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Christian Dior Airspeed 2

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Brand: Christian Dior / Type: Womens

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    1 Review
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      18.05.2012 01:28
      Very helpful



      Could have been better

      ~Dior Airspeed 2 sunglasses~

      Amongst my favorite sunglasses are a pair of Dior Airspeed glasses that are very classy to look at and offer a lovely clear view through the single wrap around lens they have. I originally bought a pair of Dior Airspeed sunglasses in their Airspeed 2 incarnation (which can be seen here in the Product photo which I suggested when this was added as a review subject here on Dooyoo) which do differ slightly to my current Airspeed 1's in the way the frame works. My Airspeed 2 glasses had to be returned after just a few short weeks of wear due to unexpected durability problems, as I had some issues with the tiny screws that attach the frame arms to the frame body. Having replaced these original frames I do feel this issue was uncharacteristic of this frame arm design, as I eventually replaced these with a pair of Dior Airspeed 1 frames, which I still have in my collection and very much enjoy wearing.

      Even though I had been more than pleased with the shape and feel of the original Airspeed 2 sunglasses prior to this issue, I feel that at the price paid these sunglasses should not have suffered so soon in to my ownership of them. The glasses I replaced these with are still in very nice shape and have not suffered with the same issue as these did, so as they share a very similar look and frame arm shape I feel I may have simply picked up a dud pair when I bought these. When thinking about the way these sunglasses looked when on, I feel that they were very stylish and classy, although having got used to the replacement frame shape I feel it gives a nicer more open look than these did.

      ~Design details~

      I recall that I liked the finishing details on the Airspeed 2 frame as the Dior designer branding was clear to see yet also wasn't too over the top, which gave these a simple yet distinctly Dior look that I liked very much at the time. The simple Dior D shape sits at each side of the frame arms giving these a classic Dior look and whilst this part of the frame is attractive in my opinion, I did have issues with the super tiny fixings here where they met with the frame arm on just one side of the frame. This was something that caused me to have to swap these for another pair of Dior glasses, although I did opt for a very similar frame shape as I liked many aspects of this design. As I didn't have these particular glasses for as long as I hoped I would, I feel I cannot really comment on whether the gold toned metal finishes used may have faded over time. However I can compare these to the finishes on my very similar Airspeed 1 sunglasses and am able to say that the finishes used have held up very well even with repeated wear.

      ~Product rating and price~

      Having paid a kings ransom to buy these Airspeed 2 sunglasses in the first place, I felt that whilst I really liked the look of them, I didn't want to chance the same thing happening again. I opted for the very similar Airspeed 1 frame shape instead of simply swapping the broken glasses for another pair exactly the same and have been happy with these since then. I felt that I had given the Airspeed 2 design a try, but had been let down rather too quickly after purchase when the side arm fittings came away on one side. My rating for these Airspeed 2 sunglasses has to be effected by what happened with the pair I had, which is why I am only giving them a 3 star product rating based more on their stylish looks and quality crisp clean single lens than their durability.

      I may have picked a rogue pair that hadn't been as good as they ought to be, so don't want to judge these too harshly as I do feel they are very smart looking indeed. I can also say that the similar style I replaced these with has tuned out well as they are still looking good and as they share some similarities with the Airspeed 2 style I feel there are some positives to the design such as the single lens, wrap around style and simple detailing. Pricing on this style now ranges from £200 to £370 depending on the colour of frame and lens that you opt for which I feel makes them a very serious investment. The other design mentioned in this review which I still have in wear begin at a similar price to buy and as these are still going strong I feel they are a slightly better option as they have been more durable.


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