell, almost like almonds and certainly not as distasteful as suntan lotions, although happily, the aroma fades within around half an hour. Your body has a stickiness to it, and although the makers say it dries within an hour, it doesn't. It takes well over two hours before the stickiness goes. After applying, I followed the instructions about washing my hands thoroughly.

      At this stage, I didn't go in the sun at all, feeling that an overnight wait was probably the way to go. I waited, and watched, and of course, nothing works miracles, and was at first disappointed because I relied upon the advice given on the front of the container about how quickly the product works. That evening, my skin looked nice and glowed a little like models' skin does. It felt good, and the smell had died down, although to be truthful, the results seemed minimal at best.

      Morning after.

      When I woke in the morning, I was stunned to see that the product had worked well, that my legs were nicely tanned and my body back and front had a nice even quality tan that didn't look fake. I was startled by the colour that remained on my palms (even though I had washed my hands as directed), but more startled about the areas around my feet. Here, my feet were positively orange and all I can think of is that I must have missed the rubbing in of the spray in the area on top of my feet, although my ankles, knees and elbows were perfectly blended.

      A bath actually sorted out the feet area, and there was only one small area on the back of my leg which had been missed, and re-applying the next day cleared this up, leaving me looking bronzed and ready to go out in shorts.


      Two important factors spring to mind. One is that the product does not contain any protection from the sun, and even though you may feel you have a nice tan, you should never forget to protect your skin from direct sunlight with a lotion that affords protection.

      The other is that a canister of this kind under pressure should never be subjected to heat, pierced or burnt, and here I believe that common sense should prevail, but that the makers made sure that they had instructed users on the can itself.


      I think this is one of the best products I have ever used for self-tanning. It is easy to apply, does not stain clothes or sheets, and even those clothes that touched my skin during the “tacky” stage did not get stained. The can gives four coatings of the whole body, which is more than enough, and if you see your tan begin to fade, you can top it up with another coating. The product has good lasting qualities, and after a week of use has not faded, even though I shower daily. The makers have tested the product against allergies, which is important to me since my skin does suffer from allergic reaction frequently, although none was noted with the spray. One tip that I think is important, is to get used to the pressure of the spray before spraying your body. The nozzle in this case is hard to press, but when you do press it, comes out very rapidly. I found that spraying it outside just once to see how the spray worked helped me determine how best to use it.

      It's a nice feel to have tanned skin and the price is right for the product and compares favourably with other products available. Being able to chose the density of the tan is superb too because each individual can decide how many applications suit their own individual look. I actually got brave, and sprayed a second time after the initial colouring because I wanted a deeper tan. The tan is natural looking and very even, and really does not look fake.

      I would thoroughly recommend it, though also cautioning users to be sure to massage the product in well and be careful around the feet area, because here, gravity itself plays a vital part. When spraying whilst standing, what happens is that any product that falls, will cover the feet area. Once I understood this, I found that lying down was the most efficient way to apply the product and here, I lay outside on a towel whilst my husband applied the tanning spray. It was better than the initial spraying and my feet were as even as the rest of my body.

      Ease of use : 9/10 losing a point for the feet.
      Value for money : 10/10 and better than the competition.
      Price : 10 GBP for 125ml.
      Available from Pharmacists or online from Escentual.co.uk and other beauty sites.

      It works. I am stunningly brown.



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    • Product Details

      Multidirectional self tanning spray for the body / Reproduces a natural looking tan after 1 hour guarantees even, radiant colour / Ultra-easy application /

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