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Northwave Razer

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Brand: Northwave / Type: Active / Gender : Mens

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    1 Review
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      25.04.2012 20:24
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      Stylish summer / winter wearers!

      Sunglasses can say a lot about a persons sense of style. With many brands showcasing different distinctive genres within their designs; be them 'cool', 'chilled', or 'action-packed' - the consumer is flooded with styles sculptured to suit their own individual tastes and moods. Sometimes though, sunglasses are designed with practicality in mind, and not with the criteria to dazzle and wow wearers.
      Either way the market is crammed with all sorts of models, from low end sea-side holiday (practically one-use disposable) cheap varieties, to thousand pound business tailored models constructed of ultra-high quality material. The glasses I have, and the ones I am reviewing here, I like to think occupy the middle ground - the £35-100 slot which most can afford. For the round figure of £50.00 I paid for my pair, I feel I've acquired a product high in quality which will stand the test of time graciously.

      The 'Razer' Sunglasses by Northwave have a showy sort of appearance. They are definitely a summer holidaying type, suited to use in ultra hot 'beachy' environments where anything goes - I would say they fit into the 'cool' genre, the sporty field (...so they're stylish in an 'I'm an active, sporty kind of guy' way). The variety I have is the most recent, the brand new Spring/Summer 2012 model which (though I haven't seen any previous models) I presume adopts a similar look to its predecessors. The form and features of the glasses can be broken down into the following sections:

      LENS: These are stylishly shaped, starting off tall and full bodied in the centre, before narrowing off towards the edges, finishing in a point several centimetres behind the eyes level (around the temple). They are made from a good quality Polycarbonate which is both interchangeable (meaning it changes when hit by differing levels of light particle to protect your eyes), and water-resistant/repellent (meaning when splashed the water seems to seep away from the surface without penetrating it). When I first popped these on I couldn't believe the clarity you gain when outside in strong sunlight - light is dimmed, glare made completely non-existent, and details maintained as if you were sitting in perfect conditions. The transition between indoor (low light - artificial) and outdoor (UV and light rays from sun) is almost instant, maybe taking 2-3 seconds maximum - so that what you see, its quality, is almost the same.

      NOSE PIECE: This is a vital element to the design which developers have to get right. If wrong comfort can be disrupted, and how the glasses look sat on your face can be wrong. With the Razer, the nose piece is not only comfortable, but also adjustable, meaning everyone can have a comfortable set-up. After a few minutes you barely know the glasses are on your head, and this must be a lot to do with the nose piece.

      SUPPORTS: (or arms). These are made from a flexible plastic and rubber combination which brings further comfort to the design, whilst remaining 100% practical and retaining the stylistic qualities of the overall product. The arms are corrugated at the ends (inside side) so that additional grip is applied to the sides of your head. This part of the construction (roughly 60mm in length) also twists round to follow the curvature of your cranium in as natural a form as possible. Unlike traditional spectacles, the ends don't curl round in order to hook onto your ears, they just bend slightly, allowing the rubbers friction and the tight fit of the framework to grip the glasses in place firmly. Even if you run, star-jump, lie down, head-bang or receive a heavy splashing of water (all of which I've tried and tested) they will stay stuck. The arms also fold in towards the lens' to reduce their size when transporting and storing.

      I'd say the durability of the product as a whole is sensational. Each component, be it the lens', nose piece, or arms are well connected to their nearest neighbour. The flexibility of bits allows them to bounce when dropped which stops damage from occurring, and the lens' Polycarbonate is solid but not brittle, so damage to this area is unlikely. You need to bear in mind that these are a sporty variety, and the durability of material was probably a key consideration of the design team when developing them.

      Overall I have little negativity to report - they do what they should, complemented and controlled by the high-quality materials with which they are constructed. They are for active, sporty occasions, and lounges on the beach too! the good surface area of lens (reaching round to your temples) will undoubtedly lend their usability to the skiing population as well - and generally, I think the look and feel of these water-tolerant, 'cool', durable glasses is most suited to this audience. Saying that, I'd recommend these glasses as an every-day / every-where type anyone can use and enjoy! 5 / 5!


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    • Product Details

      Northwave Razer Spring/Summer 12 / Sunglasses Sport Mens / Northwave Razer Sunglasses Spring/Summer 12 / A pair of stylish cycling sunglasses from Italian cycle snowboard company Northwave / Northwave Razer Sunglasses Spring/Summer 12 Features: Polycarbonate Lens / Interchangeable Lens / Off-Center ....

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