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Vita Liberata Rich Silken Chocolate Self Tan

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Brand: Vita Liberata / Type: Self Tanner / What it does: Tans, Enriches,

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    2 Reviews
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      13.07.2012 18:06
      Very helpful




      Flicking through my latest issue of "Look Magazine" I came across Michelle Keegan's top beauty secrets, I know most of the articles of this sort are probably a load of rubbish, however, I still read them every time!! According to the article Keegan uses Vita Liberata Rich Silken Chocolate to get her beautiful sun kissed skin, now personally, I'm sure she is just naturally tanned but after looking on several review sites (of course!) it did look like it might be quite a good one! So I thought that I would give it a go!! After trying to find this tan EVERYWHERE I noticed not so long ago that Boots have brought the line into their wide range of self tans! I bought this tan and also the mousse (which I will also review) People that have followed my reviews for a while will know that I am something of a biscuit smelling, tan-orexic fake tan connoisseur (of course I try to avoid the biscuit smell!!!) - so did I manage to avoid it with this tan?? Let's find out.....

      Vita Liberata Rich Silken Chocolate

      The tan is quite pricey at £22.50 for 200ml but luckily when I went in it was 3 for 2, so of course, even though I really didn't need to, I took full advantage of this offer and bought 3 Vita Liberata products (more reviews to come...!!) I have since looked online and I think you can pick it up from around £10 - £25 so it really is worth having a look around to try and grab a bargain! I certainly will be!!!
      My usual tanning regime is as follows: Bath the night before which consists of; shaving, exfoliating and having a good old scrub, I would also use a light moisturiser in preparation. The next night about half an hour or so before bed I will shove my hair up high and out of the way, ensure all deodorant/make up is washed off prior to tanning. Then I apply a small amount of light moisturiser to my feet, elbows, wrists and knees. I always, always, always use a mitt - orange hands are a BIG give away (although so are white hands - you don't want to look like you're wearing white gloves so don't miss them out completely!) I always start on my upper body as I personally think it takes a little bit longer to dry no matter what tan I use! Once I have done an even layer I just check in the mirror that nothing has been missed out and go over any patches. Then the next day I will wake up looking like a wild jungle lady who has been rolling in dirt all night, one shower to get rid of the guide color and we (hopefully) have sunkissed skin! Sometimes it can be a little disheartening as the tan does fade a little and you see it going down your shower drain but the tan you usually get left with is much more natural... NOW onto VL!!!!!
      So VL say that the tan is:
      - Quick drying
      - Moisturising
      - Evenly fades
      - Odourless
      - Official X Factor tan!
      I will take each point in turn with my review, starting with the speed. As a tan buff I have trialled LOTS of tans, in comparison to some on the market I do think this tan is quick. I tend to find that the gradual moisturisers are the slowest to dry. As previously stated I do find that my upper body takes a little longer to dry and this is the same with this tan but often I find myself flapping around my room to get dry... this is not the case with VL. So point one - true!

      Does the tan moisturise my skin? Well it certainly doesn't feel dry. As applying onto your skin it does feel luxurious and creamy but not at all greasy. The tan is a lovely rich brown colour and it does smell like chocolate.... Almost good enough to eat.

      Does the tan fade evenly? Well, this is a problem I have suffered with a lot in the past. I always exfoliate (ok most of the time) and I always moisturise (unless I am being lazy!) so when my tan starts to fade unevenly making my look like I am suffering a skin disease it does not make me a happy bunny. So far so good with this tan, I have had no problems at all. One of the biggest offenders of this is St. Moritz but being about £15 cheaper you would expect that I suppose. Point three, check!

      Did I smell like biscuits?

      NO! Hurray! On waking up the next day there was a tan smell, but I think that's pretty normal after sleeping in it so I'm not going to mark them down on this. After showering and throughout the next day I didn't notice the usual lingering smell that can often come from a self-tanner. The chocolate smell didn't stay either but I would say that's a good thing as I think it might have clashed with my perfume a little. The colour is a very natural dark brown rather than the usual orange tinge that you get with fake tans, I use the rich product but if you have lighter skin there is a less deep tan that you might want to try.

      I would say that this tan has the X Factor - I am more than happy with it and will continue to use it. When you think that you would spend around £15 - £25 on a spray tan I do also think it is worth the money, but being a skrimper and a saver I won't carry on purchasing it at this price. Unless there is a great offer on then I will be purchasing online in future. I think I get about two uses out of the bottle which isn't too great but I do tend to lather is on - if you want more out of your bottle then of course you can use it more sparingly!
      All in all a great result, watch this space for more reviews on the range :-)


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      24.10.2011 15:45
      Very helpful



      Not a good look.

      I've always been keen on the idea of trying fake tan but have been put off by images of streaky or orange results. I also never wanted to part with around £20 for a bottle incase it looked terrible when I'd done it. Because of this, I used sunbeds for a while, but was scared of getting skin cancer, so never used them often enough to get a decent tan.

      I saw this fake tan on the clearance shelf in Boots. It was only about £2.50 so I thought I'd give it a go. I looked at the other fake tans and saw the same one for £20.50, the only difference was that mine was missing it's box. At the same time as buying the tan, I also bought a Soltan tanning mitt, which was only a couple of pound, to apply it with.

      Before applying the tan, I had a bath and a good scrub with a shower scrunchie to help exfoliate my skin. I moisturised my elbows, knees and ankles as advised by my friend, then began applying the tan using the mitt, in circular motions. I worked my way up from my feet to neck and tried to 'dust' a little over my face.

      I struggled to apply it to me hands and feet as I didn't want them to look white compared to my limbs, but also didn't want orange hands. I tried to just dust a little over my hands and feet then wiped them gently with the towel which worked, although I do now have an odd coloured towel.

      The tan is a rich dark brown colour and a good thick consistency, so you can rub it easily over your body without it dripping everywhere. The pump is good on this bottle too, you can turn it to lock it, so it doesn't make a mess when you store it.

      When I was finished, I didn't look too different, just a little tanned. After a couple of hours though, my skin had a dark, almost green tinge to it. It was like a camoflauge green, and got many laughs from my daughter and they saw me. On the upside, I didn't have any streaks really. My upper arm was a little bit patchy but not too noticeable.

      The green-tinge tan lasted for about two days before I scrubbed myself in the shower to get it off.

      I did try to use this fake tan again a couple of weeks later, exfoliating and moisturising but mixing some of the tan with my moisturiser instead. It toned the tan down a lot but still had a green look to it again.

      I've now thrown away this fake tan as I looked ridiculous when I'd used it. It wasn't like shrek green but still gave me a seriously green looking glow so I wouldn't have used it again. I wasn't too fussed because it didn't cost me much, but I certainly would have been angry if I'd bought it at full price. I'd have taken it back to Boots! I wouldn't recommend this at all, if it's a golden brown tan you're looking for, this product isn't for you!


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