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Just Cavalli JC264S 28J Sunglasses

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Manufacturer: Just Cavalli / Type: Sunglasses

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    1 Review
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      24.06.2012 19:39
      Very helpful



      A classic design with a twist

      ~Just Cavalli JC264S 28J Sunglasses~

      These super sunglasses from the design house of Roberto Cavalli are my most recent sunglasses purchase and I am pleased to say that I have found them mostly comfortable and easy to wear. I have worn my sunglasses at least twice a week since I bought them around 6 weeks ago and have found them to be stylish and smart, with clear easy to look through lenses. This particular design is from the Just Cavalli range with a model number of JC264S 28J. I was very taken with the quirky look of these sunglasses when I saw them in store as they have a nice degree of detailing to them that I feel makes them stand out.

      ~The lenses~

      The slightly over sized lenses (67mm) that have been used to make up this design work very well in my opinion as they work to help protect the eye area from strong sunlight. I find that I can wear these sunglasses on brighter days as well as slightly duller days if wanted as the soft brown lens colour is not overly dark, although I do tend to have to remove these sunglasses in shops and stores when under the glare of heavy store style lighting as they seem to reflect too much in such situations. The colour of the lenses in the sunglasses I have are a soft light brown colour, which I feel gives a very nice light sepia tone to everything when worn on sunny days. Other lens colour options are available if purchasing other frame colours.

      ~Just Cavalli style~

      The style of these sunglasses is very similar to the classic aviator style perfected by Rayban in my opinion, although the design of these Just cavalli sunglasses has a slight twist to the frame arms and bridge support areas which make these glasses stand out. I really like the way that the simple frame style has been enhanced by shaping the lovely gold toned metal into a slim and stylish bamboo type pattern that looks very unusual. I feel this use of the bamboo arms looks great when I wear my sunglasses, as it adds a nice degree of style to what might have otherwise been quite a plain pair of sunglasses.

      ~Gold toned frames~

      The slim gold toned metal used to make up the frame and frame arms of these sunglasses may look quite slim and prone to breaking, yet in use the frames feel very sturdy and durable. I haven't found the frames or frame arms to be in any way flimsy even though they look so slim and elegant. The added support cross bar that sits above the bridge area on the main frame, has also been crafted to look like it has been made from gold toned bamboo and I feel this not only adds a degree of strength to the glasses, as it adds an extra design detail too. The brown plastic ear socks (the bits that cover the ends of the frame arms) sit behind the ears as they should and ensure that the metal frame arms don't scrape the skin at all.

      There are a set of clear plastic nose pads fitted to this frame style that sit just under the bridge area of the frame and these seem to be sited well enough, although I have found they can rub the skin a little if worn pushed to far onto the nose area. When I purchased my sunglasses I had the choice of gold or black frames which both looked quite nice, although I felt the gold finish had a slight edge as it made the glasses look very timeless and classic in my opinion. The Just Cavalli branding is very subtle in my opinion and sits just at the front of the frame arms on each side, being shown as a small signature style logo that can only be seen from a short distance.

      ~Price and product rating~

      I really like these sunglasses as I feel they have been given an unusual twist with the use of the bamboo design on a classic gold aviator style frame. I have worn these sunglasses with all kinds of outfits and feel they have worked with almost everything I have worn them with, which I have been pleased about. So far the frame arms have remained in good working condition and the gold finish of the frames looks as it did when new. The available colour options for this frame style include a black frame, a gold frame and a smart gunmetal frame which I feel makes these a versatile choice that could be worn by a man or a woman if wanted. Prices for this design can be anything from £139 to £189 depending on the colour of the frames and lenses and they are still widely available for sale from a number of online outlets. My rating for these sunglasses is 4 stars as I feel they are both stylish and functional.


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