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Manufacturer: Oakley / Type: Golf

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    2 Reviews
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      04.10.2012 11:05
      Very helpful



      Good quality sunglasses

      Over the years I have been through a range of sunglasses, mostly ending up in loosing them or sitting on them. I used to think that because of this designer names were not the way to go. After trying some out and discovering that due to the price I am far more careful with these and finding the quality of Oakley lenses makes such a big difference, I don't think I'll be going back to the cheap thai/egyptian and other knock offs I have had before.

      -----The style---
      I like the oakley style. They are designed to look sporty and I think that the 'fives' achieve this. The aren't going to look like trendy aviators or raybans if you like to hang around the trendy bits of london with brightly coloured oversized glasses that match your skinny jeans, but I think they go for the surf or travel type of market anyway.

      ------The glasses------
      The glasses are very much 'Oakley' looking and in plain black have a silver Oakley symbol on the side of the arms (is that the right word for the bits that go over your ears....I'm using it). The arms are straight with no curve to hook over the ears, which means they need to be a good fit but soreness from rubbing is avoided.
      The lenses are slightly squared which gives the glasses their name. I like the look and fin they sit better than the other pair of Oakleys I own which are rounded.
      I have the 'grey smoke' lenses. I can't recommend the quality of oakleys lenses enough. Try a pair in a shop and see the difference for yourself.
      (also available in a wide range of tinted lenses and frames - check the oakley website for details)

      -----Quality and manufacture------
      The glasses are made from high density plastic which is well formed and the plastic joints work far better than the cheap knock off versions I have had before. You can;t quite swing them open like the terminator in the movies, but they openand fold away easily.
      The shape is well made to fit my head, although this will vary on head shape

      Oakleys may seem expensive. The 'Fives' are currently on Amazon for £93.45 plus shippping which in my opinion is a bit much. I got mine from sunglassesshop.co.uk for £68 minus a 10% welcome discount, making them about £57...which is really very reasonable. You can pay more or less depending on which colour options you go for and if you want polarised lenses. I have dark grey non-polarised lenses which I like and have found suitable for the beach or for snowboarding in the mountains (well....bars between snowboarding as they would fall off). For me over £100 for polarisation of the lenses isn't worth it.


      In summary, Oakley fives are pricey but worth the expeniture.


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      11.06.2012 17:00
      Very helpful



      Long-lasting style.

      When it comes to sunglasses, it took me a while to realise that you really do get what you pay for. Before spending £80 on these Oakleys, I'd bought, worn and broken a succession of cheap knock-offs touted by beach salesmen - sure, they looked pretty good and cost a whole lot less than the real thing, but when you have to replace a busted pair every six months, having sat on, looked at, or breathed in the approximate vicinity of them, it becomes something of a false economy.

      Knocked down from £100 or so when I bought them, these glasses aren't a cheap option - but the difference in quality becomes self-evident. Eight years on, they're still going strong, with barely a scratch or scuff on them. For me, that's value.

      In the Oakley pantheon, this model - Fives - are a fairly restrained, clean-cut option. The manufacturers produce some pretty bombastic, straight-off-the-ski-slope glasses, featuring mirrored lenses, neon frames and built-in earphones, but this is your common-and-garden variety eyewear. The styling is toned-down and subtle, but the touches are there that make these glasses typically Oakleyesque.

      From a design point of view, there are a number of touches that attract me to Oakleys - and in particular this specific model. For me, they tread a happy aesthetic line, being attractive and distinctive-looking without looking overworked and gimmicky. There's a golden "O" logo on each arm and the Oakley name printed across the bridge, but on the whole the look is clean and simple. The lines of the glasses are wonderfully smooth, forming a series of continuous sweeping lines when worn - this a nice in-between product, featuring the kind of styling seen in wraparound sports glasses alongside a pared-down feel that doesn't look out of place off the beach or track.

      Practically speaking, these score extremely highly too - Fives are exceptionally lightweight glasses, so much so that it's easy to forget you're wearing them - or think you still are after you've taken them off. At the same time, though, they don't feel flimsy - I often wear them for running and they grip well, never slipping yet retaining their weightless feel. The rubber ends to the arms retain an impressive hold on your head without pinching or making you too aware of their presence.

      Strength-wise they're also great - I've broken enough pairs of inferior glasses to recognise a hardy, resilient pair - and these excel. They've been dropped countless times, and jammed into the bottom of innumerable rucksacks in just the case they came in. For all this rough treatment, though, you wouldn't guess at their age - aside from a wearing-away of the Oakley logo on the bridge, they're practically unmarked, a couple of very minor scratches on the lenses the only other hint of their history.

      Naturally, colourways vary, but mine are a translucent tortoiseshell. As a kind of smoky, mottled chocolate-brown, they look better than they sound. The lenses are slightly tinted, casting everything in sepia tones - yet this isn't nearly as distracting or intrusive as it sounds. Colours come through well, and the lenses are quick and easy to clean with the bag they come in or a handy t-shirt edge.

      I've bought a second pair of Oakleys since for variety's sake, and have found much the same to sing about in these - this is a solid, reliable brand that pours no small amount of effort and detail into its products, and despite the relatively high initial outlay, you'd need to be pretty clumsy to work your way through more than two or three pairs per decade. Given the importance of the product (and naturally, the lenses meet all appropriate guidelines and offer excellent protection from the sun), they strike me as an extremely good investment.


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  • Product Details

    These Oakley Fives Sunglasses offer great protection from the summer sun and give every golfer the look that they want on the golf course Oakley Fives Sunglasses Features Precise Fit with Lightweight O Matter FrameGreat UVABC ProtectionOakley Branding Featured on Side of SunglassesStylish and ComfortableThis Oakley Fives Sunglasses are a super pair of sunglasses for the golf course and are available now at Onlinegolf.

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