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Miss Selfridge Gold Aviators

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Manufacturer: Miss Selfridge / Type: Womens Sunglasses

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    1 Review
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      15.05.2012 22:33
      Very helpful



      I love my aviators!

      It's that time of year again when I wanted some new sunglasses as I always buy a new pair every year as I go through different styles and colours all the time. I really wanted some aviator Ray-Bans but as those cost over £100 and I probably won't get the chance to wear them much here in the UK, I thought I would be sensible and get the aviator style sunglasses from somewhere else that cost a lot lot less.

      After trying several pairs on in different shops I noticed that the gold/brown coloured ones suited me better than the silver/grey style that is also very popular at the moment. However, I couldn't seem to find any that fit me perfectly, they either didn't suit me or if they did, they just didn't fit properly. I noticed that nearly all of the Topshop sunglasses would just slide down my nose easily, and after having owned a pair of Topshop sunglasses last year that also did this, I decided to stay away from their sunglasses completely.

      It wasn't until I was shopping on the Miss Selfridge website recently when I noticed they also did aviator style sunglasses and at only £10. I was very cautious about buying them online as I couldn't try them on first to see what they looked like. However, I needed to spend £45 to qualify for free delivery and after seeing nothing else I wanted I thought I may as well buy these to make it to that amount, knowing I could always take them back if they did not suit me as I wouldn't have paid for delivery anyway.

      These are available in gold which is those shown in the image above, and also silver. They come all wrapped up in plastic but also with a little black drawstring cloth type case to keep them in.

      I was actually surprised at how well these suited me when I got round to trying them on. They didn't look too big or too small and they also fit on me perfectly without slowly sliding off. They do feel very delicate though but I think most aviator style sunglasses will, whether they are a shops own brand or Ray-Bans. I am very careful if carrying these around in my bag as I think they could easily get crushed and break if a heavy purse is lying on top of them. This is why I think a hard case should have been supplied with these instead of a soft material type case. I now just keep these in my car and only carry them around with me if it is a sunny day (which is rare) and when I might actually need them, just to prevent me from accidentally breaking them.

      When I do come across a hard sunglasses case I will probably purchase it for these sunglasses as although they only cost me £10, it is hard for me to find a pair of sunglasses that I actually like and fit me perfectly, and so I really don't want to break these!

      As for blocking out the sun, on the very few days I had to actually try these sunglasses out they did a very good job and don't turn everything around you too dark, as is the case with some sunglasses I have owned in the past and I have found to be quite annoying. I like it to still look a little bright when wearing sunglasses! I didn't find myself squinting when wearing these though and so they do their job well.

      If you like the aviator style sunglasses then I recommend these Miss Selfridge ones as they do look nice and I think are a great price at only £10, especially when compared to the price of the real aviators by Ray-Ban!


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