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Asda Flying Saucers

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7 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Candy

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    7 Reviews
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      11.03.2010 23:51
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      Don't bother

      I used to love flying saucers as a child, the way you bit through the soft wafer and had the fizzing explosion of sherbert so I was really pleased when my boss brough these into work for us as part of a birthday treat for one of our team members.

      The packaging is blue with green writing and has different coloured drawings of the product "flying" around stars. The sweets are described as sherbert filled wafers. They were part of a mulitbuy offer of 3 for £1 but you can buy them seperately for 39p. They are suitable for vegetarians and contain no artificial colours or flavourings.

      The bags are 18g in size and 100g of the sweets will give you (amount per sweet in brackets) 366kcal (5kcal), nil protein, 87.3g (1.1g) of carbohydrates of which 58.9g (0.8g) are sugars, nil fat, nil fibre and a trace of sodium.

      The flying saucer sweets are about 1 1/2 inches in diameter and come in a range of colours. The wafer was quite hard and almost felt stale and it stuck to my lips when I bit into it. There is quite a lot of sherbert in each flying saucer and it does fizz on your tongue but not much. These sweets didn't live up to my expectations or memories of my childhood. I wouldn't buy them again.


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        06.10.2009 18:05
        Very helpful



        Penny sweet that now costs 2p each one. Worth it for special occasions.

        I have a serious rant that almost everyone I know has heard at some point: do you remember when a 10p mix had 10 sweets in it? Flying Saucers used to be a 10p mix staple, and you could get 10 for 10p if you weren't adventurous enough for the mix.

        Asda Flying Saucers are 39p for a bag, which contains roughly 20 sweets. About 2p per sweet, then, which I still find outrageous. The fact that they're in the 3 bags for £1 offer has not calmed my rage any, but it does make them slightly better value.

        Packaging is a standard plastic bag, and the sweets are your standard flying saucers - two discs of sturdy rice paper with sherbert on the inside. They're great for nostalgia - the rice paper sticks to the roof of your mouth and the sherbert explodes on the tongue, just like it did when you were a kid. The only problem is that now we know that eating pure sugar is something we probably shouldn't do too much of.

        Om nom nom, sugary goodness. I wish they were still a penny sweet, though.


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          06.10.2009 17:44
          Very helpful



          Sherbet filled rice paper saucers from Asda!

          I was extremely pleased to find when browsing the confectionary aisle of Asda that within Asda's 3 for £1 deal on their own brand confectionary they offer Asda Flying Saucers. A sweet treat that was a favourite of mine as a child and a treat that as an adult I have not grown out of.


          These come in a bright pink coloured plastic sweet bag. On the front of the packaging the images are very child like of spaceships, hinting that these are predominantly aimed towards children. On the front of the sweet bag there is a clear plastic window so you can see the flying saucers inside of the bag without having to open the bag.


          A bag of Asda Flying Saucers are individually priced at 39p. But as I mentioned earlier these are part of the Asda 3 bags for £1 deal. Very good value for money in my opinion as per bag of sweets you get around 20 Flying Saucer Sweets.

          ***Flying Saucers***

          For those that have never experience Flying Saucer sweets these are essentially, sugar paper/ wafer discs shaped as a flying saucer as two discs fit together. The hollow in the middle of the discs is filled with sherbet.

          When you open the bag of Asda Flying Saucers there is no distinct scent to the sweets. If you take a deep sniff of the bag you get a very slight sweet scent like very faint smelling candyfloss.

          The Flying Saucer sweets are different coloured discs. Some are pink, some are blue, some yellow and some white. Unlike many sweets these are not brightly coloured and each sweet is made from lightly coloured sugar paper.

          As soon as you put the sweet in your mouth there is no real taste to the sweet. The sugar paper disc has a sweet taste but the most apparent thing you notice is the sugar paper wafer disc melting in your mouth.

