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Manufacturer: Adidas

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    1 Review
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      20.02.2001 20:50
      Very helpful
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      Lets face it, Oakley are cool. But so cool have they become that unfortunately every man and his best friend can now be seen sporting Oakley shades in the summer months. There are however two ways to combat the 'trendies'. Either traipse around the markets to find the least fashionable glasses possible. These will then become cool due to the fact that no one else is wearing them, or rise above them (in a strictly fashion sense) by buying a pair of these. Yes they're Oakley but not the kind you see everyday. No garish colours, only black or titanium brushed metal. No OAKLEY written across the bridge for the benefit of those who don't recognise the companies design trademarks. These are stylish and uncomplex. Like all Oakley shades they hug the curves of your face like good quality glasses should. The transmittance of light is very low meaning that, with these babies shielding your eyes, glare will be a thing of the past. And their curved design means that very little leaks around the edges as well. But even though scenes are rendered far darker upon wearing these, detail never suffers with images remaining pin sharp. Build quality is excellent. Frames are bullet proof so offer great protection should you find your self being shot at by a marksman intent on rendering you sightless. Unfortunately they are not scratch proof so watch out for bumps and scrapes. They'll survive them but not without visible damage. Frame quality is also very good with a strong feel despite it being quite thin. Included with the shades is the standard Oakley bag which offers the dual role of carry case and polishing cloth and performs very well at both. Ultimately these are great shades. Well built, stylish, efficient and yet not overtly fashionable (well, at least until Tom Cruise wore them in Mission Impossible 2). The only down point being their £200 asking price. This is a very pricey pair of shades and for most people, fa
      r too much to pay. But look after them and they'll last you. So if money is no object, or at least not a great stumbling block then these come highly recommended.


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