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Ray Ban RB4122

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Brand: Ray Ban / Type: Casual

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    2 Reviews
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      18.09.2013 15:34
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      Quality brand name glasses that do the job

      I was accidentally lured in to buying these at my opticians. I had seen them in Harrods and was surprised that my local opticians had them in his little display cabinet. Well when I tried them on they were made for me! I have a smallish face and the more popular Jackie Ohhs are too big for me.

      Why Ray Bans?
      Quality glasses made in Italy.
      Lens 100% UV PROTECTION.
      Quality arm / hinge mechanism.

      I would describe my glasses as covering around my eyes well and blocking out the 'potential' sun whilst still allowing me to see clearly. The thick rim and arms are stylish not clumsy and give a lovely classy feel to wearing them. I love the colour (burgundy-red) with the grey lens. I find that although they do not have nose pads they are comfortable. I like the fact that they are not the top of the range model and hence more affordable (mine were £104, but I know you can get them for less than this online).

      I am a big fan of my Ray Bans because I had them years ago and the little 'R' inscribed in the lens was something I always thought meant 'right' for right lens. Yes, I know now that it is the Rayban signature of true, authentic sunglasses!

      Ray Ban surprisingly, are very popular with the younger ones, my teens all know the brand name.

      When I inspect my Ray Ban 4122 735/8G I just love all the information they have hidden in them!

      What To Look For
      Well the codes: 4122 735/8G is the model number / frame colour / lens colour.
      It should say Made in Italy on it.
      At the nose piece you should have the signature 'R' and inside the lens.
      The arm hinge mechanism should run all the way along this is what Ray Ban are known for.
      The actual frames should look and feel quality made, you can normally tell just by holding them that they are are a fantastic quality.

      What Not Too Look For
      If you see Bausch & Lomb you do not have a true pair of these glasses (only older models where made by this company).
      You must check the model numbers match to authentic frames.
      The Rayban logo is not proof you have authentic glasses.
      'Replica' is a legal term used to sell glasses that are similar and this is very common online.

      My experience:
      These sunglasses are classy and fit lovely. I bought mine at the opticians but you can get them online. from Amazon. The colour is a red/wine colour with a grey gradient lens. They are worth every penny if you understand about glasses and know what your are buying!


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        25.04.2013 21:02
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        Ray Ban glasses

        Maybe its a California thing (as I'm half American) but I am always wearing sunglasses, even if its cloudy I don't really like the glare from the sun so I am in shades. I am not silly enough to wear them inside like the celebrities do but pretty much whenever I am outside I have them on.

        I like to wear branded ones as I think they look quite cool and my sunglasses of choice are Ray Bans. I've got a couple of pairs now and this pair, the RB4122 are my prescription sunglasses. I know they are the RB4122 as this is written in white on the inside of the arm of the glasses.

        According to an article I read, "Ray-Bans were first created in 1936. Some years earlier, Lieutenant John A. Macready (an American test pilot) returned from a balloon flight, complained that the sun had permanently damaged his eyes, and contacted Bausch & Lomb asking them to create sunglasses that would provide protection and also look sophisticated. On May 7, 1937, Bausch & Lomb took out the patent, and the Aviator was made available to the public."

        These glasses are black plastic frames and contain quite a darkish lens too. The front of the glasses are quite rounded and have a thick frame to them. They cover all of my eye quite well and when I am wearing them they really do offer my great protection from the son. I bought these from Vision Express about a year and a half ago now and was able to take advantage of the buy one frame get one half price offer as I was purchasing regular eyeglasses as well. Now, these frames were a little bit more expensive than the regular ones you find at Visions Express, I think they were in the £150 ish region but they have lasted well so I have been pleased with the quality.

        On each of the arms there is the Ray Ban logo and this is a little plastic detail which is stuck on and I like that its there instead of just some of the glasses that have it written directly onto the arm. The arms have a nice hook at the end of them so they hook onto the back of my ears well.

        Now, my only problem with these glasses is that they do not stay on very well. I think its because they are completely made of plastic and do not have the little nose pads on like a lot of glasses do, they are just one continuous piece of plastic and so they slip down the bridge of my nose quite easily. This is annoying if I am bending forward or looking down. They stay on ok when I am standing up though. Also if you're the type of person who likes to wear their glasses on their head when they do not need them then these are also not the glasses for you as they do definitely not bend to stay up on your head and in your hair. Having said that as mine as prescription I only really wear them and never need to put them on my head as I have to switch to my regular glasses when I am inside.

        All in all though these are a very stylish pair of glasses that I think make me look quite cool!!


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