          Once you get through the outer wafer and onto the inner sherbet filling is when the taste hits you. This is very very sweet and sugary and very tangy. The sherbet in the Asda Flying Saucers is particularly fizzy more so than some of the other brands of Flying Saucers I have tasted and very sour. If you like fizzy sour sweets these are definitely for you. If you prefer your sweet treats less sour then you may be disappointed with these sweets.

          **Nutritional Information**

          Per flying saucer sweet
          5 calories
          0.8g sugar
          0g fat

          In a standard pack there are around 20 sweets. Therefore as a sweet treat these are surprisingly low fat and low calorie. However it is worth remembering that these are not the most filling of treats therefore are more likely to satisfy a sweet craving rather than satisfy a real need to food!

          The packaging also states that there are no artificial colours or flavours in this product.

          I absolutely love Asda Flying Saucers however have found that they are rather an aquired taste. Those that like sweet sugary sweets will love these whereas those that do not like sugary sweets will probably find these far too sugary and there is no real flavour to the Flying Saucers just a general sweet taste. In my opinion Asda have created an "out of this world" treat with these sherbet filled wafers!


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            14.07.2009 21:30
            Very helpful



            Grab one now, eat with coke, brush teeth!

            Is there a more bizarre sweet / confectionary item on the plant than the humble flying saucer?

            These are one of my favourite sweets and are a classic tooth-botherer. I've lost count of the amount of times I have tipped one up to see if there is any sugar left and got an eye-full, but the love affair continues!

            These Asda flying saucers cost 37 pence for a small bag, and are included in Asda's 3 for a pound regular sweet offer.

            The saucers have a pleasant wafer-like taste and the filling is classic sherbert - sugary and sweet!

            The only criticisms I have of these is that the packet is quite small. As they weigh next to nothing. you already feel a little cheated, and on top of that you only seem to get around a dozen in a packet!

            However, they are cheap and therefore they do offer quite good value for money.

            All things considered, these are a nice little packet and great when combined with a couple of other packs from Asda's other ranges in the 3 for £1 offer!


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            19.07.2008 16:21
            Very helpful



            Not my favourite sweet but edible all the same

            Before I begin this review I'd just like to say that I am not a sweet addict :) Although I do review a lot of sweets I rarely eat the full bag, as my younger brother generally shares them. OK that off my chest I'm ready to begin.

            Now taking my brother down to Asda the other day so he could choose some sweets for us to eat on the night whilst my mum was at work these were one of the bags that he choose. Now I can't say I'm that fond of flying saucers to begin with but hey I suppose that's what happens when you let someone else choose.

            The sweets themselves come in a 20g bag, which seems like a really small amount but because each sweet is exceptionally light this does amount to roughly 20 sweets, which is quite reasonable. The sweets themselves come in a two-tone blue bag with the words Flying Saucers Sherbert Filled Wafers in block lime green capitals, which makes it look a little alien. The front also contains pictures of 3 of the flying saucers made to be real alien flying saucers and a few stars. The front of the bag also tells me that the sweets contain no artificial colours or flavours and are suitable for vegetarians.

            The sweets themselves look like all other flying saucers I have ever seen. They are about 4 cm in diameter and bout 2 cm high. Some of the saucers had a different coloured wafer on both sides whilst others were the same. For the purpose of this review I decided to prise open one of the saucers to take a look at the sherbert inside. On opening I noted that the sherbert was a very small amount and looked a little crystallised but to be fair I have often noted that most flying saucer brands contain very little sherbert.

            So what did they taste like? Well as far as flying saucers go they weren't too bad. The wafer part of them was thin and did crunch a little when bit into. It also melted nicely once in your mouth. However the sherbert filling was too little in my opinion and quite often melted so quickly it went unnoticed. When I did taste it however it was quite sharp and tangy which I enjoyed.

            Nutrition wise these sweets aren't too bad as each saucer contains...
            Calories - 5
            Protein - nil
            Carbohydrates - 1.3g
            Of which sugars - 0.8g
            Fat - Nil

            So on the whole would I recommend these flying saucers? Yes I suppose I would, well to anyone that usually enjoys flying saucers. I myself wasn't particularly enthralled by them but this is probably due to my slight dislike for them normally, whereas my brother loves flying saucers and so really enjoyed these.

