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Asda Orange and Lemon Jelly Slices

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Brand: Asda / Type: Jelly

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    1 Review
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      12.12.2008 18:17
      Very helpful



      A cheaper version of the classic York fruits, i remembered!

      It is only this time of the year that the product I will now review seems to enter my house, not being a particulate fan of these myself I wouldn't necessarily buy these for me, but my husband quite likes them, hence how I have them here to review!

      The product I will now review is "Asda's orange and lemon jelly slices".

      At one time the only jelly sweets that were synonymous with Christmas were the jelly fruits with liquid centres, (sorry the name of them eludes me, answers on a postcard!).
      These usually went on sale at the end of November and were not heard of again after the 31st December, not so now!

      The box of this product is very plain. The box is cardboard, green in colour and square in shape. There is a round clear plastic panel on the front, through which the contents are visible.
      There is very little writing on the box, simply the brand name, product name, the weight (150g) and the statement that this product contains no artificial colours or flavours.

      Once opened and the white plastic tray is removed you will be faced with the jellies in all there glory.
      The jellies are all in the shape of a segment of fruit, orange in colour for ... yes you've guessed it orange or yellow for lemon.
      They are laid out in a circle, within a circle with the colours alternating, this is more like the sweet of my youth!
      In the centre there is a single yellow jelly, circular in shape. I think this is just to fill a gap so to speak!
      In total there are around 30 or so segments of jellies, all soft in texture and all covered with a reasonable coating of crunchy sugar.

      The taste is to be expected, they taste of what they are supposed to, well the synthetic version anyway.
      Not only are the segments soft to the touch they are also soft to the bite. Once you have crunched your way through the sugar coating the jelly is almost melting, very nice!

      In my opinion you couldn't eat these in one sitting, though I am not really a big jellies fan. These are ideal to have out at Christmas, perfect for a quick nibble!

      The nutritional information for these are as follows -

      Per 100g (bearing in mind there are 150g in a box) -
      344 kcal
      0.2g protein
      84.5g carbohydrate
      66.6g of which sugars
      0.6g fat
      Nil of which saturates

      These are really bad calorie and sugar wise, but then what do you expect for a sweet, as expected these are very low in fat but the sugar cancels that out.

      There is a small selection of Asda's own brand sweets on old classic, including sea shells (Guylian), truffles and Turkish delight, they are all as good if not better than the originals, and at a much better price.

      For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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