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Asda Orange Cables

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Brand: Asda / Type: Fruit

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    3 Reviews
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      08.01.2010 10:06
      Very helpful



      Orange Sweets That Don't Taste Too Artificial

      I've had a bit of a thing for sweets since Xmas and have tried nearly every bag that Asda sell. I famously don't like orange sweets so my mum thought I'd gone mental when she saw I'd brought myself a packet of Orange Cables, I reckon I had for a minute because I could have sworn they was Strawberry Cables in the shop! lol

      I thought I'd try one anyway and I thought that if I didn't like them at least my sister could have a munch up on them. A pack of these costs 38p and for that you get about 10 thickish cables, I think these used to be called Wands at one time or another company calls them wands. Cables is a bit of a stupid name I think! lol They are part of Asdas 3 packets for £1.00 promotion that has been running for years so the savings are good if you regularly buy sweets.

      The sweets are made up of a chewy jelly tube that has been filled with a soft white fondant. They taste proper strong of orange and I actually enjoyed the flavour because it's not mega sweet and has got a bit of a natural orange flavour. There's a bit of bitterness under the sweet flavour of the jelly and I think that's what I like about it because even though the sweets don't taste bitter at all it's a bit of an undertone like in a real orange.

      I love these sweets, I think they're the only orange sweets I've ever liked in my life but these are wicked. I love the strong sweet flavour and also the fact that they are the cable shape because it's nice to pick a sweet up and nibble it all the way to the end. You can eat the jelly first and then the fondant but I prefer to just bite through the whole thing and enjoy the orange flavour.


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      12.10.2009 20:10
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      A great alternative flavour to traditional strawberry cables from Asda

      Most regular Dooyooers will have guessed I have developed a bit of a "thing" for Asda own brand confectionary and I am making the most of the 3 bags of sweets for £1 offer. My absolute favourites at the moment are strawberry cable sweets which I buy in bulk. But today I made a slight error whilst grocery shopping and picked up ASDA ORANGE CABLES by mistake. However I soon realised this was quite a good "mistake" to make.


      The Asda Orange cables come in a 70g pack (8 cable sweets). The bag is a deep bright orange colour with a lighter flash or yellow orange around an image of an orange cable. There is a clear cut out window where you can see the sweets inside of the bag.


      A 70g pack of Orange Cables cost 37p from Asda. These are included in the 3 packs of sweets for £1 offer Asda run.

      ***Orange Cables***

      The sweets are described as orange flavoured sweets with a fondant centre. The orange sweet is a hard chewy thin layer of jelly sweet wrapped around a thin fondant centre. Very much like cable covers wire hence the name!

      As soon as you open the bag you are hit with a sweet orange scent. This is very refreshing and not as sickly or citrusy as you might expect.

      As soon as you bite into the sweet you are hit with a refreshing sweet citrus orange taste. This is a smooth taste and although strong is not at all bitter or tangy which I expected. As you chew through the sweet you then get to the fondant centre. This is much softer than the outer jelly type coating. As you through the soft centre the sweet sickly fondant can be tasted. This has a slight hint of vanilla and the sweet taste compliments the orange flavour very well.

      What I first notice is that the cable on the outside has quite a greasy coating to it. This is not excessive however you can feel a slight coating on your fingers after touching the sweet. I did find that the benefit of this coating was that the cable sweets did not stick together and makes the storage of the sweets a lot easier; you are less likely to end up with a mass of sticky sweets. The sweet is quite chewy but a lot softer than some brands of cable sweets I have eaten. The outer coating is very chewy but once you get to the soft centre this is a lot softer and does not take much chewing.

      **Nutritional Information**

      Per 70g pack:
      288 calories
      44.3g sugar
      Fat 2.9g

      Therefore per cable sweet:
      36 calories
      5.5g sugar
      0.4g fat

      The sweets are free from artificial colourings and flavours and are suitable for vegetarians.


      These are absolutely delicious sweet treats and a great alternative to the traditional strawberry flavour these sweets usually come in. The taste is refreshing and these are sweet in flavour but not overly sweet and sugary. Although strawberry are still my favourite these come a close second. Good job Asda runs an offer on these sweets as a bag of 8 sweets disappears far too quickly in my household.


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        28.11.2008 16:18
        Very helpful



        Another recommended Asda brand sweet

        It's pretty difficult to be really imaginative when you're writing your twenty something sweet review. I mean how do you introduce a simple bag of sweets in a way that really captures someone's imagination. I'm not too sure to be honest as they're not exactly the most exciting of products out there. My introduction therefore is going to be super simple, 7 words. I am today reviewing Asda's Orange Wands.

        The sweets come in a 70g bag and cost 38p but can be bought with any other 2 bags of Asda's sweets in this range for £1, making them even better value for money. The bag in question is very bright and happy looking. It's colouring is a mix of deep and bright orange and sunny yellow. The words Orange Cables are then prominently written on the front of the packet in baby blue bubble writing and a picture of an orange cable bent into a star shape is also shown. The front of the packet also tells me that the suits are free from artificial colours and flavours and are suitable for vegetarians.

        The nutritional information for this product is on the back of the packet and is as follows...
        Calories - 288
        Protein - 1.5g
        Carbohydrates - 57.7g
        Of which sugars - 44.3g
        Fat - 2.9g
        Of which saturates - 1.6g

        On opening the bag you are immediately hit by a very refreshing citrus smell that is extremely inviting. The pack contains 8 Orange Cables, which are orange on the outside and have a soft white centre.

        The sweets are relatively chewy but not too tough that you nearly break your teeth eating them. The orange jelly type coating has a strong orange taste that is really delicious. The white fondant centre is much softer than the outside coating and a little sweeter. The two parts therefore compliment each other very well.

        All things considered I think these sweets offer an excellent value for money. The pack size means they can easily be concealed in a handbag or pocket and are perfect for children as the fat content is low and the sugar content in my opinion acceptable for such a sweet. Better still for you they don't cost a fortune and so will keep most children contented without costing you the earth. Another highly recommended Asda brand sweet.


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