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Yves Rocher Protectyl Vegetal 3in1 After Sun Lotion

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Sun / Type: After Sun / Subcategory: Lotion / What it does: Protects,

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    1 Review
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      18.04.2011 20:54
      Very helpful



      A very impressive after sun lotion

      As we have been very lucky to experience some quite warm and sunny weather recently this review is based on my experience of an invaluable product (for me) called 'Protectyl Végétal 3in1 After Sun Lotion' by good old Yves Rocher..who else!

      I have been a customer of YR for many years now and the thing that always impresses me is the fact they send out miniature sizes of products for you to sample. This isn't every time they send me a mailing list through but in almost every order I always receive at least 2 or 3 mini products and in my last order (just after Christmas this year) I received a generous sized 30ml tube of this 3 in 1 after sun cream. As it was in the midst of Winter when it arrived a resigned it to my toiletries cupboard till it was needed.

      Price & packaging~
      This is a '3 in 1' product that promises to soothe, moisturise and prolong a tan - should you get one. It is available in a 150 ml sized bottle and is priced at a quite reasonable (for YR) £8.80. The bottle itself is a pale blue with white/green and yellow lettering which contrasts nicely. Though I have a tube with a screw top, the *regular* size features a flip open lid. Whether this is as difficult as several other YR products to open I cannot comment.

      Appearance of the product~
      The cream is bright white in colour and is relatively thin in consistency, though has a creamy velvet feel to it when applied to skin so what it lacks in consistency it certainly doesn't lack from it's overall performance. There is no greasiness to this unlike some other after sun care products and it just has the feeling and appearance of an expensive body lotion.

      The fragrance itself is absolutely beautiful - the cream is infused with monoii oil which is well known for it's moisturising properties, not to mention smells very exotic (think coconut/floral fusion) so is perfect for holidays as it has the tropical scent.

      As this is an exclusive Yves Rocher product it is as usual available from their stores, online at www.yves-rocher.co.uk, by phoning 0870 049 2222 or try searching on Ebay.

      My experience of using this~
      When we experienced the mini heat wave a few weeks ago I applied a dash of sun cream to exposed areas, though that pesky sun managed to burn an area I had missed on the back of my neck. Though it wasn't painful it was lightly red so after a shower I hunted in my stash of beauty products to find this sample.

      Having removed the screw top lid I was immediately greeted by the beautiful monoii aroma. If you haven't experienced anything using this scent then you really don't know what you are missing as it is just instantly makes you think of sunny climates as soon as you get a whiff.
      I found as mentioned previously that the cream was thinner than I expected it to be though found this to work to an advantage.

      Because of the consistency the cream instantly soaked into my skin on application and there wasn't a 10 minute ritual of rubbing the same amount in - this just disappeared straight away.
      As soon as I had used this for the first time my skin really did feel instantly soothed - though I kept this at room temperature (probably warmer as it had been in a cupboard) it felt to cool my skin so I imagine if kept in a refrigerator overnight it would really feel soothing. There are no actual directions on how to use (though it's quite self explanatory) though I wouldn't recommend using near your face.

      This is a very impressive after sun lotion that really does what it says - it soothes and moisturises without doubt, in fact I am highly tempted to buy it as a luxury body lotion! As for the 'prolonging the tan' promise I can't really comment there as I haven't used it in that context but I'm sure it does help.

      For an after sun lotion then you can do far worse then to test this out as it is one of the better ones I have tried over the years. It soaks in effortlessly, feels cooling on contact and leaves skin feeling overall supple and moisturised. It won't instantly 'cure' sun burn, but it does help to repair the damage by hydrating the skin and the redness does diminish if regularly used.

      I would highly recommend using this sun cream - particularly if you are planning a holiday abroad to sunnier climates as it not only works, but also leaves skin with the tropical scent of monoii which lingered on me for several hours, in fact I first used this on an evening and the next morning I could still clearly smell the wonderful aroma.

      This also features
      Aloe Vera extract
      Macadamia oil
      Aphloia extract (..no I don't know either!)

      *Dermatologically tested


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