            Y advice to you therefore is only to buy these if you like other brands of flying saucers and if like me you don't particular then I'd give these a miss.


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              16.07.2008 21:43
              Very helpful



              A real blast from the past!

              When I recently came home from work, after a pretty stressful day, I was quite bemused to see Andrew had bought me a selection of what I can only describe as kiddies sweets from his recent trip to Asda.

              Amongst his offerings, which were by the way because he had been naughty the night before, were these 'Flying Saucers', a real blast from the past for me.

              I'll tell you why, I haven't had these in year but when I was a toddler, my Grandma used to look after me in the day time whilst my Mum went to work. We would always pick my Grandad up from the RAF base where he worked and on certain days, I was allowed to go with him to the NAAFI to pick some sweets from the pick and mix. Flying Saucers were always my favourites but I used to call then 'ecckies', because the sherbert was a little to sharp for my immature taste buds and they used to make me go 'eck!'.

              So, with those happy memories in my mind, I grabbed the flying saucers without hesitation and settled down to reminisce about my childhood.

              The packaging is aimed at the children's market, blue with some pictures of flying saucers sweets and green writing and the offer of 3 for £1 at the bottom of the pack. Obviously Andrew has taken advantage of this offer but I believe these are 39p on their own.

              The pack was a little small for my mucky mitts, but at 20g it is aimed as a children's sweet more than the adult eater but not one to be undeterred I opened the bag and dived in.

              Well I would have dived in had the bag not split, sending 3 saucers flying, quite literally, unfortunately Dexter caught these and that was me, now 3 flying saucers down.

              I immediately was struck that I remembered these sweets as all one colour but these flying saucers had coloured tops and white bottoms or two different colours stuck together, whilst this make no difference to the taste whatsoever, I was a little deflated by this, how things have changed since 1984.

              The saucers themselves are a good size, just over an inch across. The flying saucers felt nice and firm to the touch, not the soggy feeling you get with cheap flying saucers at time. In this pack, I was quite lucky, there were no broken flying saucers, so, aside from the three I dropped, I had 16 flying saucers all to myself!

              Taking a bite, I was struck by how firm these were, the wafer shell was firm to bite, a nice feeling, yet it melted in the mouth within seconds. There was a small amount of sherbert in the flying saucers, again I think the small amount was toward children there.

              The sherbert however, wasn't as how I remembered it to be. This particular sherbert was quite sour in taste and the texture was very grainy, you could really taste the sugar in the sherbert. I didn't find this particularly pleasant with the first few saucers I tried but this didn't stop me finishing the whole pack, and then deciding it wasn't so bad after all! That said, 15 minutes after finishing the saucers, I had a slight chemically after taste, which I can only put down to the flying saucers.

              My last test was to see how easily they came apart, as I used to split the shells and lick the sherbert out, I am happy to say that these flying saucers came apart easily, without tearing either layer of the wafer shell!

              There is a huge plus to these flying saucers; each saucer only contains 5 calories with no fat or saturated fat, making them a great little treat if you are on a diet.

              I found these a great blast from the past, I really enjoyed them but they just weren't the best flying saucers I have had in my lifetime. I certainly felt they offered fairly good value for money, especially if kids are buying these with pocket money but for an adult, there wasn't enough flying saucers my liking.

              I felt the quality was OK, the sherbert taste being the only major factor which I found disappointed, it just made the saucers feel too processed, too cheap and disappointed my childhood recollections of the saucers.

              That said, I do recommend them as they are a great blast from the past, they are low in calories and fat and the small issues are just down to my personal tastes and not a major reason for not buying these.

              Thanks for reading xx


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                01.07.2008 19:39
                Very helpful



                A wonderful old/new sweet!

                On my weekly shop I decided to treat my husband to some sweets, he has never really been one for sickly chocolate products but has always had a bit of a penchant for "kiddies" sweets.
                I have noticed just recently that asda have started doing a really good range of olde type sweets, that are actually produced by asda, so you get the same quality as the original but for half the price, that's when I came across the product I will now review.

