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Ray Ban Jackie Ohh II

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Brand: RayBan / Type: Womens

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    2 Reviews
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      11.04.2013 15:29
      Very helpful



      Great pair of designer sunglasses that offer assurance for eye protection.

      Feeling hot, hot hot?

      Well, not yet, but the weather reports promise a surge in temperatures so I've been on a mission to find my sunglasses in case the promises come true. You don't have to go expensive for a decent pair of sunglasses but to be completely self-assured and at the forefront of fashion then indulge in a pair of Ray-Bans. There's quite a lot of various makes of sunglasses, in my possession, some in not so good condition, but this pair - this expensive pair of shades are so hot they're smoking!

      Ray Ban have been around since 1936 beginning with the innovative, and still popular, Aviation glasses. These were designed after learning that pilots have suffered damaged eyesight from the light of the sun. This company are high end, trustworthy and safe.

      There are two different products of Jackie Ohh shades which are inspired by the glamour, of the sixties fashion icon, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. One is shaped differently from the other. Mine is slightly smaller as the lenses on the other type where so huge that they felt silly. The sunglasses I am reviewing are still oversized but not humongous. They are tortoiseshell coloured plastic framed but the plastic does not lower the value. Suits me, Sir!

      Moving in for the kiss:

      Imagine when evening comes and the glasses must be removed. The handsome man his move. You take off the shades and flutter your eyelids. Under the light of a street lamp you see him frown and rub the top of his nose. You cotton on to the fact that your glasses have left their mark. This is not good but with the Jackie Ohh II Ray Ban you can be assured about the smoothness of the bridge of the nose. There are no tell-tell marks of wear upon removal. The handsome man does not frown at me. Thanks super sunglasses - he's moving in for the kiss!

      These sunglasses work just as well teamed up with my casual clothes as they do when I'm all glammed up. In fact, I feel so hot in these that I forget I'm in casual clothes and imagine myself to be in some place like Palm Springs - very Jackie O! However, I don't wear them every single day because they are super pricey and I would be gutted to lose or damage them.

      Not just for a pretty face but one hundred percent protective:

      Most important of all is the protection sunglasses provide from the sun. Beauty is not as important as your eyesight. Always buy sunglasses with lenses that have one hundred percent UV protection, or UV 400, as the ultraviolet light from the sun can harm your eyes and the delicate and thin skin around your eyes. You can get skin cancer on the eyelids. A scary fact, from skincancer.org, is that the eyelids are the most common area for skin cancer. It is also recommended by the NHS to also wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect the eyes.

      Look in the mirror. Can you see your eyes through the glasses? Yes? This means that your eyes are not safe from the damaging effects of the sun.

      People who are genuinely concerned about eye protection will buy wide lenses, or the even more cautious, will purchase glasses that wrap right around the eye area. Make sure the lenses fit closely to your face. Ill-fitting sunglasses might be worn for purely cosmetic reasons but the risk of damaging the surface and inner eye is high. Is it worth risking Glaucoma - the clouding over of the eye lens - and destroying eyesight? Look for glasses that are ninety-nine to one hundred percent protective or risk problems that can cause blindness.

      Tinted glasses should be tinted equally all over for ultimate protection. If your glasses have a darker area over only part of the lens your glasses fail the safety test.

      Look out for the CE mark on your glasses as this means they have passed the industry safety standards.

      All Ray-ban glasses meet the above safety requirements. These particular sunglasses offer one hundred percent UV protection. They hug the eyes and cover the brow and down to the cheek bone which means the light doesn't filter through the sides. They prevent squinting in bright sunlight. I have not used these when driving so I can't comment on this. They are great on the beach and everywhere else but a darkened cinema! Drivers do be aware anything dark-tinted will make it difficult to see clearly at dusk. Ray-ban can make up prescription lenses too. The lenses are also scratch resistant. The frames come in tortoiseshell but I think you can get black too. Ray-Ban are top quality and smoking hot.

      Come sunshine, my over one hundred pounds worth of Ray-Ban sunglasses and I can't wait to get out there. Shop around for offers and discounts but do your best to avoid unsafe fakes.

      I'm sure you'll look dramatic, fantastic in these and turn some heads. Go on indulge and be a bit of a Jackie Ohh!


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        08.05.2012 12:18
        Very helpful



        very 'Jackie O'

        Ray-Ban is probably the most iconic sunglass brand and everyone has heard of them. I've actually got three pairs of Ray-Bans; a pair of Aviators, a pair of Wayfarers and this pair of Jackie Ohh IIs. I think that Ray-Ban sunglasses are superb quality and they will last for years if you look after them. They are definately worth the money. Yes they are expensive, but you know that the lenses and the quality are top notch.

        All of my Ray-Bans have been from Sunglass Hut stores, I find that they have a great selection to choose from, and the staff are knowledgeable and helpful. I do have to admit that I have bought all of mine in the US as Ray-Bans are much cheaper over there.

        The Jackie Ohhs that I have are are a purple two tone frame with a matching purple graduated lens. Both the frame and the lenses start off as a dark purple, more like a violet really, at the top and then fade down to a very pale purple - virtually clear at the bottom.
        This sounds hideous I know, but honestly it's not, they are gorgeous.
        Like all Ray-Ban designs the Jackie Ohh comes in various different frame colours and lens shades - from solid colour lenses to graduated lenses.
        I went with the purple as it's that little bit different, everyone has brown or black sunglasses, I wanted something out of the ordinary. It's not too wild and wacky, it's just different enough.

        The style of the Jackie Ohh is very vintage and retro, very 1950's/1960's. It's a very iconic sunglasses frame, it's instantly recognisable, and I've lost count of the number of people who've said to me ''oh very Jackie O'' when they've seen my sunglasses, lol!! These were actually named for Jackie O - Jackie Onassis.
        There are actually two versions of the Jackie Ohh; the Jackie Ohh II that I have which has a larger rounder lens shape, and the Jackie Ohh which has a slightly squatter lens shape. I did try both styles on in the shop, and found that the larger rounder lens of the Jackie Ohh II suited me more.

        The Jackie Ohh IIs are have a very large roundish lens shape, which curves slightly to hug your face. As a result they give excellant protection from the sun. The lenses that are in mine are not actually the darkest sunglass lenses so I can find that in strong sunlight I do squint a little bit with these. However most of the time these are absolutely fine. This may be something to bear in mind though for if strong sunlight bothers you.

        The Jackie Ohh IIs are actually quite a heavy frame, although having said that they are very comfortable to wear. I only very occasionally get a little bit of discomfort on the tops of my ears from these, and that's only if I've had them on literally all day.

        These look very classy and timeless, and I don't think these will go out of fashion at all, I think that the iconic, retro, vintage look is here to stay. I have been really impressed with these, and they are probably one of my favouite pairs of sunglasses (of which I have many - around a dozen or more I would say....). They look good with my hair up or down, they go with whatever I'm wearing, they can be dressed up or down and they suit any occasion. They are definately a 'girly' pair of sunglasses if that makes sense!

        I would definately reccomend these to anyone looking for an iconic, yet timeless pair of good quality sunglasses.


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