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Emporio Armani EA 9651

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Brand: Emporio Armani / Type: Prescription Glasses

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    2 Reviews
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      22.09.2013 10:49
      Very helpful



      coloured semi rimless frames by Emporio Armani

      Recently, reviewed my Guess glasses but at the same time as buying these I wanted another pair as those were black and more serious but in actual fact, the first pair I picked up were these Armani ones. I didn't just pick them because I love the brand, but they really were the nicest pair I tried on as the colour was really different which I liked and also I liked the face that the frame around the lens didn't go the whole way round but only bordered half. The other thing with these is that they looked stylish and also really suited my face and after trying on so many pairs and not getting that wow feeling, when I did put these on I knew instantly I had to have these.


      These are very stylish looking, the actual glass lenses are a rounded rectangular shape and the sides are a lighter shade of pink but on the front of the frames, it is more of a burgundy colour but the contrast is actually really nice. The Armani logo is on the sides in the burgundy shade so that it stands out on the light pink and the part that sits on the ear is a lot wider so that it sits better. These are semi-rimless as they've been described and the lens width is 51mm, the lens height is standard, the bridge is 16mm and lastly the temple length is 140mm so this now gives you a better idea of the exact kind of sizing of the glasses, pretty standard.


      So, to start with on these glasses they came with a cleaning cloth and a case. The Armani glasses case is very nice and different from others as it comes in a dark blue/black rubber sort of semi circle shaped case which has the Emporio Armani logo embossed into it but it isn't as flat as a normal glasses case. It zips closed and I suppose it is good for taking away being rubber but the only thing is the zip is a bit stiff on mine so I really have to pull it to get it to close but apart from that it is ok. The cleaning cloth is fine and cleans the lenses well and when taking my glasses away on holiday, they have always been well protected once in the case.

      Now, in terms of wearing these glasses I wear them to work a lot but I like to call these my non work frames as I'll gladly wear these shopping or at the weekend as I feel these look softer on my face and a lot prettier and trendy. These sit very well on my face and around my ears they sit perfectly and never move which is exactly what you'd hope for with glasses. The thing that is a bit annoying with these though is that one week I wore these to work all five days of the week and by the end I had little cuts at the top of my nose from where the little nose bits had dug in, so although these fit me well, I no longer wear them for more than three days at a time.

      These are comfortable apart from them cutting into my nose and these do look nice with having that bit of colour which I haven't really had before. I also like them being semi-rimless as they don't look as sever or as serious as some darker rimmed glasses or full rims. These are really trendy and really suit my oval face shape, these also come in other colours too you can get them in black/grey, brown/cream, blue so there are a good range of colours for both men and women. The pink to me were just girly and that's what got my attention at first but when they looked nice on then I knew they were the ones and the vision is perfect on them.

      When I look down with these on, they don't even slip on my nose, they stay put and I do feel this is helped by the sides of the frames as the stem is long but it is wider at the ear and curves quite angular so that they sit very well. I got my frames at Tesco but the price varies depending on where you buy these from, I never thought I'd be able to afford Armani glasses but there are good prices on them so it is possible. The colour hasn't faded on these and I regularly clean the lenses to look after these and of course usually put them in the case overnight. If you like style and glasses with a bit of colour then you should give these frames a try.


      You can buy these glasses at Specsavers but I got mine through Tesco Opticians where these were £125 but because it was buy one get one free I ended up paying that amount for both of my frames.

      The official Emporio Armani website is http://www.armani.com/gb.


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        17.09.2013 10:41
        Very helpful
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        A nice pair of glasses to wear,

        I never thought I would say it but purchasing glasses these days is a lot of fun. Emporio Armani is a designer brand available in most high street and online shops. I have them as prescription glasses.

        What I like about them:
        I knew instantly that I liked these glasses when I saw them. I tried them on but still pondered about if they were the ones. However, it was the thickness of the arm, the colour and a more subtle logo that made me finally open my purse. If like me you take your time to make a purchase and like to know more then I hope this may help...

        Brief Description:
        A light weight metal frame, which has rounded rectangular lenses that are semi-rimmed with the Eagle logo on the outer side of the arm of the glasses. I consider them to be two tone. They are classed as Unisex frames.

        The semi-rimmed look is a new style for me and initially I thought it would be unflattering (for some reason I associate it with reading glasses), but actually it is quite stylish with this frame design. Semi-rimmed refers to the fact that they look clear at the bottom and not framed all around the lens. This gives a more casual look in my view.

        These frames come in a range of colours (I have the brown/bronze). They have a stylish look with the darker and lighter two colours. I am fond of them because of the colour toning which implies a texture contrast.

        Does the Designer Make Matter?
        I think these days you need to know about 'Brands' and to be aware of quality items. I was influenced by the connection to Armani. However I have since learnt:

        Emporio Armani is the more affordable collection of the Armani brand, it seems to be associated with sportswear and more casual wear, whilst still keeping the 'Italian flair'. Therefore it seems to be classed as less formal and prestigious than the tailored menswear brand of Armani.

        So getting the right pair is like buying shoes... you need to know what others are wearing, try some on and to have comfort with style! My glasses are a fashion accessory as well as a necessity. Yes, I need them to see, but I can change them and have several pairs because today glasses are more affordable. I purchased mine from Specsavers and they were very affordable, but I did check them out online as well.

        More Information:
        I am intrigued with glasses and on the inside of the arm you should find the codes! These tell you all about your glasses, in-case you are interested this is how you decipher them!

        For example: 51 [] 16 140
        This information tells you the lens diameter 51 / the nose bridge size 16 / and the length of the arm of the glasses 140.

        I would suggest you check your current prescription glasses to see the size you have. This helps me when I am shopping for glasses as I roughly know the ones which will suit me best (a must if you are buying online). Although your optician can advise you and some frames have several size options.

        A final word on the Emporio Armani frames:
        They should have the eagle trademark on the outside of the arm, they are made in Italy, the quality should look good and the model number and codes should be authentic. They should come with a case and cleaning cloth.

        Would I recommend them?
        Yes these are a good brand for men and women / with a range of colour options.

        My final points would be how I consider my specs to be a flexible option, with the rectangular shape suiting most face shapes, they have a classy but simple detail on the arms, a strong side which gives it a modern look. Mine are a comfortable pair to wear, sturdy and very affordable (in the 2 for one at Specsavers, summer 2013).


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