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Rachel Square Plastic Sunglasses

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Manufacturer: BCBG / Type: Sunglasses

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    1 Review
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      16.06.2012 21:44
      Very helpful



      A classic pair of sunglasses

      ~Are you part of Max Aziras BCBG generation?~

      I have had a pair of these BCBG (bon chic, bon genre ~ meaning good style/ good class and offering the wearer a classic middle class french style look at lower than haute couture prices) 'Rachel' sunglasses from the Max Aria design house for a few summers now and have found them to be really durable and easy to wear. These sunglasses have a classic shape and style that I really enjoy wearing, as I find my sunglasses work with almost every look. I received my BCBG sunglasses as a gift so didn't actually choose them, however the retro style and use of colours is great in my opinion, so they soon became a very welcome addition to my extensive sunglasses collection.

      ~A durable frame style~

      One thing that really stands out for me with these sunglasses is their very durable frame which can withstand a quite a few knocks and bumps without becoming damaged. I have accidently dropped these sunglasses a few times and found that they have always landed safely, remaining in fully working and wearable order, without ending up scratched to the point of no return. I feel that the shape of the frames lends itself well to wearing hair up or down if wanted and the slightly over sized lens shape covers enough of the eye area to give a good degree of protection from the sun without them overshadowing the face.

      The light yet sturdy plastic frames have a soft smooth feel to them with nicely hinged frame arms that open and close when required with ease. The sides of the frame arms have a nice little design addition that has been cut into both of the frame arms at the front end and I feel this makes subtle use of the Max Aria name and BCBG branding. The use of colour on these sunglasses is classic and smart in my opinion, as the tortoise shell effect makes use of a range of browns, golds and black that I feel work very well together. The frame colour is complimented by the medium lens colour tint, which I feel works well when I wear these sunglasses.

      The lenses that came fitted to my sunglasses give a nice warm honey brown tone when I look through them that gives everything a lovely light sepia tint on a sunny day. The lenses are not overly dark when on and in my opinion give a medium tint that can be worn on very sunny days or slightly duller days with equal success. The plastic/ acetate frames hold the lenses in place well and so far there has only been very minor scratching to one of the lenses after I dropped the sunglasses by accident.

      ~The storage case~

      My sunglasses came in a simple case that is a plain chocolate brown colour and in my opinion the case has enough structure to protect the sunglasses from most forms of damage that might occur if the case is placed in a handbag or carried on your person when out and about. The outer part of the case has a leather look finish that perhaps is not the best of its type in appearance, although in use the outer cover has proven to be extremely durable, having suffered no damage at all even with regular use. The inner part of the case has a light beige brushed effect finish that helps prevent knocks and scratches to the glasses when they are inside the case and a magnetic fastener helps keep the case closed when needed.

      ~Price and product rating~

      The price of a pair of sunglasses from this range can vary a little depending on where they are purchased with prices ranging from £70 to £90 and when I suggested this product as a review subject here on Dooyoo they were available to buy direct from the design house. I feel that the BCBG range offer fair value for money as quality and durability seem to be rather good. I formed this opinion as I have worn these sunglasses extensively and found them to be both easy to handle and comfortable to wear. The only notable wear has been to the frames where by the new slightly glossy finish the frames had at first, has dulled slightly over time giving way to a vintage look that is still very smart in my opinion. My rating for these sunglasses is 4 stars as I feel they are a good all round pair of sunglasses that will suit a wide range of potential wearers.


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