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Ladgecom Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

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    2 Reviews
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      10.09.2013 12:58
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      A good pair of sunglasses for the price

      I bought this pair of sunglasses from New Look for £4.99 which is pretty cheap as far as sunglasses go. New Look usually sell quite a few different styles of sunglasses and the prices vary a bit, I would say this pair were mid to high priced compared to the rest of the sunglasses they sell. I also saw a similar pair of sunglasses (aviators) in black, without mirrored lenses and with silver rims.

      These are just the standard aviator shape, I think they might be a bit larger than some pairs which I like because I think bigger sunglasses suit mine and a lot of peoples faces. They have silver rims and thin, silver metal arms. The mirrored lenses were what attracted me to these. I like the look of mirrored sunglasses but had never bought a pair before these. I really like the way these lenses look and how they are a bit different than the usual translucent black or brown.

      I would usually go for a more square shape with thick rims because I like that style of sunglasses and they suit my face more than most other sunglasses. These New Look aviators are surprisingly flattering, I think they could suit a lot of different face shapes and I like how they are a little bit bigger than some other aviators I have tried on in shops.

      Because I am used to the big, square shaped sunglasses, I didn't consider that because these cover less of the face, they sometimes let some light in. I don't really like that but sometimes I just have to reposition them to sort it out. The little sticker that was on the front of the lenses said that they protect from UV light which is of course very important for a pair of sunglasses. I think New Look sunglasses do offer good protection so that is definitely a huge plus.

      In terms of quality, I think these are pretty good quality, especially for the price. Sometimes with cheap sunglasses I notice that the arms feel a bit wobbly and then they don't take long to break or that they just feel flimsy in general, I haven't had that problem with these. These have lasted me quite well although they are not my main pair of sunglasses.

      These aviators don't come with a case or a pouch to keep them in and while those aren't 100% necessary for a pair of sunglasses, these ones scratch very easily! I found that my pair got a few little scratches very quickly and they hadn't even been in my bag or anything which confused me a bit. I think they would probably have been unwearable if I had put them in my bag without a case. Scratches don't look good on the mirrored lenses and I think they show up a little bit more. I definitely recommend keeping these in a glasses case or some sort of protective pouch.

      I do recommend these, I think they are fashionable and they look good, they also protect from UV rays and are pretty good quality and value. Unfortunately, they scratch very easily and I feel like they should probably come with their own pouch to keep them in. I am knocking a star off because of how easily they scratch although I'm not sure if that can be helped, I have never owned designer sunglasses so I have no idea if this is just how all mirrors sunglasses are.


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        25.04.2012 11:29
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        Good cheap sunglasses from New Look

        I have a massive sunglasses collection which I have spent a fair bit of money on over the years. However they aren't all designer and in amongst them are a few pairs of cheaper high street glasses. You know what the good old British weather is like, one minute it is raining and the next the sunshine is blazing down. If I am in town and this happens because my eyes are really quite sensitive to bright light I usually pop into a shop and buy a pair of sunglasses. New Look is usually my first port of call because the glasses are cheapish and look modern and fashionable.

        I bought these mirrored sunglasses in March when we had that unexpected good weather. I was meeting some friends in town and the sun suddenly appeared and it was like the height of summer. As they wanted to go for coffee at an outdoor café I popped into New look and bought this pair of sunglasses.
        The reason I picked them was because on the shelf they immediately stood out because of the mirrored lenses and because I don't have any mirrored sunglasses in my collection I bought them.

        The glasses were only £4.99 which isn't a huge amount of money to pay for a decent pair of sunglasses and these are surprisingly good considering that I have ray-bans which look similar and cost me £100.
        Obviously they aren't the same quality as my ray-bans but for the money I was quite impressed with just how sturdy they are. They have a metal frame which feels secure and they don't feel as though they are going to just snap if the slightest bit of pressure is placed on them.

        The glasses are an aviator style and should suit most faces though they are on the bigger side so may swamp smaller or female faces. I find that some glasses can sit funny on my face and not feel comfortable but these ones feel fine and the nose bridge sits perfectly on my nose and doesn't feel as though it needs adjusting all the time when they are on. The frame is also really light so they can be worn for most things including things like running and once they are on they are pretty secure and stay in place without sliding off.

        The glasses also do a decent job of protecting my eyes. They conform to European standards of sun protection and they are dark enough that they don't let an awful lot of light in them. There are parts of them that are open to the light but on the whole when wearing them I am rarely bothered by the sun hurting my eyes.

        The glasses are definitely fashionable and people buying them will probably be doing so more for how they look than how they protect their eyes. I really like the mirrored lenses and they do make them stand out when they are on as opposed to just plain black lenses. The only problem with the lenses is that they are a total finger print magnet and I cannot wear them without ending up with smudges on the lenses which need constant buffing to remove.

        The glasses also don't come with a case so you either need to be careful not to damage them or else buy a separate case. The shop did give me a soft bag to store the glasses in but I'm not sure this is the norm as I have bought glasses from New Look before and not received a bag but they gave me one for free when I complained that they should have something to protect them so it might be a good idea to ask them as they may just have them behind the counter for people who actually ask for them.
        Another thing is that because all the glasses in New Look are just sitting on display a lot of the ones at the front have scratches on them so make sure and pay attention to them before leaving the shop to check they aren't damaged. I always try and get a pair from the back as they have had less chance of having been tried on by hundreds of people.

        Overall these are a decent pair of sunglasses especially as they only cost a fiver. I have worn them loads and because they are so cheap I am not so paranoid about damaging them like I am with my more expensive ones. I plan on taking these on holiday with me this year as if they get scratched by sand at the beach it won't really matter and I won't be upset whereas with my other designer ones I would be seriously annoyed if I scratched the lenses on them.


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