                The product I will review are "Asda's flying saucers - sherbet filled wafers".

                ~~~~~~ THE PACKAGING ~~~~~~

                The packaging is a plastic sleeve, sealed at both the top and bottom, with detailing being that of the afore mentioned sweets hovering in a star filled sky with their tractor beams shining onto some unsuspecting town or city......... sorry I suddenly felt like I was going into a book review rather than a sweet review!
                Across the front, under the picture is the product name, and under that is a red band stating you can purchase "3 packets for £1.00", I will delve into this a little further into the review.

                ~~~~~~ THE CONTENTS ~~~~~~

                As mentioned before these are top and tail sealed, so open just like a packet of crisps, once opened yo will see the puffed up saucers in all there glory.
                There is a distinct smell of what can only be described as cardboard, please don't let that put you of, it is the fact there is no other scent interfering with the sugar paper smell.
                Once emptied from the packet you will notice you do get quite a lot for your money, there are around 15 saucers in the pack, that is ¾ of a pack in laymans term.
                Each one is coloured, some are entirely the same colour ie, pink on both sides, some are pink on the top disc and blue on the bottom disc, all are no where near as vivid in colour as I remember them being as a child, this is I assume due to the fact there are no artificial colours in this product.
                The sweets are "saucer" shaped (obviously), which is not quite a spherical shape, more elongated, they are slightly puffed out to make room for the delicious sherbet centre, and where they have been sealed around the edge, there is a small lip giving the sweet its authentic saucer shape.

                ~~~~~~ THE TASTE ~~~~~~

                As you place a saucer in your mouth, there is no flavour to start with, then as you start to chew the sweet, or in my case suck the sweet, the saucer almost implodes with the air within the sweet disappearing that's when the flavour suddenly hits you.
                The sherbet in quantity, is around ½ a teaspoons worth, and is very soft and fine in consistency, it is white in colour and very unassuming to look at it, believe me this stuff is explosive!
                The initial taste is very sweet and extremely fizzy, which is fine until the secondary taste hits your tongue........ The taste is very salty and sour and makes you pucker your mouth up instantly, like a particularly sour granny smith apple. I have to be truthful the first time I tried them they made my eyes water, I have always been a fan of the really sour sweets and as a child always went for the acid pips from the "¼" jars at the old fashioned sweet shop located just up the street from my house, so these were perfection to me!

                ~~~~~~ NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION ~~~~~~

                These are obviously going to be high in sugar, due to the high sherbet content, (the packet states the sherbet content overall is 60%), but I was surprised at the fat content, per sweet the typical value is -

                5 kcal
                Nil protein
                1.1g carbohydrate
                0.8g of which sugars
                Nil fat

                That, according to my weight watchers calculator makes these point free on the w.w diet plan. Of course if you eat a bag that will probably bump the points value up, but the whole packet is only around 1 ½ points in total, very impressive!

                ~~~~~~ PRICE AND AVAILABILITY ~~~~~~

                As I mentioned earlier this a brand made by Asda, and as with all Asda own brand sweets there is an ongoing offer of "3 packets for £1.00", other sweets available in this range are -

                White chocolate buttons
                Milk chocolate buttons
                Crunchy alphabet letters
                White mice
                Jelly milk bottles
                Foam toothbrushes and teeth (hours of fun with this one!)

                These are all larger than normal packets of sweets, so is exceptional value and we always take up there offer!

                ~~~~~~ CONCLUSION ~~~~~~

                This is where I was going to compare these to the original sweet and say they are better/worse in flavour and quality..... But after getting this far into the review, I can now state that I can't remember the original.
                I have tried many different version of this sweet over the years, the original from my hazy memory came in a large plastic tub, by which you bought them at a 1p a time.
                All I can say is these are delicious and cheap, and even though I brought them for my husband, I was glad when he said I could have them.

                For more information on these and the other products mentioned visit - www.asda.co.uk

                Thanks for reading x


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