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Moschino Women MO569-02

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Brand: Moschino / Gender: Womens

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    1 Review
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      09.05.2012 20:23
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      Classic retro style sunglasses

      ~A touch of retro glamour from Moschino~

      Amongst my collection of sunglasses are a number of Moschino branded items including a pair of Moschino MO 569 retro style glasses which I have owned for some time. I liked the detailing to the arms of these sunglasses as soon as I set eyes on them, as I felt that the classic retro frame and lens shape was nicely combined with the side arm design giving the sunglasses a smart and classic feel. I have found that over the time I have owned and worn the sunglasses they have remained in good working order with no faults that I can see so far, which I am happy about at this stage. I like to have a number of options when thinking about which sunglasses go with which outfits and feel that this style is something that can be mixed and matched to suit a range of moods if wanted (subject to weather conditions as I feel the dark lenses suit brighter days).

      The make up of the sunglasses is such that they are slightly heavier than some of the other styles I own and I feel that this is mostly due to the side arm detailing that Moschino have used to great effect. Never the less I still find that these sunglasses fit to the face really well when I wear them, as they have a mid sized lens and frame style that I feel allows the wearer to get the benefit of the UV lenses, without covering too much of the face and eyes. The side arms of these sunglasses have an almost spring loaded fitting to them which seems to spring open when you unfold the arms of the glasses out ready for wear and they do so with the greatest of ease, as I find the action is very smooth and swift when I take these out to put them on.

      ~Frame options~

      The lovely deep and smooth glossy black finish of the glasses I have was just one of the colour options I could have gone for. Even though I could have had a pair of these in a classic havana style/ tortoise shell finish, or a super light and glossy violet shade I felt the black was the best option, as it really stood out. As I have worn these a good number of times since they were new I have been more than pleased with my choice, as they are still looking as sleek and glossy as they were then I first bought them. I do feel that the super glossy finish has been somewhat protected from harm over time as I am always very careful to put the glasses away in their case after use, although as these do seem very well made I suspect they would still be looking quite good had I been a little more careless with them.

      ~Product design features~

      Thinking about the look of the sunglasses, I feel that I like the way the simply shaped dark black frames have been set off with the blingy detailing at each side arm, as I feel this adds a sense of style and sparkle without being too over the top. The side arms are made in the main from the same black material as the main frame with the addition of silver metal sections that begin at the hinged section of each arm. This is where most of the extra weight the sunglasses seem to carry is hidden in my opinion, as the polished silver toned metal sections have been further embellished with 3 medium sized creamy looking pearls and 5 rows of super sparkly Swarovski crystals. Each of the pearls is set in to its own little space on the frame arm and then complimented by the surrounding crystals that catch the light nicely when I wear the glasses.

      ~Finishing details~

      The Moschino brand name is set on to the silver metal and stamped on in black so as to stand out a little from the rest of the design and I feel that this all works together beautifully as the final effect is very classy indeed. So far all the crystals have remained in place and the trio of pearls set at each side seem to have remained scratch and blemish free which I am pleased about. I am unsure as to whether the pearls are real or faux although in my opinion they look as though they could indeed be the real thing. The ends of the frame arms hide signature Moschino silver heart designs set in to the very ends of the inside section, which I feel gives a nice touch to the glasses, although they can only really be seen in cases where by the wearer of the glasses has very short hair once the glasses are in place.

      ~The lenses~

      The lenses that have been fitted to the sunglasses do have a nice clean feel to them with them giving me a clear view when I wear the glasses. I find that the super dark tint these have is best for really sunny days as it really is very dark indeed in my opinion. Even though the lens colour is described as being a grey tinted one, I feel that in reality these sunglasses have more of a black toned tint with a subtle grey influence to it. I have worn these on days when the weather has changed from super sunny to over cast and found that whilst they still give me a clear view in the main, they can still be rather dark for some situations. I find that these do need to taken off if say you are going in to a shop or building due to the darker lens colour. The UV protective aspect that the lenses have is something that I always try to check for when buying sunglasses, as it is important to have maximum protection when out on bright sunlight.

      ~Storing the glasses~

      When I bought my sunglasses they came with their own storage case which I feel is adequate although not as good as some of the other case I have with other sunglasses. The case is a cross between a hard and soft case in my opinion as it has a hard style stitched frame work on leather look material, based around a soft bodied leather look case. I prefer the hard cases that come with many sunglasses as I feel they do offer better protection from bumps and knocks, although to be fair this case has protected these sunglasses well enough so far. The closure of the case is a simple velcro one that opens with ease and whilst it works fine at the moment I do expect it to degrade a little over time with repeated usage.

      ~Caring for the glasses~

      Cleaning the glasses is quick and easy as there was a simple dark coloured polishing cloth provided with these, as well as a neat black soft feeling drawstring storage pouch that can be slipped over the sunglasses before they go in to the storage case. This system works well in my opinion as once the glasses are safely stored in the soft pouch they are fully protected from scratches etc which keeps them looking like new. The inside of the storage case has a light feeling velour material in a simple black colour that I feel matches the outer case well and the whole thing is neatly set off with the Moschino brand name printed in thick silver letters.

      ~Price and product rating~

      The cost of these sunglasses when new varied a little and having checked most recent prices they seem to be available for purchase at anything from £120 to £175. As the sunglasses are well made and seem durable during use I feel they offer fair value for money when compared to glasses of a similar quality. I find these offer a snug yet comfortable fit when in wear which means they don't slip down and tend to stay in place well. As I have found these sunglasses to be of a good quality, having nice smoothly finished comfortable frames and clear lenses I feel I want to give them a 4 star product rating.


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