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Oakley Dictate 2.0

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Manufacturer: Oakley / Type: Casual Eyewear

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    1 Review
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      02.01.2010 13:59
      Very helpful



      A great pair of everyday glasses for people who want to stand out just a LITTLE bit.

      I normally wear contact lenses, the main reason for this is I looked awful in my old Specsavers glasses. I thought it was time for an upgrade, now these glasses are more expensive than a lot in Specsavers, especially as they offer 2 for 1 on designer frames, so 2 pairs for £125. Don't get me wrong, the glasses they have are 'okay', the biggest problem is that everyone always has the same ones! I thought I'd spend a little bit more on something a bit different.


      Now these frames retail at £180 (just for the frame!?!?!?), and yes that is a lot, especially when a lot of these retailers will crack 80 quid on them for basic lenses, and I wanted the anti-reflect adn hardened scratch resistant finish, which in my opinion is essential.

      Rather than that, I tried them on in a number of high street opticians (who wanted around 250 for the package...), then went online! After a brief search I found them at £140 including standard frames; bargain! I added to this 20 notes for the anti-reflection and scratch proof coating coating, so in my opinion it was a good price, maybe a little more expensive than Specsavers, but as I often wear contact lenses I'd rather have one pair which I really want than 2 pairs I don't want.


      I guess this comes down to personal opinion, I think they suit me, they're thickish, but then not "attention-seekingly thick". The Matte black looks cool as I see very few glasses with them, this coupled with the shiny metallic red inside makes the glasses look nice both on and off the head (they'd make a nice ornament) They may look a little wide for people with a thin face I suppose, my face is a little thin but as I have longish hair over the sides so it goes well. The Oakley logo is nice, lets people know that they're Oakley without being in their face, it's embossed in and is shiny black so a very subtle touch, they could easily have went OTT with this and made it bright red for advertising, so I like that they didn't.

      The styling is simple but attractive, with a cut out down the side and a groove in it they've stuck to basics. The metal (they're made out of titanium so they're very light) is very thin, so rather than looking like thick plastic they're very smart.


      Now at first I couldn't wear these for extended periods, they dug and cut into my ears a bit. It took a bit of bending the arms slightly, and maybe took a month to wear them in (would be sooner if you wore them constantly). This could be a downside for a lot of people, as it was very uncomfortable after a days wear, but now that I have them the correct shape they're a comfortable pair.

      They aren't sports glasses, so they're not a very tight fit, and the 'Unobtainium' on the arms to grip your head is minimal. Not that they fall off, but I wouldn't wear them to play squash for example. Oakley do an 'active range' more suited to that sort of thing.

      They have a very nice 'feel' to them when you pick them up as they're full metal rather than having plastic arms which is nice.


      I've had them for about 6 months now, and the finish is still good, lenses have no scratches etc. One problem I've had is that the 'Unobtanium' strip on one side started to come off a little then kept getting caught on my hair as I put them on and off so the problem got worse. I probably could have sent them back, but instead sent for a quick superglue fix and they're as good as new.

      *****Do they work?*****


      They lenses work a lot better than my contact lenses, mind you they are added by the opticians, they are not Oakley lenses. You can buy Oakley lenses from some places, if you wallet is fat enough... Anyway the basic lenses are fine for me, and I'd highly recommend the 20 quid on anti-reflection coating. It's great when you're driving, and you don't get the TV screen reflection which looks like a smear in the corner when watching TV. Depends what you use them for I guess.

      *****Final thoughts*****

      I'm really pleased with these glasses, I like Oakley, I like the way these look, I like the view it gives me and they're comfortable now. Like I've said don't buy them as sports glasses, but as a pair of smart and cool everyday specs these are great, especially as I never see anyone else wearing the same pair as me, I'm glad I spent a little bit more on them.


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