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Adidas Sunglasses A353 Merlin S

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Brand: Adidas / Type: Casual

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    1 Review
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      10.06.2012 22:56
      Very helpful



      Pay that bit extra to save your eyes guys and girls

      Sunglasses, like shorts, are only worn at certain times of the year as the British are a self-conscious lot. We were them when everyone else's is wearing them and not before or after, not wanting to stand out and be pointed at. Why are you wearing shades in November pal! The beautiful Italians are the only ones who should wear shades before March. But things are changing and whereas shorts can only be worn with good legs in early spring the shades can come out with the Piscataway Groundhog, becoming an increasing fashion statement in Britain, global warming the excuse enough to look cool in February. I have great legs and look cool in shades and so no problem with wearing both in March if the sun is warm to the face but I am wearing shades much longer out of season than I used to ad so buy more pairs. It's funny how wearing shades and having a nice tan can make you look a dam site more attractive in the summer. I suppose it's the same confidence boosting effect that chewing gum or smoking a fag can have. British spring and summer means the pleasures of awkward sex and likewise shade decisions, simple as, preferably not at the same time in bed. No, I haven't done that yet!

      When I was a teenager I went for the 80s mirrored sunglasses look, no Tom Cruise but what do you know back then. I'm sure I looked a complete tit! In the 1990s I had settled on the classic aviator dark shade and metal rim ones that American cops were in Los Angeles. I did a lot of backpacking for about ten years and so a collection of these bigger style shades in the old rucksack. But those Southern hemisphere airmiles and lazing on many exotic beaches didn't do my eyes any good and now they are full of floaters, classic UV sun damage, the design allowing the sun through to the side of my unprotected eyes. So I decided to go with the more wraparound sports design to stop the light getting in and so protect my beautiful blue eyes. My cricket writing means I'm out in it more than ever and so more conscious of eye protection.

      You have to pay more than twenty quid for decent shades as those lenses have to protect your eyes. I don't like buying brands as not enough of the money goes to the workers and manufactures, often in the third world. But the Adidas Merlin's had that sporty go faster stripes design and were on sale for 15 pounds and so why not?

      The weak point with sporty designs is they are all made of various plastics which means one crack on the frame in the wrong place and the lens falls out. With wire frame ones at least you can bend it back to lock the lens in place again. With these you can't and so you have to pick the right pair and you certainly can't drop them or step on them. These Adidas ones have a strong plastic frame and bounce rather than clatter on the floor.

      They come with a nice velvet case with a draw string although for extra protection I put them inside that and then inside my old thick plastic case. The design is the classic black sleek you see athletes wearing and design specifically not to let light that light in anywhere, anti sun dazzle specific so sportsmen can keep their eye on the ball for longer. I need that now as the hard sun, if we get any, hurts my eyes as the muscles work harder to protect them. What I also like about his design is you don't sweat so much and so your eyes don't sting late in the day. A certain part of the day the pollen builds up and the sun is at its highest you can get severe runny and uncomfortable eyes and so quickly bloodshot.

      If the side hooks are too lose behind your ears and the glasses slip on your nose a small screw in the frame can be tightened for a firmer fit to your face. For me it's the tighter the better. These designs are all-in-one and so don't have those fiddly eye and nose bridges with the hinges with the only moving part being the hinges and so very discrete. Those extra plastic bits used to gather also sorts of micro yuck from old skin, sweaty pores and dead insects. In fact some of you have those models of glasses now and will no doubt know the grunge of which I talk of but we ever bother to clean off. But with the Adidas sports range the rain washes them smooth and it's not an issue. I would never go back to the metal frame because of that yukiness. The bigger round lens doest really suit me anyway, the curved rectangle more me now.

      I got mine from M & S with the famous six month guarantee although I'm happy with them and almost passed the six months anyway. They also have a cleaning cloth. The RRP is around thirty - five pounds and the UV rating top end, meaning a strong shade in your vision. They are not magnified either. I remember buying some Blue Harbor range shades from them and the gap at the bottom of the magnified lens to your normal vision made the pavement feel higher than it was and so a giddy sensation not enjoyed. Don't buy magnified ones unless your optician advises it. But the important thing is that I look cool in these and so job done, the only reason we pay more for them if we are honest.


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