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D&G DD8035B Sunglasses

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Brand: Dolce & Gabbana / Type: Sunglasses

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    1 Review
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      12.05.2012 02:38
      Very helpful



      A reasonable pair of D&G sunglasses

      ~Bright and bold D&G sunglasses~

      My D&G DD8035B sunglasses frames are amongst the brightest and perhaps most strikingly coloured frames that I have in my collection of sunglasses. The D&G DD8035B design comes in a range of colours to suit most moods and whilst they all have their merits some do look more attractive and eye catching that others. When faced with this design in a range of shades from black, havana (honey brown lens), purple (with brown gradient lens), beige/ sand brown and wine pearl, I really felt spoilt for choice. As I already had a good number of sunglasses I decided to be bold with my purchase and opted for a so called wine pearl coloured pair that I feel stand out more than almost every other pair of sunglasses I regularly wear due to their bright frame colour.

      ~Wine pearl is D&G for vivid red!~

      The sunglasses that I own in this design may have a frame colour branded as being wine pearl by D&G, but in my opinion these beauties are a bright, bold and really quite vivid red colour when you see them in the flesh. I would say that the frames of these sunglasses are a lighter red than pillar box red and not quite as bold and brash as scarlet can be. There is a definite sway towards a slightly and I do mean very slightly warmer acid red shade with these, as I find they have more of a tropical feel than a velvety wine feel when I wear them. I tend to keep these for summer wear when I feel they look really good, or as a spare pair for use in the car as they do have a very light clear single lens that is easy to look through.

      ~Wrap around style~

      The shape of these sunglasses is a wrap around style that hugs the face quite well when in wear, although in my experience they are not quite as face hugging as some other sunglasses that I own and wear. The feel of these sunglasses is not as enclosing as many wrap around styles can be, which I feel makes them easier to wear on dull or overcast days. I find that as these don't tend to give you that hidden effect that you can get from similar styles you can wear them all year around if wanted, which you can't do with similar sunglasses that have been fitted with a darker lens colour. In the main I find that whilst I do have these to hand during winter as a spare pair of go to glasses, I really do see them as a summer pair for general wear due to their bold frame colour even though the single wrap style lens is light enough for autumn and winter wear.

      ~A bold choice~

      The bold red frame colour on my particular sunglasses is very cheery and bright to look at from a viewers perspective and but can take some time to get used to wearing in my opinion. I have found that I some times catch the look of the red frames in the corner of my eye when wearing these and although I have become more used to not taking any notice of this now, it did used to distract me a little when these were new. I would think that anyone not used to wearing such bold and bright frames might want to opt for one of the darker easier to wear colour options instead if it is felt the red colour would be too much of a distraction.

      ~The single lens~

      The 100% UV protected lens that runs all the way across the front of the sunglasses is very clear and crisp when you look through it and I find that you can wear these in all weather conditions, although they are lighter and let in more sunlight than a darker lens would. The frames of the glasses do have a central support piece that runs down from the top centre behind the lens and down towards the bridge area and it sits so that it is able to offer extra support for both frame and lens. You can see this support from the outside of the frame although I find that it doesn't interfere with my view at all when I wear the sunglasses. The wrap around style lens does cover a good amount of area whilst not feeling too enclosing and offers good sun protection even though the lens is light in colour. The gradient effect of the lens being a very light and soft grey does work well with the bold frame colour in my opinion and it feels very easy on the eyes.

      ~A touch of bling~

      The side arms of these glasses are wider at the top end than at the base which allows a good amount of protection from side on sunlight if these are worn in a car as either passenger or driver. There is a nice blingy looking detail to each side of the frame arms which makes good use of the D&G brand name and this is highlighted by the sparkle effect of the crystals used to make up the design. I feel that the crystal detailing does stand out well as it enhances the look of the side of the frame arms and as this is the only design flourish that has been added to the sunglasses it doesn't look over done.

      ~Super light frames~

      I find that these sunglasses feel very light when you wear them as they have a super light plastic type frame that I find weighs in at much less than many of my other sunglasses. Whilst the shape and style of these sunglasses is good and works well I find that my only real issue with these is the slightly plasticy feel that the frames have when compared to other sunglasses I wear. I wouldn't say that these feel cheaply made, as they have stood up well to repeated wear with no maintenance issues of any note, yet they do still feel a little less luxurious in their finish than many of the other sunglasses that I wear. For anyone who really likes a super light sunglasses frame these would be a fair choice in my opinion, as they don't sit heavily across the bridge of your nose when you wear them.

      ~Storing the glasses~

      These sunglasses come in a semi soft style case that has a rigid outer frame in some parts of the case yet still feels a little soft and squidgy in places. There is a zip style closure that runs around the outer 2/3 of the case and a further velcro section that you close down afterwards. The colour of the case that came with these sunglasses was a bold and clean looking white when new, which is formed from material that has a kind of foamy feeling to it. I am not overly keen on this case as I find that not only does the white colour attract dirt and dust, it is also quite hard to zip up at times when I put my glasses away. The odd feeling foamy material doesn't really have a quality feel to it in my opinion and is rather a disappointment, as it is difficult to keep clean and can be squashed and squished quite easily. The saving grace with the case was that is came with a further soft material type storage pouch that you place the glasses in before setting them in to the case itself and this does help to keep the glasses scratch and knock free.

      ~Price and product rating~

      The cost of these sunglasses seems to have dropped very slightly since I bought mine and you can now buy a pair of these from £84 to £119 which is a reasonable price for a basic pair of D&G sunglasses. I wouldn't want to pay too much more for a pair of these now that I know more about them, as they are lighter and not as luxurious feeling as many other similar sunglasses. I also feel that the case that these sunglasses came in is not of the quality that I would expect for such as well known designer brand, as it is not as durable and easy to use as it could be. On a more positive note I feel that the crystal D&G logo on the frame arms works really well, as this does make the glasses stand out. I also feel that the bold coloured frames do still look as good as they did when new, even if the frames are a little plasticy in their finish. Taking everything mentioned here in to account I feel that I want to give these sunglasses a 3 star rating based on design, price, quality and durability.


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