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Bvlgari BV8017B

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Brand: Bvlgari / Type: Casual

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    1 Review
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      02.07.2012 12:59
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      Bvlgari even give you a 3 year warranty on sunglasses

      I have far too many pairs of designer sunglasses, I could probably open my own shop! I love most of the sunglasses that I own, and they will hopefully last me for years and years, providing that I don't damage them or lose them of course. I think that on the whole I've chosen well, and the styles that I have are fairly classic and timeless styles, and shouldn't go out of fashion, or alternatively if they do they are iconic enough to then come back into fashion down the line i.e. RayBan Wayfarers, and so I can then donate them to a younger relative.

      This pair of Bvlgari sunglasses that I own I'm not too sure about any more though. I loved them when I first bought them a year or so ago, however I've gone off them recently as I think that they are a bit too flashy.

      I bought them when I was buying new glasses, at the time I bought 2 pairs of glasses; a Bvlgari pair suitable for work, and a geek chic large plastic pair with a much more casual look. As I was spending so much (I also needed new contact lenses as well) my optician then gave me a very generous discount off a pair of sunglasses, and this was the pair that I chose.

      Bvlgari sunglasses (and glasses) come with a 3 year warranty, I'm not really sure how well that would work in principle though as most damage would normally something you've done yourself i.e. dropped the sunglasses and scratched the lens. But I suppose that it's reassuring to know that they must be very good quality to come with a 3 year warranty.

      The sunglasses that I have are a light grey plastic frame, the lens shape is fairly big and round, and the front of the frame curves slightly to hug your face a little bit to give you more protection from the sunlight. The lenses are a graduated grey lens, going from a mid grey at the top of the lens down to a light grey at the bottom of the lens, the lenses are certainly dark enough to ensure that I don't squint in the sunlight.

      The sides of the frame are one of the things that I loved at first, and now are what is putting me off them ever so slightly. The sides of the frames are again in the light grey plastic, and they are very thick, I don't mind this as it gives you more protection from sunlight entering the sides. It's the hinge detailing that I've gone off a bit now, each of the hinges has a very ornate diamante detailing on the side, it's filled with quite a lot of smaller diamantes and then a huge diamante as well. I think that it's a bit too flashy and ostentatious for me now.

      The sunglasses themselves are very comfortable to wear though, they don't cause me any discomfort at all even wearing them all day. To say that they are quite a big frame they are actually quite lightweight. My sister sometimes borrows a pair of my sunglasses, and she does find quite a lot of them to be too heavy for her to wear comfortably all day, however she has no problems at all with these.

      I'm thinking about donating these to my sister as she loves them, they are still like new even though I've had a fair bit of use out of them. I'm sure that she will get loads of years of use out of these as they are certainly very well made.

      If I remember correctly there was a few different colourways to choose from at the time, I chose the grey frame as I didn't have any other sunglasses in grey. I also remember a black pair, a brown pair, a white pair, and maybe another colour as well.

      My Bvlgari sunglasses came in a lovely plain black substantial hard case with the Bvlgari logo on, inside the case is a beige Bvlgari cleaning cloth, and a lovely silky beige Bvlgari branded soft slip in case with a drawstring top. The drawstring case is handy to just pop in your bag as it takes up no room at all, if you then take your sunglasses off you can pop them in this without them getting scratched. Obviously it won't protect them from getting crushed but it will prevent cratches. The drawstring bag also doubles as cleaning cloth.


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